Jun 26. The word for today.

That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. Matthew 5:45 (King James version)

Is that good or bad?

In the Nordic countries sun is good, the more sun the better. People get out as early as possible in the Spring to catch as much sunshine as possible. In late fall, when the sun almost never shines cabin fever starts to set in, and a temporary cure for cabin fever is drinking, so the problem of alcoholism gets worse the further north you get.

In the 10 to 40 degrees latitude region the problem is the opposite. There is an Arabic proverb that says “All sunshine makes a desert”. In India and China people tend to avoid sunshine as much as possible, white skin is a great advantage to have, or one could be mistaken for a common laborer.

We must have sunshine, or nothing will grow. Another thing without which nothing will grow is water, so the second part of the word for today, rain, is that good or bad? Here in the U.S, if you live more than 500 miles west of the Mississippi river rain is good, if you live east of that, too much rain is bad, it can lead to flooding.

But God is no respecter of persons. God gives the same weather to the good and the evil, the just and the unjust. It is what we do about it that makes a difference. There is a Norwegian saying “there is no bad weather, only bad clothes”. But that is from a country without hurricanes and tornadoes. In some places their main source of rain is from hurricanes, typhoons or cyclones, dependent on in which ocean they form.

And so it was: The first treaty in the Bible was about water: See Genesis 21:

The battle of Beersheba occurred in 1917, when the Turks of the Ottoman Empire were routed.

Leading the charge was the Fourth Light Horse Brigade. They look more like camels to me.

The battle in the Middle East started about water, and is always partly about water.

The American West is also all about water. A farm without water rights is essentially worthless. A century ago the Colorado River Basin had a population of about 5 million people, now over 40 million people use the water from the Colorado river. In less than 20 years Lake Mead will be emptied, it is now down to 34 percent of capacity, a new all time low since the lake was first filled.

This calls for action, but there is no mentioning of what needs to be done in the proposed infrastructure bill, so I guess it leaves the American South-west high and dry.

It is high time for us all to pray that sanity will return to Congress and that they will start to tackle the real problems this country is facing. If this problem is not solved there will be man-made climate change. The problem is water, not CO2.

Acts 5:12-42, power in the Church, an Angel of the LORD frees jailed Apostles, the Apostles back on Trial, Gamaliel’s Advice

Acts 5:12-42, power in the Church, an Angel of the LORD frees jailed Apostles, the Apostles back on Trial, Gamaliel’s Advice.

With over 100 million COVID-19 cases in the world, how is USA doing compared to the rest of the world?

The table below shows that USA came in as number 25 of the 30 countries with the largest outbreak of Covid as death rate is concerned. It will be interesting to see how well we will fare under new leadership.  I will recheck in 100 days.

Rank Country      Cases             Deaths           Death Rate   

     World     100,659 649         2,161,373           2.15%

  1. Mexico           1,771,740             150,273           8.51%
  2. Iran                  1,385,706              57,560           4.16%
  3. Peru                 1,102,795              39,887           3.62%                
  4. Italy                 2,485,956              86,422           3.48%
  5. Belgium              694,858              20,814           3.00%
  6. South Africa    1,423,578              41,797          2.94%
  7. Indonesia         1,012,350             28,468           2.81%
  8. UK                    3,689,746            100,162           2.71%
  9. Canada               756,250               19,376           2.56%
  10. Colombia         2,027,746              51,747           2.55%
  11. Chile                    706,500               18,023          2.55%
  12. Germany         2,163,113              54,390           2,51%
  13. Argentina        1,874,801              47,034           2.51%
  14. Romania            715,438                17,938          2.51%
  15. Brazil               8,881,853             217,806          2.45%
  16. Poland            1,482, 722               35,665          2.41%
  17. Pakistan            535,914                  11,376         2.12%
  18. Iraq                     515,380                13,010          2.11%
  19. Spain               2,733,729               56,799           2.08% 
  20. Sweden              556,289                11,247          2.02%
  21. France             3.079,943               74,106          2.01%
  22. Russia             3,756,931               70,482           1.88%
  23. Ukraine           1,197,107               22,057           1.84%
  24. Portugal             653,878                11,012          1.68%
  25. USA               25,952,482             433,909          1.67%
  26. Czechia              946,046                15,618          1.65%
  27. India              10,689,268             153,724          1,44%
  28. Netherlands      956,867                13,665          1.43%
  29. Turkey             2,442,350               25,344          1.04%
  30. Israel                  613,286                  4,501           0.73%    

Vote fraud in Pa Dutch Country? You got to be kidding! A Limerick.

The vote in the land of the Dutch

had never amounted to much.

But the times sure have changed

now the votes are arranged

with more votes than sought: Fraudsters’ touch.

Before the English writer Rudyard Kipling in 1910 wrote the book “Rewards and Fairies,” he toured all over the United States. He spent time in Philadelphia and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In “Brother Square-Toes,” a story in “Rewards and Fairies,” Kipling says this about Lancaster:

“It’s a kindly, softly country there, back of Philadelphia among the German towns, Lancaster way. Little houses and bursting big barns, fat cattle, fat women, and all as peaceful as Heaven might be if they farmed there.”

That was 1910. Lancaster Co teems with Amish and Mennonites. They stayed away from the evil ways of the English, shunned modernization, hated wars and immorality, and they didn’t vote. After Bill Clinton became President this all changed, and they started voting, pro-life.

This year there was a record participation in voting, even in Mail-in requests.

Someone took a screen-shot of the tally so far:

Mail-in ballot requests: 108,539

Ballots returned so far: 89,681

Mai-in Ballots counted so far: 142, 584.

Make of that what you will.