Day 131 of reading the Holy Bible in 365 days.

Luke 10:25-42. Jesus told the Parable of the Good Samaritan.  Further on his way Jesus went to the home of Martha and Mary. Martha was busy preparing the meal, but Mary just sat there and listened to Jesus.

2 Samuel 23 tells of David’s last words, and listed all of of David’s mighty men.

2 Samuel 24. David took a census of Israel and Judah,which was a sin that had to be punished. David chose to fall into the hands of the LORD, so the angel of death ravaged the land for three days until he came to the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite. David built an altar there and sacrificed.

Day 130 of reading the Holy Bible in 365 days.

Luke 10:1-24 In Luke 10 Jesus did send out the seventy-two, they returned with joy but Jesus admonishes them:  “rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.” Jesus also saw Satan fall from heaven like lightning.

2 Samuel 22 is all about David’s song of praise.

Day 129 of reading the Holy Bible in 365 days.

Luke 9:37-62. A day after the Transfiguration on the mount Jesus healed a boy with an evil spirit. The disciples argued about who would be the greatest, and as an object lesson Jesus picked up a little child and said: “He who is least among all, he is the greatest“. Jesus spoke against sectarianism, and on their way to Jerusalem they met Samaritan opposition. Finally Jesus told the disciples there is a cost of following Him.

2 Samuel 21. David made a deal with the Gibeonites, and during a number of battles, some of the Philistine giants were killed, among them Goliath (not the one you thi

Day 128 of reading the Holy Bible in 365 days.

Luke 9:28-36. About eight days after Peter Confessed Jesus to be “The Christ of God” he, James and John witnessed the Transfiguration of Jesus on the mount.

2 Samuel 19. David mourned for Absalom and returned to Jerusalem, where he showed mercy to Shimel, Mephibosheth, and also Barzillai,the rebel who preferred to die in his own country. The tribe of Judah and the ten tribes of Israel quarreled about whose King David was.

2 Samuel 20 describes the rebellion of Sheba.

Day 127 of reading the Holy Bible in 365 days.

Luke 9:1-27. Jesus sent out the twelve apostles. Herod tried to meet with Jesus because his fame was rising, At one time Jesus fed the Five Thousand (besides women and children). Peter Confessed that Jesus is “The Christ of God”.

2 Samuel 16 tells of Mephibosheth’s servant. Shimel sided with Absalom and cursed David. Absalom listened to the advice of Ahithopel, a supposed man of God.

2 Samuel 17 records the advice of Hushai to Absalom. Hushai also warned David to escape, which he did, and some people provided food and supplies for David and his men.

2 Samuel 18. Absalom suffered an inglorious death (read about it). David heard of Absalom’s death and mourned for Absalom.

Day 126 of reading the Holy Bible in 365 days.

Luke 8:26-56. After crossing Lake Galilee Jesus healed a demon possessed man and later a woman with a bleeding issue. Finally Jesus raised a dead girl back to life.

2 Samuel 14. Absalom returned to Jerusalem, and David forgave Absalom. 

2 Samuel 15. Rather than thanking him Absalom revolted against David, and David escaped from Jerusalem.

Day 125 of reading the Holy Bible in 365 days.

Luke 8:1-25. Jesus told the Parable of the Sower, followed by the parable of a lamp on a stand. His Mother and Brothers came to see Jesus, but he declared that his mother and brothers are those who do God’s will. While Sailing across Lake Genesareth a storm arose, Jesus calmed the storm and rebuked his disciples for their lack of faith.

2 Samuel 12.  Nathan confronted David about his sin and David Confessed: “I have sinned against the LORD.” It tells of the death of David’s son with Bathsheba, after which a second son, Solomon was born to Bathsheba. Finally, the chapter reverts back to war and David’s men captured Rabbah, a city of the Ammonites.

2 Samuel 13 describes the seedy story of Amnon and Tamar, both within David’s family. David’s son Absalom then killed Amnon, after which Absalom fled to Geshur.

Day 124 of reading the Holy Bible in 365 days.

Luke 7:24-50,  Jesus stated about John the Baptist: “Among those that are born of women there is not a greater prophet than John the Baptist: but he that is least in the kingdom of God is greater than he.” Jesus was later anointed by a sinful woman, and Jesus forgave her with these words: “Thy faith hath saved thee; go in peace.”

2 Samuel 9. Saul’s remaining son, Mephibosheth was paralyzed in both feet. David showed kindness and invited him to be part of David’s household.

2 Samuel 10. David defeated the Ammonites and when they fled David defeated the Arameans (Syrians).

2 Samuel 11 is very important, it tells of the adultery of David with Bathsheba, and how he had her husband Uriah killed in battle to cover it up. This displeased God.

Day 123 of reading the Holy Bible in 365 days.

Luke 7:1-23. Jesus praised the Centurion’s faith and  raised a widow’s son back to life in the town of Nain. Meanwhile John the Baptist sent two of his disciples to Jesus to ask if Jesus was “the one”. After all, John the Baptist was put in prison and his future looked bleak.

in 2 Samuel 7 God established the covenant with David. The writer also recorded David’s Prayer of Thanksgiving.

In Samuel 8 is recorded of how David’s Kingdom expanded. The chapter also lists David’s Officials.

Day 122 of reading the Holy Bible in 365 days.

Luke 6:17-49. Luke recorded a shorter version of the Beatitudes than is found in the gospel of Matthew. Jesus added: Love your enemies, do not judge, a tree is known by its fruit, and finally he told the parable of the foolish and the wise builder.

2 Samuel 4 records how Saul’s son Ish-Bosheth was murdered.

2 Samuel 5. David consolidated power and reigned over all Israel and captured Jerusalem. After Jerusalem was established as the City of David the Philistines were defeated.

In 2 Samuel 6 the Ark was brought to Jerusalem.