U.S.A. death rate from the corona virus currently at 3.1%, 45 countries have higher death rates.

Here are the Corona-virus death rates for the 11 largest counties in the U.S.A

County               population             cases                    deaths  percentage deaths

Los Angeles      10,105,518             227,346                 5,446     2.4%

Cook, IL                5,180,493             119,000                 4,988     4.2%

Harris, TX             4,698,619             95,631                 1,122     1.2%

Maricopa, AZ     4,410,824             131,044                 2,745     2.1%

San Diego            3,343,364             35, 608                  644        1.8%

Orange, CA         3,185,968             44.936                    856        1.9%

Miami-Dade       2,761,581             150,305                 2,219     1.5%

Dallas                    2,637,772             69.343                  854         1.2%

Kings, NYC           2,582,830             65,867                  7,274     11.0%

Riverside, CA      2,450,758             48,956                  922         1.9%

Queens, NYC      2,278,906             70,770`                 7,212     10.2%

The total death rates are below 2% for 6 of the 11 largest counties, 2.4% for Los Angeles county and 2.1% for Phoenix in Arizona. Florida has 1.5% and Texas has 1.2%. Brooklyn and Queens in New York City are standouts, their death rates are over 10%. Thanks to Governor Cuomo’s directive to place covid patients back in nursing homes after they tested positive the death rate sky-rocketed in New York State. And Governor Cuomo bragged about how well he handled the Corona virus at the Democratic convention. But he was not alone. The governors of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Michigan did the same, no extra protection for the most vulnerable. The Corona virus death rates could have been much lower. As it is, the cases, deaths and death rates for U.S.A.   is                5,784,781             178,972  and 3.1%

The Democratic convention speakers assured us that this was the worst result of any country in the world, thanks to President Trump’s inaction and refusal to accept science. So, how do U.S.A. compare to the rest of the world? The cases, deaths and death rates for all countries with higher death rates are listed below:

1. Yemen                                                  1,899                     541           28.5%

2. Italy                                                       257,065                 35,467   13.8%

3. France                                                  234,400                 30,503    13.0%

4. United Kingdom                               323,313                 41,405      12.8%

5. Belgium                                                80,178                   9,976       12.4%

6. Hungary                                               5,098                     611           12.0%

7. Mexico                                                 543,806                 59,106      10.9%

8. Netherlands                                       65,589                   6,195         9.4%

9. Channel Islands                                 614                         48             7.8%

10. Chad                                                      981                         76            7.7%

11. Canada                                                 124,099                 9,060        7.3%

12. Spain                                                     407,839                 28,838      7.1%

13. Isle of Man                                          336                         24              7.1%

14. Sweden                                                86,068                   5,810         6,7%

15. Sudan                                                   12,623                   812            6.4%

16. Liberia                                                   1,284                     82             6.4%

17. Ireland                                                  27,755                   1,776        6.4%

18. San Marino                                         704                         42             6.0%

19. Ecuador                                                106,481                 6,248        5.9%

20. Niger                                                     1,169                     69             5.9%

21. Iran                                                        354,763                 20,376     5.7%

22. Egypt                                                     97,025                   5,212        5.4%

23. Switzerland                                        39,332                   2,000        5.1%

24. Slovenia                                               2,574                     130           5.1%

25. Andorra                                               1,045                     53             5.0%

26. Peru                                                      567,059                 27,034     4.8%

27. Sint Maarten                                      353                         17             4.8%

28. Martinique                                         336                         16             4,8%

29. Mali                                                       2,667                     125           4.7%

30. Barbados                                             157                         7                4.5%

31. Indonesia                                            149,408                 6,500       4.4%

32. Burkina Faso                                      1,297                     55             4.2%

33. Finland                                                 7,871                     334           4.2%

34. North Macedonia                             13,308                   557            4.2%

35. Saint Martin                                       121                         5                4.1%

36. Bolivia                                                   106,065                 4.305       4.1%

37. Tanzania                                              509                         21             4.1%

38. Germany                                             233,002                 9,328         4.0%

39. Denmark                                             16,127                   621            3.9%

40. Guatemala                                          66,941                   2,532         3.8%

41. Afghanistan                                        37,894                   1,385         3,7%

42. Bulgaria                                                14962                    532           3.6%

43. Brazil                                                     3,513,039             112,670    3.2%

44. Iraq                                                        197,085                 6,283        3.2%

45. Poland                                                  60,281                   1,938         3.2%

That’s right! U.S.A. ranks as 46th worst country!

Now there are countries that do better, some much better. One group has this in common: They administer a proper therapy of hydroxychloroquine, most often with Zinc and Z-max as soon as symptoms occur, with or without a positive test. Some of the countries are so poor that it is all they can afford. The result?

U.S.A. could do even better by adopting this therapeutic remedy.

Do it! The fact that President Trump has advocated it should not be a hindrance to save lives!

Who gets the vote this year in PA? Does the horse and buggy team make a difference? A Limerick.

Campaigning in Western PA
Is not what you think, this I say
For the Amish take part,
Vote for life, with their heart,
vote Trump, to the left’s great dismay.
I may be wrong on this buggy. The campaigner may not be Amish after all. He may be an Old Order Mennonite. That Order is even more conservative than the Amish. But they used to have one thing in common. They did not mingle with the English, and they did not participate in politics, and they did not vote. You may have seen cute pictures like this, thinking they still live like in the 18th century.

Nothing could be further from the truth. It is true, they didn’t use to vote. But in the 2000 election they started voting, and they voted pro life. They were always law abiding, and were allowed to keep their one room school houses with 8 year education, were allowed to have their own pooled medical services, and maintained their religious exemption from military service and social security. Do they really shun electricity? The picture below shows a recently built Amish homestead with the telltale clothesline, but also a small wind turbine and four solar panels to provide

electricity. Contrary to popular opinion the Amish do not shun electricity, they just want to be left unconnected to the “English”, in other words, live off the grid. Their desire to be independent force them to be resourceful and innovative, since they also follow the law of the land whenever possible. So it was, when the farms were mandated to refrigerate the milk before pickup they installed electric coolers. The electricity was generated by diesel generators, so bingo, they could get electricity for their workshops as well, and turn from primitive hand work to fully modern wood workshops, I know, they provided a first class kitchen for our home in Intercourse. They had a problem, federal law mandated headlights on their buggies to be street legal. The propane lights with gas stockings burned well, but were too fragile to last the bumpy buggy rides so they installed car headlights running on car batteries. They had to be charged often, and it became quite expensive, so the Amish in 2003 made the first commercially available LED headlights for their buggies, thereby extending battery life more than ten–fold for a marine deep-charge lead-acid battery, from six hours to 100 hours.

Even at 120 dollars a piece it made economic sense. How do you charge batteries? This is where the solar panels come in, they are used to charge the batteries. When the sun doesn’t shine the wind may blow, a reasonable backup. Now they have 12 volt electric power. The next step was to wire the house and install 12 V LED lights and provide 12 volt DC or 24 volt AC outlets for small appliances. The lights are great, but many appliances are still run the hard way, diesel engines providing compressed air, which run their wells with jet-pumps and in their hand mixers they take out the motor and replace with a compressed air motor. The LED lights beat kerosene lamps any day for efficiency, and even a compressed air driven refrigerator is much more efficient than a kerosene  refrigerator.

So if the grid goes down for an extended period of time, who is better off? The Amish are far ahead of us in preparation for catastrophes.


And the Amish do get together and fellowship for any reason, but mostly for their Sunday services, which are held in the upper room of their workshops, or in the kitchen for the women and the basement for the men. The horse-drawn pew-mobile is in the picture above, to the right. This is a tell-tale sign who hosts the service next time.

Opportunity to sign a petition to the White House to make HCQ available over the counter.

PPE may be unavailable or inadequate, more importantly infringes on Constitutional protections.

In most states, physicians and pharmacies face unprecedented barriers to prescribing HCQ for prevention or early treatment of COVID-19.

Prevention and early treatment is key.

HCQ is safer than other OTC drugs, including aspirin, acetaminophen, diphenhydramine, and Plan B. It is even given to pregnant women and nursing mothers as a treatment for Lupus.

HCQ has been used for more than 65 years in hundreds of millions of patients, and has been available OTC in many places.

A number of studies and the experience of many physicians show that early HCQ, especially with zinc supplements, is highly effective.

The only way to assure that powerful bureaucracies or vested interests cannot prevent patients from exercising freedom to choose is to make the drug available OTC

(AAPS) If you would rather see a lot of other people die than help solve the COVID crisis until after the election, then this is not for you, otherwise please add your name to the petition.


The case for Thorium. 6. Radioactive waste from an Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor decays down to background radiation in 300 years compared to a million years for U-235 based reactors. A Limerick.

The nuclear waste meant for Yucca

would destine Nevada the sucka

But with Thorium we rid

us of waste that is hid

No need for that waste to be trucka!

Radioactive waste from an LFTR (Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor)  decays down to background radiation in 300 years instead of a million years for U-235 based reactors. Initially LFTRs produce as much radioactivity as an U-235 based nuclear reactor, since fission converts mass to heat, but the decay products have a much shorter half-life. See the figure below.

Where is the storage for spent nuclear fuel and other nuclear waste now? Look at the map, it is scary.








And these are just the U.S. installations!

Many years ago I studied Engineering at Chalmers’ University in Sweden and I thought I would become a nuclear engineer. Sweden had at that time a peaceful heavy water based nuclear power program together with Canada and India. The advantage with heavy water as moderator is that it can use natural, un-enriched Uranium. One of the end products is of course Plutonium 239, the preferred material to make nuclear bombs, but it could also use Thorium, and the end product is then mostly Plutonium 238, used in space exploration, and we were dreaming big. One of the advantages of Thorium as fuel is that it produces about 0,01%  of trans-Uranium waste compared to Uranium as fuel. About that time the U.S. proposed we should abandon the heavy water program and switch to light water enriched Uranium based nuclear power. They would sell the enriched Uranium, and reprocess the spent fuel at cost. They also had the ideal final resting place for the radioactive waste products in Nevada. This was an offer the Swedish government could not refuse, at the height of the cold war. This was  in the 1960’s! India on the other hand did refuse, and they eventually got the nuclear bomb. Since that meant Sweden was never going to use Thorium as nuclear fuel, and I could not figure out how to get rid of all the radioactive waste products, I switched my attention back to control engineering.









What did President Trump mean with innovative approaches?

Is this where Thorium comes in!?

The emancipation memorial and the MLK memorial funding sources. A Limerick.

One statue that stands in D.C.

was paid for by slaves just set free.

MLK’s is Chinese

In pink granite, you see

was outsourced by our bourgeoisie.

The Freeman’s statue of emancipation was paid for entirely by freed slaves, but the committee to select the sculptor and motive was composed of only white men. The model though was a freed slave, and in my opinion depicts the moment his chains were broken, and he looks up to heaven, giving thanks.

The statue of Martin  Luther King Jr. on the other hand is much more controversial. The sculptor is Chinese, it is made in China using pink Chinese granite. His biggest claim to fame was that he had made a statue of Mao Ze Dong. Why use Chinese pink granite for an African American? And why does he look like an overweight Chinese half emerging out of the rock? There were more than one African American sculptor that vied for the honor of a life-time to make the MLK memorial. But no, the selection committee outsourced it to China.

Be that as it may, the donor board looks like corporate America.

Notably absent is the Chinese Communist Party among the donors, they put up at least 10 million dollars, and the erection and preparing of the ground surrounding it was entirely done by Chinese “volunteers” coming from China, doing their work and going back.




Lenin still stands in Seattle. Who would ever topple the father of the movement? A Limerick.

Old Lenin stands tall in Seattle.

He is the main source of the battle.

Meanwhile statues come down

of great men of renown.

Bewildered we look, like dumb cattle.

Over the past few weeks, scores of statues of our founding fathers and Generals,  Cristóbal Colón, Junípero Serra , and even the Pioneer and the Pioneer Mother have been toppled by rioters. They will not stop until all historic memorials are demolished, like what happened in the onset of theFrench Revolution, the Russian Revolution or the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

The death toll from the French Revolution was about 40,000, from the Russian Revolution 7 to 12 million, and from the Cultural Revolution up to 20 million, followed by the Great Leap Forward, which heralded in the Great Famine, killing another 30 Million.

These are serious times.



One person killed and another shot this weekend in CHOP, Seattle. A Limerick.

A shooting in Seattle  — the third in 48 hours — was reported Sunday night in the area known as the CHOP, or Capitol Hill Organized Protest.

One person with a gunshot wound arrived at Harborview Medical Center in a private vehicle, the police and rescue personnel had been blocked from entry. The person was in serious condition.

Early Saturday morning, a 19-year-old man was killed after gunfire erupted at around 2:20 a.m. Medics from ‘CHOP’ rushed him to the hospital where he later died. A second shooting happened about a half hour later and a block away. That shooting victim, who’s 33-years-old, remains in critical condition in the ICU at Harborview.

Mayor Jenny Durkan eventually issued a prepared statement at around 6 p.m. Sunday, nearly 40 hours after the shootings. It said, in part:

Working with (Seattle Fire Chief Harold) Scoggins, (Police Chief Carmen) Best, and other city departments, the city will continue to make changes on Capitol Hill in partnership with black-led community organizations, demonstrators, small businesses, residents, and trusted messengers who will center de-escalation.

Well, up till then, all she had said about the protests was that Seattle would have a “Summer of love”.

The “Summer of Love” in Seattle.

Another man shot, it’s a battle.

So it is with Police.

If locked out, there’s no peace.

For Bolshevik CHOP life means little.

Kente cloth, a royal symbol of power, slave ownership and slave trade. A Limerick

This explains a lot.

The kente cloth stemming from Ghana

A symbol of black africana

Worn by kings who sold slaves

They got guns, even trades,

Pelosi, her slave trade persona.

This helps to explain the strange scene that Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and 33 other Democrats performed on Monday to commemorate the death of George Floyd

Mandatory Credit: Photo by MICHAEL REYNOLDS/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock (10673442i)
US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (C) and Democratic lawmakers kneel while observing a moment of silence to honor George Floyd and victims of racial injustice, on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, USA, 08 June 2020. The death of George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis has sparked global protests demanding policing reform.
US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Democratic lawmakers observe a moment of silence for George Floyd, Washington, USA – 08 Jun 2020