November 26: Reading the Holy Bible in a year.

2 Peter 2. Even in the first century there arose destructive doctrines from a multitude of false teachers. They were all doomed because of their depravity and attempts to deceive.

Amos 1. The prophet proclaimed judgment on Tyre and Sidon.

Amos 2. The prophet proclaimed judgment on Moab, Judah and Israel.

Leg 1 of The Trans-Rocky-Mountain aqueduct. From the Mississippi river to Webbers Falls lock and dam.

The Trans-Rocky-Mountain aqueduct starts out at the Mississippi river, and for the first leg follows the Arkansas River from Mississippi River to Lock16 of the Arkansas River, a distance of 366 miles.

Location of the locks and pumping stations on the Arkansas river.

Lock 1, entrance from the Mississippi River to the White river. The water surface at Montgomery Point has fluctuated from elevation 104′ to 172′.

This lock was added later to better accommodate barge traffic when the Mississippi River was running abnormally low. If the Mississippi is normal to high level, this lock is bypassed. Since we are going to move 11,200 cfs of water over the rocky mountain the flow amount in Arkansas river will be reduced by the same amount. In times of drought, the Arkansas River flow is sometimes lower than 11,200 cfs. To alleviate that, a series of 7,500 cfs pumps will be installed, one in every lock of the canal, beginning with Lock 3.

Montgomery Point Lock and Dam features “first of its kind” hydraulically operated gates. When the tail water is at elevation 115′ and rising, the dam gates are flat on the bottom of the river and barge traffic passes over the gates in the navigation pass spillway to minimize lockages saving time and money.
This lock is frequently submerged. Only the top of the control tower remains above water

The Mississippi river is muddy. When water is pumped up there needs to be a number of de-silting pools, where the silt is returned to the Mississippi river. Here is suggested 3 pools, each capable of de-silting 10,000 cfs of water, one for the Trans-Rocky Mountain aqueduct, and two for the Trans-Continental aqueduct, being built as the whole aqueduct is nearing completion. The top of the pools is set at 150 ft elevation. Should the Missisippi River flood higher than 142 feet the operation will be shut down until elevation is below 142 feet again, and Lock 2, the Norrell Lock and dam is operational again. For the Trans-Rocky_Mountain aqueduct up to 10,000 cfs needs to be pumped up between 20 and 62 feet, for an energy consumption of between 1MW and 56 MW. The map below show one possible location for the pools:

The de-silting pools.
Elevation 142′ No change
Elevation 162′ No change

Elevation 182′
Elevation 1196′
Elevation 213′
Elevation 231′
Elevation 249
Elevation 265′
Elevation 284′
Elevation 336′
Elevation 370′
Elevation 391′
Elevation 412′
Elevation 458′
Elevation 487′

From Lock # 3 to lock # 16 (13 locks # 11 is missing) the Power houses have to either replace one of the operating turbines to a corresponding dual function pump/generator, or add a 10,000 cfs pump.

By removing 11,200 cfs from the flow of water in the Arkansas river, it will be necessary to add these pumps to ensure functioning locks even in times of extreme droughts. The total power generated by the power stations will be reduced by 11,200 cfs times (487 – 127) feet * 0.9 or about 370 megawatts total.

As a side note, every lock opening uses up water equivalent of between 22 and 66 kWh depending on the size of the lift or lowering of the barges. This is constant and not dependent on the size of the barges or boats. When the spillways are in use, the water is “free”, but otherwise every lock opening costs a few dollars in energy, not much, but in case of a drought the fact that water is pumped back up the river will help increase the capacity.

What is in it for Arkansas? The added pumps will give an additional tool to control the canal system. In addition, in the case of floods it will somewhat alleviate the flood control, and serve the canal system better in times of drought. To add 400 megawatts to the system, may I suggest 2 200 MW LFTR nuclear reactors, they are carbon neutral. In addition they have the ability to shut off the pumping of water and let the power plants provide 400 MW virtual hydro-storage power for up to five hours/day. The barges will benefit from sometimes go with the flow, and sometimes travel over still water, shortening the time of transport substantially.

Coronavirus in Africa. Rates with and without Ivermectin.

The countries that use Ivermectin in blue, the others in orange

It is fascinating to see the Covid-19 rates for the countries that use Ivermectin to protect against river blindness and other parasites and compare them with the rates for the countries that do not use Ivermectin. Could Ivermectin be the cure for COVID-19? This data seems to suggest so.

Country Use Ivermectin Vax rate Cases and Deaths per million people

  1. Algeria                              NO   13%                4,565         131
  2. Angola                               Yes    8.4%             1,802          48
  3. Benin                                 Yes    1.8%              1,943          13
  4. Botswana                           NO   19%              75,143        987
  5. Burkina Faso                      Yes    1.3%                671           9
  6. Burundi                              Yes    ?                    1,560           3
  7. Cameroon                           Yes   1.4%              3,483         55
  8. Cape Verde                          Yes 52%               67,239       614
  9. Central African Republic  Yes  4.0%               2,309         20
  10. Chad                                     Yes   0.8%                 297         10
  11. Camoros                             ?      22%                  4,668       165
  12. Dem. Rep. of the Congo     Yes    0.1%                  615        12
  13. Republic of the Congo        Yes   4.5%               2,606        36
  14. Djibouti                                Yes   6.6%             13,186      106
  15. Egypt                                     NO   13%                2,989      169
  16. Equatorial Guinea               Yes  16%                8,748      106
  17. Eritrea                                   Yes    ?                    1,872        12
  18. Ethiopia                                 Yes   2.5%              2,994        51
  19. Gabon                                    Yes   4.6%            14,209        89
  20. Gambia                                  Yes   7.4%              3,972      135
  21. Ghana                                    Yes   4.3%              4,024        36
  22. Guinea                                    Yes   9.3%             2,247        28
  23. Guinea-Bissau                        Yes   5.4%             3,018       70
  24. Ivory Coast                             Yes   7.1%             2,236       25
  25. Kenya                                      Yes   5.7%            4,545       94
  26. Lesotho                                   NO  16%               9,917       30`
  27. Liberia                                    Yes    1.6%            1,114       55
  28. Libya                                       NO  20%             49,692     688
  29. Madagascar                            NO   0.7%            1,500       34
  30. Malawi                                     Yes   4.4%            3,122     116
  31. Mali                                          Yes   1.5%               738      26
  32. Mauritania                               NO    ?                 7,582    163
  33. Mauritius                                  NO  68%             12,783       86
  34. Morocco                                 HCQ  62%            25,086     387
  35. Mozambique                             Yes   6%               4,665       59 
  36. Namibia                                    Yes  11%            49,289   1,357 
  37. Niger                                         Yes    1.7%              343          8
  38. Nigeria                                       Yes    2.3%             978        13
  39. Rwanda                                      Yes  17%              7,391       98
  40. Sao Tome and Principe          Yes   33%            16,176     259
  41. Senegal                     HCQ and Yes     7.4%            4,267     108
  42. Seychelles                                  NO  78%            218,292  1,190
  43. Sierra Leone                               Yes   2.4%                782       15
  44. Somalia                                      NO    1.8%             1,292       72
  45. South Africa                      Banned  22%              48,388   1,467
  46. South Sudan                               Yes    0.7%            1,068        11
  47. Sudan                                           Yes    1.4%            860          65
  48. Swaziland (Eswatini)                NO  19%           39,374    1,046
  49. Tanzania                                      Yes    0.6%             419         12
  50. Togo                                             Yes    9.5%           3,025        28
  51. Tunisia                                         NO  44%            59,272   2,091
  52. Uganda                                         Yes   4.7%           2,623        67
  53. Zambia                                        NO     ?               10,996      192
  54. Zimbabwe                                    NO  21%              8,711      307
  55. The World                                  —     47%             30,700      625      
  56. U.S.A                                           NO  74%           135,923   2,203

Covid-19, Ivermectin compared to Vaccination. 3 nations: Haiti, Dominican Republic and Singapore.

To see the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, let us take a look at 3 countries, all tropical. Singapore, a country of 5.9 million people, a vaccination rate of 81% and one of the best health care systems in the world, the Dominican Republic, a country of 11.0 million people, a good health care system and a vaccination rate of 46%, and its neighbor Haiti, a country of 11.6 million people and a health care system that is probably the worst in the western hemisphere.

First, take a look at Covid-19 data from Singapore:

From less than 20 cases a day until Jul 20 2021, on October 10 it was 3,300
From having almost no deaths at all, it is now up to 8 a day.

Now take a look at the Dominican Republic:

there were 3 spikes over 1,200 cases/day recently about 675 cases/day
The first 2 spikes, over 20 deaths/day, the 3rd spike about 5 deaths/day, occurring after vaccination, now about 2 deaths/day

Now take a look at Haiti:

There were 3 spikes of less than 200 cases/day recently about 60 cases/day
The first spike, 4 deaths/day, the second 1 death/day the 3rd spike about 5 deaths/day, now about 4 deaths/day

What conclusions can we draw from this? Initially Singapore did a fantastic job holding down cases and deaths, and seemed almost to have overcome covid-19, but the hit from the delta variant hit even the 81% vaccinated people severely and the latest snapshot with 3,300 cases daily. that makes Singapore the worst of the 3 by a factor of 9 versus the Dominican Republic and 112 times worse than Haiti. But since most of the Singaporeans are vaccinated the death rates are much closer: 7.5 times worse than the Dominican Republic and 5.4 times worse than Haiti.

Haiti is a country with a great problem of parasitic infections. Ivermectin is one of the few medications that is taken almost universally. This is why their numbers are so low.

Conclusion: Ivermectin is far superior to vaccine. Let that sink in!

Indonesia and India has shown the solution to end COVID-19. Use Ivermectin.

In July 2021, the Indonesian Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM) finally granted the Emergency Use Authorization for Ivermectin as the therapeutic drug to cure the Covid-19.

This was due to the country’s “worst-case scenario” epidemic at the time according to officials.

Indonesia experienced a spike in COVID-19 infection and deaths in July and was struggling to slow the virus transmission due to its high population. Indonesia is ranked as the world’s fourth most populous country.

The government imposed an emergency measure to slow the spread of the virus. One of its measures was to authorize the use of Ivermectin as a COVID-19 treatment.

The Strait Times reported:

The Indonesian government on Thursday (July 15) began distributing free medicine and vitamins to self-isolating Covid-19 patients in high-risk areas as the highly transmissible Delta variant of the coronavirus continued to rip through the country, emptying pharmacy shelves.

Each package will have seven days worth of therapeutic Covid-19 drugs and vitamins, and will be given to asymptomatic patients as well as those with mild to moderate symptoms including fever and dry cough. The medication for the latter group will require consultation with a doctor and a prescription.

Medical facilities are stretched thin, and demand for oxygen and medication has also soared. As scores of people are isolating themselves at home and self-medicating, prices of drugs have shot up in pharmacies and online. The health ministry has since moved to cap the prices of drugs such as favipiravir, remdesivir and ivermectin.

Indonesia’s food and drug agency has authorised ivermectin for emergency use against Covid-19, Reuters reported, although the World Health Organisation, as well as European and the US regulators did not recommend its use for Covid-19 patients.

After the government authorized the use of Ivermectin for COVID-19 patients, the number of cases significantly plummeted since July.

The data below proves that Ivermectin played a major role on the steep decline of COVID-19 cases despite having a low vaccination rate.

Number of cases Jul 15 50,069 Oct 8, 1,306, a 97% drop
Number of deaths Jul 15 1,778 Oct 8, 76, a 96% drop

Here is an article on how India defeated the delta variant of Covid with Ivermectin. In the state of Uttar Pradesh 33 districts declared themselves free from COVID-19 on September 7. Only the district of Agra has lingering outbreaks, probably because it is the home of Taj Mahal and with it the large influx of people from all over the world visiting the area. The statistics for all of India looks like this today:

New cases May 08, 388,000 Qct 09, 19,900, a 95% drop
New deaths May 18, 4,618; Qct 09, 253; a 94% drop

How does the U.S. A. compare? Indonesia has a population of about 275 million people, the population of India is about 1,400 million and USA’s is about 330 million.The delta variant of COVID hit first in India, spread to Indonesia, and hit the USA in August. India took decisive early action, Indonesia followed. USA has yet to consider remedies.

New cases Aug. 29, 660,000; Qct 09, 407,000; a 29% drop
New deaths Aug. 24, 10,240; Qct. 09, 6,961; a 22% drop

The statistics are staggering. Indonesia has a current daily death rate of 0,28 per million, India’s rate is 0.18 per million and the current daily death rate from COVID-19 in the U.S.A. is 21.1 per million, 75 times worse than Indonesia and 117 times worse than India. And we are supposed to have a better health care system!

If our esteemed bureaucrats in CDC and NIH would consider the people they would have approved Ivermectin, HydroCloroQuine and a few other working cures rather than only approve medicine that has undergone double blind trials through paying manufacturers, willing and able to charge for the medicines. If they were to consider proven generics the same we the people could have saved at least 5,000 lives a day just from Ivermectin alone.

Jun 26. The word for today.

That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. Matthew 5:45 (King James version)

Is that good or bad?

In the Nordic countries sun is good, the more sun the better. People get out as early as possible in the Spring to catch as much sunshine as possible. In late fall, when the sun almost never shines cabin fever starts to set in, and a temporary cure for cabin fever is drinking, so the problem of alcoholism gets worse the further north you get.

In the 10 to 40 degrees latitude region the problem is the opposite. There is an Arabic proverb that says “All sunshine makes a desert”. In India and China people tend to avoid sunshine as much as possible, white skin is a great advantage to have, or one could be mistaken for a common laborer.

We must have sunshine, or nothing will grow. Another thing without which nothing will grow is water, so the second part of the word for today, rain, is that good or bad? Here in the U.S, if you live more than 500 miles west of the Mississippi river rain is good, if you live east of that, too much rain is bad, it can lead to flooding.

But God is no respecter of persons. God gives the same weather to the good and the evil, the just and the unjust. It is what we do about it that makes a difference. There is a Norwegian saying “there is no bad weather, only bad clothes”. But that is from a country without hurricanes and tornadoes. In some places their main source of rain is from hurricanes, typhoons or cyclones, dependent on in which ocean they form.

And so it was: The first treaty in the Bible was about water: See Genesis 21:

The battle of Beersheba occurred in 1917, when the Turks of the Ottoman Empire were routed.

Leading the charge was the Fourth Light Horse Brigade. They look more like camels to me.

The battle in the Middle East started about water, and is always partly about water.

The American West is also all about water. A farm without water rights is essentially worthless. A century ago the Colorado River Basin had a population of about 5 million people, now over 40 million people use the water from the Colorado river. In less than 20 years Lake Mead will be emptied, it is now down to 34 percent of capacity, a new all time low since the lake was first filled.

This calls for action, but there is no mentioning of what needs to be done in the proposed infrastructure bill, so I guess it leaves the American South-west high and dry.

It is high time for us all to pray that sanity will return to Congress and that they will start to tackle the real problems this country is facing. If this problem is not solved there will be man-made climate change. The problem is water, not CO2.

Acts 5:12-42, power in the Church, an Angel of the LORD frees jailed Apostles, the Apostles back on Trial, Gamaliel’s Advice

Acts 5:12-42, power in the Church, an Angel of the LORD frees jailed Apostles, the Apostles back on Trial, Gamaliel’s Advice.

Matthew 20:17-34, Jesus predicts his death, a mother’s request, two blind men receive sight.

Matthew 20:17-34, Jesus predicts his death, a mother’s request, two blind men receive sight.