The complete Obama Impeachment song.

This is the whole impeachment song: Imagine President Obama singing it! (To the tune of “Please release me, let me go”)

Please impeach me, let me go
I can’t usurp it any more
Make decisions is a chore
and bargain, it is to me a bore.
I believed in change and hope.
It changed for worse, I cannot cope
I began to sulk and mope
I am at the end of my rope.
I have had all I can take
Dethrone me now for goodness sake
Lest a bigger mess I make
So check my credentials, I’m a fake.
I was made in U.S.A.,
but born in Kenya, so they say.
Ineligible to play
commander, defrock me, don’t delay.
Nothing I did was a hit.
I acted more like a nit-wit.
Dad was just a drunken Brit.
Depose me, I’m not allowed to quit.
Please, I am but one lame duck
The grizzly moms have too much pluck
I am scared they’ll go amok
So boot me, your country starts to suck.
Sacrificed the SEAL team six
I heaved them all the old deep-six
Add Grand Treason to the mix
Disbar me! This dog has no more tricks.
Fast and Furious was my pace
And that’s how I did win the race.
It did blow up in my face
So launch me somewhere to outer space.
In Benghazi people died
And Hillary and Rice both lied.
I was AWOL, went to hide.
So face it: I’ve joined the other side.
AP bothered me with facts.
I spied on all their phone contacts.
That’s how a thin-skinned guy reacts,
My next move? Guantanamo barracks.
IRS was my best friend.
With thugs on which I did depend.
But they failed me in the end.
So jail me, or this will never end.
When those phony scandals broke
I shrugged my head, I’m just a bloke.
It’s not lies, I just misspoke.
I fooled you twice, now we all are broke.
VA healthcare, it is said:
Deny, delay until they’re dead.
Be found out, it is my dread
my epitaph will state: You have been had.
Ten Jihadists did I free
for one deserter, look at me;
breaking laws for all to see;
You gave me your vote, it had to be.
Children crossing Rio Grande;
As shields they get the welcome hand;
Open borders for my band;
Jihadists, and thugs will rule your land.
Lois Lerner lost her mail.
My IRS began to fail.
Soon I am no chief to hail,
Guantanamo next – and post no bail!
Open borders was my thing
Of amnesty for all I sing.
And Jihadists here to bring
I wanted to be Caliph and King.
Sharyl Atkisson was framed.
We planted secrets, she’ll be blamed.
But, she found out what we aimed.
A Quisling I am, but not ashamed.
Amnesty by my decree,
myself an alien, don’t you see
I’m Emp’ror, no laws apply to me.
In FergusIon, show no remorse;
I gave advice: “You stay the course”.
Arson, riots, join “the force”.
Alinsky has been my best resource.
I just changed the law, beware,
Illegals get Obamacare.
You are rich, you all can share
with aliens, impeach me if you dare.
I’m a Muslim Brother now,
as they declared Jihad somehow,
after White House sweet powwow.
What’s left of my bark: A weak bowwow.
Yemen loss was a surprise,
And my successes were but lies.
This will lead to my demise,
I never was worth my Nobel Prize.
No Islamic terror here;
Extremism is more severe.
Ownership of guns my fear.
I am who I am, – is that so queer?
Climate change our biggest threat,
If worse, I will break out a sweat.
Global Governance, you bet!
My war on King Coal not over yet.
Battle secrets, what the heck,
I spill the beans to make a wreck.
I give ISIS my full deck
of plans for my Mosul sneak attack.
Internet must be controlled,
to keep the sheeple in their fold.
Otherwise free speech takes hold,
my treason will be forever told.
I am King, will not recant;
Jeh Johnson is my sycophant.
I give orders, rap this rant:
“Give voice to the plight of Muslims” chant.
Netanyahu’s speech destruct,
While ISIS peacefully abduct,
And Iran the Bomb construct.
My absolute power all corrupt.

Christians killed in Middle East.
It doesn’t bother me the least.
Give Iran the nuclear beast.
“Religion of Peace” will have a feast.
Raising taxes on my own
Contempt for Congress I have shown.
All the money I have blown,
Now China demands: Repay our loan.
Twenty years in Wright’s Church pews;
I never listened to his views.
Found out everything through news.
I”m hopeless, this is my best excuse.
Waste and fraud: Obamacare
My Music Videos to share
No expenses did I spare
Spent Millions, impeach me if you dare.
Hezbollah, a peaceful clan;
And no more terror from Iran;
Making nukes is not their plan.
Let U.N. decide, I’m not your man.
Netanyahu still did win
I tried my best to do him in
T’was a blunder worse than sin
I’m headed for history’s dust bin.
Netanyahu got my bile.
Congratulate is not my style.
Sorest loser in a while,
I can’t even try to reconcile.
My Jihad against the Jews:
I gave their secrets to the news.
Jarrett gives me all my clues
So try to impeach; what’s your excuse?
Iran won, I showed my hand;
Their non-negotiable demand:
Blast away the promised land.
The “final solution” is at hand.
39  Verse 39 of the Obama Impeachment song? What framework?
All my “facts” are lies and spin
the Mullahs said with gleeful grin.
In this pact Islamists win,
my treasonous acts will do me in.
China’s new investment bank;
are our banks about to tank?
U.S. influence just sank.
Oblivion? You have but me to thank.
Eighteen Billions for Iran
I give away, because I can
this completes my mid-east plan
Mephistopheles, I am your man.
Pastor Saeed left behind
He really wasn’t of my kind
It is not my axe to grind
My treasonous acts will blow your mind.
I’ll sign “Death to Israel”
though said “I am an infidel”
12th Imam will rise from hell
with people who follow Ishmael.
“Tragic Circumstance” I see
in Chattanooga murder spree.
Radical Islam – Can’t be.
Islam, it means peace. Just look at me.
U.N. must decide our fate.
Congress always acts to late.
On this deal I took the bait.
It’s World War III soon, I cannot wait.
Sanctuary Cities – good.
It shields my comrades in the hood.
I have done all that I could
with help from the Muslim Brotherhood.
Border must be made secure
I did the President assure
ISIS must be stopped for sure
not here, but that Turkey may endure.
Ayatollah wants me dead,
this pact I signed before I read.
Be found out is my worst dread,
of guts, not a smidgen, not a shred.
I stand by Planned Parenthood
and LGBT something-hood.
We must kill for common good,
I hate apple pie and motherhood.
I must close the border shut
from Syria to Turkey, but
Erdogan, my friend, his gut
felt – First crush the Kurds, let ISIS strut.
When this deal fails: Blame the Jews.
Iran gets nukes, will blow the fuse.
World War III will be the news.
The Christians are gone, I win, they lose.
Netanyahu is a pest,
but I like Ayatollah best.
His new book put me to rest.
My promise to Jews was just in jest.
I treat Muslims very well,
but Christians can go back to Hell.
Though they have a tale to tell.
I must all their hope of freedom quell.
Blame Republicans each day,
when they don’t shut up and obey.
This Iranian giveaway
is unconstitutional, they say.
Schumer, once my friend in crime
abandoned me, he is but slime.
But I leaked it just in time;
I must have my nuke-deal on a dime.
China’s Yuan is falling free
and tanking our economy.
My grand plan will come to be:
A racial uprising scenery.
Hillary top secrets sent;
I didn’t care, will not repent.
My demise set in cement.
I reek like a pile of x…….
I use blackmail every day
make Congress kneel down and obey.
Unless they do as I say
the Dollar is finished – gone away.
Welcome ISIS to our shore,
That is what I was put here for.
War on Christians, cops and more.
“Religion of Peace” will win this war.
Little Sisters of the Poor
they won’t embrace my death-cult lore.
The Pope came knocking at their door
I’m outwitted, can’t rule anymore.
Putin told me to get lost
Our friendship turned to permafrost.
I feel I’ve been double-crossed
I RAN, went to hide, can’t face the cost
I’m delusional at best
now no-one acts at my behest.
Netanyahu did attest
My deal with Iran is one nuke-fest.
Legal guns I’ll take away
so terrorists can have their sway
I will jump into the fray
You Christians, all you can do is pray.
Fifty guys to Syria’s war
I send, but I don’t know what for.
As I expose my special corps
Recruitment for ISIS starts to soar.
Excons, I have banned the box
I need you here to clean their clocks.
My Chicago way still rocks.
Come join me, or I’ll be put in stocks.
I said “ISIL is contained”
when they wage Jihad unrestrained.
I maintain “no ground they’ve gained”
I’m father of lies – fit to be caned.
I don’t really want to win
Though ISIS wants to do me in.
Christians take it on the chin
I’ll go to the history’s dustbin.
I don’t want to hear Intel
of one Islamic Terror Cell
All is fine, as I can tell.
I’m stupid, it will be my death-knell.
Climate change or World War III?
Yes, Climate Change much worse must be.
World Wars come and go, you see.
But Climate Must Not Change, That’s my decree.
Only here do people kill
with guns, I must this myth instil.
No more legal guns, my will.
The criminals guns will fill the bill
All I want is Gun Control
and no more of that old King Coal.
Total power is my goal
let everyone else be on the dole.
If they knew how bad I am,
My Foreign Policy flimflam.
War on ISIL? Just a scam.
Impeach me, I am but what I am.
“I’ll bring peace to Middle East,”
The Caliphate my friend, the Beast.
ISIS has their slaughter feast.
The great Antichrist  is soon released.
I don’t watch Fox News enough
That’s why I’m hitting in the rough.
I’m a weakling acting tough.
I’m worthless. Will no-one call my bluff?
ISIS growing every day
with everything I do and say.
Hillary and Trump just play.
I’m off to see Star Wars, Hip Hooray!
Talibans are getting hot:
My partners, they have upped the pot.
Six men killed, I say: So what?
A traitor I am, don’t give a squat!
Gun control: It’s true, I wept.
I proved myself to be inept.
Not a promise that I kept.
In crises I golfed or overslept!
Philadelphia Muslim creep
for ISIS tried a terror sweep.
White House mentioned not a peep.
I would not disturb my beauty sleep!
Lifted sanctions on Iran
so they can fund their terror plan.
All Mid East will hit the fan,
from Turkey up to Afghanistan!
While in Cuba, pose with Che
a check-off to my legacy.
do the wave for all to see,
I am but a leader wannabe!
In the Brussels terror spree
I’m all talk, I am set free
terror is my cup of tea
no way you can now get rid of me!
Islamic terrorists? Not here
What Hollande said did disappear.
Transcript censored. Do not fear.
My White House decides what you can hear.
Global Warming drives me mad
I said to Castro, my comrade.
Common sense is gone, too bad.
I can only say: You have been had.
I tell ISIS what I’ll do
I micromanage, right on cue.
I gave them their weapons too.
My “loose lips sinks ships”, the way to go.
I told Britons to stay in
The Brexit crowd gained, I can’t win.
All my threats were seen as spin.
I am but a washed-up, old has-been.
Can a woman be a man?
Why, yes, indeed I say you can.
No more gender, that’s my plan.
I no longer know how life began.
Radical Islam can’t be
Islam is peaceful, can’t you see.
Terrorists don’t bother me,
Ban all legal guns, that’s my decree.
No Islamic terror here
[redacted] makes it disappear.
I hear what I want to hear,
Transparency? Stick it in your ear.
Legal guns must disappear
so terrorists go free and clear.
Smith and Wesson clap and cheer,
I am their top salesman of the year.
Take the oath – I changed the score
for aliens coming to our shore.
Do not change – be as before,
I am one of you – and so much more.
Less than hundred days remain
of fundamental transform pain.
All my efforts were in vain,
I was ineffective, end my reign.
I paid ransom to Iran
Four hundred millions cash; my plan.
Though we have a ransom ban
When facing the threat, I cut and ran.
I did found the ISIS state
A Caliphate became my fate.
Arab Spring, I took the bait,
It is this America I hate.
I’m controlled by forces queer,
George Soros is my puppeteer.
Top man in the one world sphere
Vote Hillary out, I’ll disappear.

I say ISIL all the day.

instead of ISIS, come what may.

I will Israel betray

and give it to ISIL, this I say.

I will sign the climate deal,
The Senate won’t dare to repeal!
Though they will both squirm and squeal
They will fold as soon as I say: Heel!
I was birther from the start
My Kenyan birth fell off the chart
Hill’s campaign did fall apart
At last I fooled Trump, I’m really smart.
Shimon Peres eulogy;
An effort in futility.
Narcissistic as could be,
the person I talked about was me.
Soros is my real boss
and Hillary treats folks like dross.
We hate Christians and the cross.
We’re puppets, it is your Country’s loss.
Service Medal for myself
I am a narcissistic elf;
soon to be put on the shelf.
My judgment – or lack speaks for itself.

The first few verses are on this video:

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Retired engineer, graduated from Chalmers Technical University a long time ago with a degree in Technical Physics. Career in Aerospace, Analytical Chemistry, computer chip manufacturing and finally adjunct faculty at Pennsylvania State University, taught just one course in Computer Engineering, the Capstone Course.

16 thoughts on “The complete Obama Impeachment song.”

  1. The tale of our once great nation
    Pay close attention, read it and weep
    Corruption, coercion and confiscation
    A wondrous Republic, no longer to keep

    Ramon the Poet

  2. nk you for this outstanding contribution to humanity, we will be forever in your debt. I want to hear Paul Shanklin singing this on the Rush Limbaugh Show!!!

  3. THANK YOU! This needs to be in the New York Times. Wishful thinking! Definitely put it on Freedom is Not Free, Take Our Country Back. Someplace where everyone will read this.

  4. “Yikes!!”
    Talk, Talk, Talk,
    And now it’s
    Song, Song, Song”
    So when is it gonna be
    Vote , Vote, Vote!
    Our Country is turning into a deadly joke !!

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