May 7: Reading the Holy Bible in a year.

Luke 9:1-27. Jesus sent out the twelve apostles. Herod tried to meet with Jesus because his fame was rising, at one time Jesus fed the Five Thousand (besides women and children). Peter Confessed that Jesus is “The Christ of God”.

2 Samuel 16 tells of Mephibosheth’s servant. Shimel sided with Absalom and cursed David. Absalom listened to the advice of Ahithopel, a supposed man of God.

2 Samuel 17 records the advice of Hushai to Absalom. Hushai also warned David to escape, which he did, and some people provided food and supplies for David and his men.

2 Samuel 18. Absalom suffered an inglorious death (read about it). David heard of Absalom’s death and mourned for Absalom.

March 3: Reading the Holy Bible in a year.

Matthew 16:13-28. Peter made his famous confession: “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.” Right after that Jesus predicted his death, unto which Peter said “Never” and Jesus answered  “Get behind me, Satan.” Those were strong words. Jesus furthermore said “Whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.” Finally Jesus predicted his transfiguration.

In Numbers 21 the Canaanites were defeated in Hormath. The people kept speaking against God, so God sent venomous snakes their way and many died. Moses made a bronze snake, put it on a pole and when people looked at it, they got healed. (Does that remind you of a symbol used even today?) The travels continued.

Numbers 22 tells the story of how Balak sent for Balaam, and how Balaam’s Donkey behaved when he saw the Angel.