March 29, read through the Holy Bible in a year in Power-point, with comments.

The reading for today is one chapter of Luke and the two last chapters of Deuteronomy.

March 29: Luke 8, Deuteronomy 33, Deuteronomy 34 (click on the chapter to begin reading)

Luke 8. Jesus told the Parable of the Sower, followed by a lamp on a stand.His Mother and Brothers come to see Jesus, but he declared that his mother and brothers are those who do God’s will. While Sailing across Lake Genesareth a storm arose, Jesus calmed the storm and rebuked his disciples for their lack of faith. Coming to the other side Jesus healed a demon possessed man and healed a woman with a bleeding issue. Finally Jesus raised a dead girl back to life.

Deuteronomy 33. Moses’ gave his final blessing on each of the tribes of Israel.

Deuteronomy 34, Moses died on Mount Nebo. Epilogue: “And there arose not a prophet since in Israel like unto Moses, whom the Lord knew face to face”.

March 28, read through the Holy Bible in a year in Power-point, with comments.

Today’s reading is one chapter of Luke and one chapter in Deuteronomy.

March 28: Luke 7, Deuteronomy 32 (click on the chapter to begin reading)

Luke 7, Jesus praised the Centurion’s faith and  raised a widow’s son back to life in Nain. Meanwhile John the Baptist asked if Jesus was the one.  Jesus answer: “Among those that are born of women there is not a greater prophet than John the Baptist: but he that is least in the kingdom of God is greater than he.” Finally, Jesus was anointed by a sinful woman, and Jesus forgave her with these words: “Thy faith hath saved thee; go in peace.”

Deuteronomy 32 gives us the Song of Moses. At the end of the chapter the Lord told Moses  he would only see the promised land from a distance and die on Mount Nebo.

March 27, read through the Holy Bible in a year in Power-point, with comments.

Today we read only two chapters, one chapter of Luke and one of Deuteronomy, enjoy!

March 27: Luke 6, Deuteronomy 31 (click on the chapter to begin reading)

Luke 6. Jesus showed he is the Lord of the Sabbath and was healing on the Sabbath. Then Jesus called the twelve Apostles. Luke recorded a shorter version of the Beatitudes, and Jesus added, love your enemies, do not judge, a tree is known by its fruit, and finally the parable of the foolish and the wise builder.

Deuteronomy 31. Moses declared Joshua to be the new leader of Israel, “Be strong and of good courage”. The Law was to be read every seven years, Israel’s rebellion was predicted and, as a reminder Moses recorded his song, which is recited in the next chapter.

March 26, read through the Holy Bible in a year in Power-point, with comments.

Today we read one chapter of Luke where Jesus forgave sins, and two chapters of Deuteronomy. Check especially Deuteronomy 30:15!

March 26:  Luke 5, Deuteronomy 29, Deuteronomy 30 (click on the chapter to begin reading)

Luke 5. Jesus called his first Disciples, cleansed a leper, healed and forgave a Paralytic his sins and called Levi (Matthew). Finally, Jesus was questioned about fasting.

Deuteronomy 29. In preparation of the tribes entering the promised land God renews the Mosaic Covenant in Moab.

Deuteronomy 30, The Blessings of turning to God is pro-life, but if not, God is pro-choice with all its consequences.  See v 15:   “I have set before thee this day life and good, and death and evil“. (KJV)

March 25, read through the Holy Bible in a year in Power-point, with comments.

Continuing in Lent with one chapter of Luke we also read one chapter of Deuteronomy, enjoy!

March 25: Luke 4, Deuteronomy 28 (click on the chapter to begin reading)

Luke 4. Jesus ministry started with his Temptation in the wilderness, from which we get the 40 days of Lent. At every temptation initiated by Satan Jesus quoted scripture to show his total reliance on God and His word. Satan also used scripture, so watch out! Going to his hometown of Nazareth Jesus fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah 61, but in his hometown he was rejected. Going forward, Jesus cast out an Unclean Spirit and healed many.

Deuteronomy 28. The LORD through Moses specified blessings for obedience and lots of curses for disobedience.

March 24, read through the Holy Bible in a year in Power-point, with comments.

Continuing reading one chapter of Luke and two chapters of Deuteronomy, enjoy!

March 24:  Luke 3Deuteronomy 26, Deuteronomy 27 (click on the chapter to begin reading)

In Luke 3 John the Baptist prepared the way and performed the baptism of repentance. Jesus’ was also baptized by John, after which “the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily shape like a dove upon him, and a voice came from heaven, which said, Thou art my beloved Son; in thee I am well pleased.” The chapter then lists the genealogy of Mary, from the human side of Jesus. (Matthew listed the genealogy of Joseph from the Kingly side, and since Joseph adopted Jesus as his own it showed Jesus is the rightful heir to the throne of David.)

Deuteronomy 26 shows the regulations for offerings of firstfruits and tithes. Follow the LORD’s commands, you are a special people of God.

Deuteronomy 27 specifies that the Law should be inscribed on large stones on Mount Ebal. There six tribes shall declare curses, and on Mount Gerizim six tribes shall pronounce blessings.


March 23, read through the Holy Bible in a year in Power-point, with comments.

Continuing with Luke and Lent today there are one chapter of Luke to read, but also two chapters of Deuteronomy.

March 23:  Luke 2, Deuteronomy 24, Deuteronomy 25 (click on the chapter to begin reading)

Luke 2 is so well known that even the Peanuts tell of the Birth of Jesus and the Shepherds and the Angels. Beginning in 2015 many school districts banned it because of the biblical quotes. Some replaced it with Frosty the Snowman, something we all can believe in. The chapter continues with telling of Jesus in the Temple, Simeon’s and Anna’s testimonies, and Jesus at age 12, also in the Temple. Read it and marvel.

Deuteronomy 24 tells of Divorce Laws and limitations for remarriage, Leprosy, Lending Laws, how to properly pay workmen, and after harvest please leave the gleanings.

Deuteronomy 25 tells of the marriage duty of a surviving brother, how to weigh with honest measures, and, totally unrelated, destroy the Amalekites.

March 22, read through the Holy Bible in a year in Power-point, with comments.

It is Lent. Luke and Lent kind of go together;  only two chapters to read, the first chapter of Luke, and one chapter in Deuteronomy,  enjoy!

March 22: Luke 1, Deuteronomy 23 (click on the chapter to begin reading)

Luke 1, to Theophilus. The birth of John the Baptist foretold to Zacharias by an Angel, then the angel Gabriel made an announcement to Mary. Mary met Elizabeth, Zacharias’ wife, and stayed with her. Luke 1 also contains  Mary’s song, Zacharias’ prophecy and the birth of John the Baptist.

Deuteronomy 23 deals with shunning and exclusion from the assembly, how to deal or not to deal with certain foreigners. Make your relief stations outside the camp and do what you have to do and keep proper camping cleanliness. No harlots allowed  and do not accept offerings from them. You may not charge interest to a fellow Israelite, but you can be a Shylock to a foreigner. If you make a vow to the Lord, you better fulfill it!

March 21, read through the Holy Bible in a year in Power-point, with comments.

Tomorrow we start the gospel of Luke, but for today we read two wonderful psalms of David full of prophecy, and for balance one chapter of Deuteronomy.

March 21: Psalm 21, Psalm 22, Deuteronomy 22 (click on the chapter to begin reading)

Psalm 21, of David. The New Testament references from Revelation 14 seems to fit. When I read the Psalm the battle hymn of the republic kept ringing in my ears.

Psalm 22, of David. It is also called “The Crucifixion Psalm”. Read it and ponder.

Deuteronomy 22 contains more instructions, protect your brother’s property, the LORD detests unisex clothing, protect nesting birds,  do not yoke an ox and a donkey together, and various laws on sexual morality.

March 20, read through the Holy Bible in a year in Power-point, with comments.

we are still in between the gospel of Mark and the gospel of Luke, and we read two short but beautiful Pdalms and three chapters of Deuteronomy.

March 20: Psalm 19, Psalm 20, Deuteronomy19, Deuteronomy 20, Deuteronomy 21 (click on the chapter to begin reading)

Psalm 19, of David. “This Psalm reflects, more than any other, the beauty and splendor of the Hebrew poetry found in the Psalter. C.S. Lewis wrote, ‘I take this to be the greatest poem in the Psalter and one of the greatest lyrics in the world.’” (VanGemeren)

Psalm 20, of David. The people’s prayer for the King is heard by the LORD. The most quoted part is: “ Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the Lord our God.” The Lord saves, we pray for the King.

Deuteronomy 19. God commands to set aside three Cities of Refuge, maybe three more as the land expands. Do not change property boundaries. There must be two or three witnesses for a conviction in court.  From this chapter comes the saying “an eye for an eye”.

Deuteronomy 20. Rules for warfare:  The Lord fights the battle for you. If you are too chicken or are building a house or are pledged to marry, you may be excused. For the rest of you, show no mercy unless they surrender, but above all, save the fruit trees.

Deuteronomy 21 deals with what to do with unsolved murders. Can you marry a female taken captive?  What are the rights of the firstborn? What to do with a rebellious Son? A man punished to death and hung on a tree, he must be buried the same day. From this we get “Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree”.