Esther 8, Esther saves the Jews.

Esther 8, Esther saves the Jews.

After a very successful tour to India, (“She came, she spoke, she conquered, Hindustan Times) former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin went to Israel to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu, Security was tight,

And Sarah Palin, with her husband Todd were invited to a private Purim dinner at the Prime Minister’s home.

Then, in May 2011 the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke: Here is a small excerpt

And President Obama became custodian of a handwritten scroll of Esther.

Esther 7, Haman hanged.

Esther 7, Haman hanged.

God’s name is never mentioned in Esther, not even once! Neither is worship, prayer or sacrifice. The Name of God appears in code in the name of the main actors. Is this coincidence or is the book written to hide its true nature as a sacred writing?

The hand of God is everywhere in the book.

Back to the main script. Everything is proceeding matter-of -factly.