As pandemic plagues go, Covid-19 was but a blip, seen from history.

Ring around the roses. pocket full of poses, ashes ashes. Everybody fall down.

When my Wife and I immigrated to America from Sweden and Denmark in the late 60’s we noticed that the girls seemed to sing and play “ring around the roses” everywhere. Being curious I asked them what it meant, but of course nobody knew, they just liked to sing it. Those were innocent times.

How was this pandemic compared to earlier times?

The song refers to the black plague, happening in the mid 14th century A.D., when around 30 percent of the Swedish population died. It was so bad that some villages died out completely, and I know of one such village that did not get resettled until the end of the Little Ice Age. The movie “The Seventh Seal”, one of the best movies of all time has a scene where an exhausted knight plays chess with Death, and is convinced he is winning, upon which Death simply explains “I cheat”.

So, is there cheating going on with the statistics?

It so happens that Sweden, which used to include Finland, and Denmark, which used to include Norway and Iceland, have nearly complete church record since the reformation, and in many cases even since Catholic times. Everybody belonged to the church, and the pastors were very jealous that no one was missed, they were concerned for the soul of everyone in the congregation, and as a side note, that was how they collected taxes. Here a historical view of the the pandemic statistics for Sweden.

So, how did the world react to this statistical blip?

Most countries reacted with a lockdown of one form or another, Sweden alone decided to stick it out, keep production and transport as usual, only limit large gatherings. The result seemed horrendous at first. Then President Trump tweeted this:

Notice the date. The pandemic had barely started.

What President Trump did was to let the States decide how to implement the lockdown, if at all. Most states did a lockdown, Florida decided to protect the vulnerable and elderly first, New York, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California decided to send elderly Covid patients to their nursing homes and South Dakota did not do a lockdown. After all, health care is a State matter according to the 10th amendment.

We now have the statistics from 5 countries and 7 States:

Sweden, no lockdown: Cases per million: 244,634. Deaths per million 1,827

The other four Nordic countries had lockdowns:

Denmark: Cases per million: 507,644. Deaths per million 1,042

Norway: Cases per million: 258,878. Deaths per million 522

Finland: Cases per million: 180,063. Deaths per million 655

Iceland: Cases per million: 532,895. Deaths per million 324

While not technically an independent country, but still Nordic:

Faroe Islands: Cases per million: 704,460. Deaths per million 569

And now for the seven States:

South Dakota, no lockdown: Cases per million: 268,505. Deaths per million 3,279 Florida, limited lockdown: Cases per million: 276,713. Deaths per million 3,437

And now the 5 states that sent COVID patients to nursing homes:

Pennsylvania: Cases per million: 219,096. Deaths per million 3,483 California: Cases per million: 232,625. Deaths per million 2,281 New York: Cases per million: 270,904. Deaths per million 3,533 Michigan: Cases per million: 241,464. Deaths per million 3,598 New Jersey: Cases per million: 252,269. Deaths per million 3,757

The conclusion I can draw from this is that the COVID pandemic will run its course until herd immunity is achieved. Sweden has achieved it, and the other Nordic countries probably have too. As for U.S.A., it seems that it really doesn’t matter much how it was fought, except in the states with the strictest lockdown the children, especially the disadvantaged, lost two years of education, which cannot be regained.

Is there a better way? Look at the experiences of sub-Saharan Africa and the rest of the world here

In U.K. the February COVID-19 deaths were 90% from vaccinated people, making the vaccinated death rate at least twice as high as from the un-vaccinated.

When a critical mass of American people realize what has been done to them, there will need to be a reckoning.

By Debra Heine

March 4, 2022

In recent weeks, there have been several stunning revelations concerning the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines—and they are being all but ignored by a corporate media eager to change the subject.

The FDA on Tuesday released a large tranche of Pfizer clinical trials documents in response to a Freedom of Information (FOIA) request by the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency. The documents show that the company knew people were at risk of experiencing more than 1,000 unique adverse side-effects to the mRNA injections.

Additionally, scientists last week revealed that Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine can enter human liver cells and be converted into DNA—something the fact-checkers and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control assured the public could never happen. Scientists also recently discovered that a sequence of genetic material patented by Moderna in 2018 bears a suspicious similarity to the spike protein in Sars-Cov2.

And a new study published on March 2 found that the synthetic mRNA found in the vaccines does not degrade quickly as promised, but continues to produce spike proteins for nearly two weeks.

Amid these new discoveries, the medical establishment won’t stop pushing the genetic vaccines that have failed to stop the coronavirus.

The COVID pandemic now plays second fiddle to the Russia-Ukraine war in the media, but the virus continues to rage through highly vaccinated countries, afflicting the triple-vaxxed most of all.

In the United Kingdom, only 394 vaccine-free persons died in weeks 5-8 of 2022, compared to the 3,527 who were vaccinated, according to the UK Health Security Agency. This means unvaccinated Brits only comprised 10 percent of all COVID deaths during those weeks.

The effectiveness of the vaccine is shown in this chart

In other words, if you are over 70 years old your risk of dying from COVID is more than three times as large if you are vaccinated. It’s no wonder Pfizer wanted to hide the data for 75 years.

“This is a bombshell,” said Children’s Health Defense (CHD) president and general counsel Mary Holland. “At least now we know why the FDA and Pfizer wanted to keep this data under wraps for 75 years. These findings should put an immediate end to the Pfizer COVID vaccines. The potential for serious harm is very clear, and those injured by the vaccines are prohibited from suing Pfizer for damages.”

The whole article can be found in:

My comment:

It contains more revealing data about the “safety” of the “vaccine”, well worth a second look. The article also shed some light on the Moderna patent that was issued three years prior to the outbreak of COVID-19. That was the reason a vaccine was ready to be tested one week after getting the warp speed go-ahead to develop a vaccine. The “Warp Speed” component was a promise to buy the vaccine in large quantities, whether it worked or not, thus eliminating the production ramp up. This also eliminated the economical and legal risk for the pharmaceutical companies. By not evaluating and acting on the results from the emergency use of the vaccine the Pharmaceutical companies are responsible for a large number of COVID deaths by vaccine. By reducing the immunity level of the vaccinated there are also an increase in the number of non vaccine related deaths; yet to be published.

Are COVID vaccines failing? Recent statistics from Scotland seem to tell us so.

When the COVID vaccines were approved as experimental for emergency use one week after the U.S. 2020 election the claim was that they were 05% effective in preventing COVID, a result that seemed too good to be true, since flu vaccines, fully approved were only about 50% effective, even if they had guessed right on the strain of the year. So, vaccines started to be administered at a breathtaking rate. The initial response seemed to be very good. But their evvectiveness vaned ofer time, so a booster seemed necessary, still experimental.

The original claim: If you are vaccinated you will not get COVID. Recent statistics from Scotland seems to indicate otherwise:

Truth: The vaccinated get COVID at a higher rate than the unvaccinated

Claim number two: If people still get COVID after vaccination they will rarely get hospitalized. Recent results from Scotland:

The truth: Hospitalizations are on the increase for immunized people getting COVID. Which leads to

Claim number three: If you are fully vaccinated and still get COVID and still get hospitalized your risk of dying is greatly reduced, Even that is not true according to latest statistics from Scotland.

The truth: With the new Omicron variant people seem to die at the same or higher rate if vaccinated.

In addition there has been over 20,000 deaths occurring after vaccine injections. It is time to halt all COVID vaccinations until a thorough analysis of all vaccine related deaths has been performed. Since the death rate is still less than one in ten thousand the vulnerable should still be allowed to be vaccinated until we have developed a true prophylactic/therapeutic. There are many candidates: Ivermectin, HCQ, Regeneron. Pfizer and Moderna work on what I cal Pfizermectin and Modernactin. They work the same way as Ivermectin but use different acting molecules, more specific for the current strain of COVID, so they may work even better and cost a lot more, so they will be approved quickly.

Excess deaths during the 2020-2021 pandemic. Did vaccines help?

The U.s census is doing a remarkable job of statistics. This is from US Mortality

We can see the 2020 excess mortality was 14%
Total 425,794 deaths broken down i 6 age categories
Percentage wise it looks quite different!

COVID deaths in 2020 was about 377,878 not much different than the total excess deaths. For the 6 categories they are as follow: 0-24 721 or 27% of excessive deaths; 25-44 9,144 or 24% of excessive deaths; 45-64 62,536 or 63% of excessive deaths; 65-74 80,617 or 88% of excessive deaths; 75-84 104,212 or 127% of excessive deaths; 85+ 120,648 or 109% of excessive deaths;

We can see that for people under 45 years of age only a quarter of the excess deaths came from COVID-19. Most of the deaths came from excess stress, delayed medical treatments, depression, drugs, drinking and misbehavior, but for people over 65 there was a positive effect of the protective provisions that followed. But 2020 was the year without vaccines and a learning year for how to best treat the pandemic.

So how are we doing in 2021? We now have three vaccines and have learnt a lot about how to best treat COVID. Well for openers COVID deaths in 2021 were 452 thousand, far more than in 2020! And we have learned a lot of best treatment for hospitalized patients. The official results are not in yet, but there are charts that can give us a clue.

The all cause excess mortality for the age group 0-24 years in 2021 is not much different than for 2020, the chart below indicate it is about 3% more, or about 4,000 excess deaths.

For the age group 25-44 years: From the time COVId started to the end of the year 2020 the excess mortality rate was about 30%. In 2021 the excess mortality ate was around 44%, or about 41,500 excess deaths.

For the age group 45-64 years: From the time COVID started to the end of the year 2020 the excess mortality rate was about 23%. In 2021 the excess mortality ate was around 29%, or about 126,000 excess deaths.

For the age group 65-74 years: From the time COVID started to the end of the year 2020 the excess mortality rate was about 24%. In 2021 the excess mortality ate was around 22%, or about 84,000 excess deaths.

For the age group 75-84 years: From the time COVID started to the end of the year 2020 the excess mortality rate was about 18%. In 2021 the excess mortality ate was around 11%, or about 50,000 excess deaths.

And finally, for the age group 85+ years: From the time COVID started to the end of the year 2020 the excess mortality rate was about 18%. In 2021 the excess mortality ate was around 3%, or about 30,000 excess deaths.

First the good news. In 2020 the COVID-19 deaths were 89% of the total excessive deaths excessive deaths, in 2021 they were 131% of all excessive deaths. This means the vaccines are effective in reducing total deaths.

But do they reduce total deaths in all age categories?

For age group 0-24years: Excessive deaths 2020, 2,641 2021, 4,500, a 75% increase. 25-44years: Excessive deaths 2020, 38,271; 2021, 41,500, an 8.5% increase. 45-64years: Excessive deaths 2020, 99,869; 2021, 126,000, a 26% increase. 65-74years: Excessive deaths 2020, 91,249; 2021, 84.000, an 8% decrease. 75-84years: Excessive deaths 2020, 81,700; 2021, 50.000, a 39% decrease. 85+ years: Excessive deaths 2020, 111,284; 2021, 30.000, a 73% decrease.

Now, vaccines are not the only determining factor in the excessive deaths, overdoses of Fentanyl, opioids, alcohol and other drugs played a role. Especially in the 25-64 age group the additional stress to care for elderly parents while the children are still in high school or college plus being locked in at home and having to wear masks can be devastating to the mental health of anyone.

The conclusion from this study is: Dont vaccinate children and young adults. For people 25-44 vaccinate people with compelling medical needs to be protected. For people 45-64 make an informed decision, and since there are very often co-mprbidity factors, consider get vaccinated. For people over 65: By all means get vaccinated and boosted. Your immune system is already weakened anyway.

The vaccines that exist do not provide immunity. That was the old definition of vaccine. The new definition is that vaccines are prophylactic therapeutics for a time period, to be followed by boosters. There are two excellent prophylactic therapeutic medicines tha so fr has been overlooked by CDC, but are used at great advantage in much of the rest of the world: HydroxyChloroquine and Ivermectin. Check out Why is U.S.A. doing so poorly in fighting the pandemic? Is it beecause they refuse HCQ and Ivermectin?

Why is U.S.A. doing so poorly in fighting the pandemic? Is it beecause they refuse HCQ and Ivermectin?

I looked at the statistics from

It shows that the world has recorded 325,125,927 cases of the coronavirus and 5,550,676 deaths as of January 14 2022. U.S.A has recorded 66,250,206 cases and 872,332 deaths, or 20.4% of the world total cases but only 15.1% of the world’s deaths from the same virus. Great, we have more cases because we are doing more testing.

Not so, we have done 856 million tests, but the world has done over 4.8 billion tests, so our share of the testing is 17.8% or nearly the same as our part of the cases and deaths. But we are only 4.2% of the world population! This means we are doing three and a half times worse than the world as a total!

How can that be? We have the world’s best health care system with fantastic hospitals, full of state of the art equipment to monitor and do things that was unthinkable a decade ago. We are spending in excess of 10,000 dollars yearly per person on healthcare, while the global arithmetic average is less than 1200 dollars yearly per person, This means that most countries spend less than 1000 dollars yearly per person. In fact they are so poor that they cannot even think of spending for expensive patented medicines, so they are limited to the simplest generic prophylactic and therapeutic medicines. And you guessed it, they are mostly HydroxyChloroQuine and Ivermectin.

Let us take HCQ first: An Indian study found HCQ up to 74% effective as a prophylactic. See (There may be a cure for COVID-19 after all. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) works, both as a prophylactic and as cure if taken early.) It also works as a therapeutic. There were a number of countries that adopted HCQ as an early treatment. they had less than a third deaths per capita compared to the countries that didnt. This evaluation is from Sep. 2020. (If HCQ+Zinc+Zithromax had been approved for outpatient use as soon as symptoms of COVID-19 occurred we could have saved about 90000 lives by now!)

Ivermectin is even better than HCQ, both as a prophylactic and therapeutic against COVID. It is also more broadband than existing vaccines, so it will probably work against future variants as well, not just Delta and Omicron. Here are reports from a number of countries that are using Ivermectin because they are so poor they can not do much else: (How come CDC and NIH cannot notice how successful Ivermectin is combating COVID-19 worldwide?) (Add Japan to the success stories of countries treating COVID-19 patients with Ivermectin.) (Indonesia and India has shown the solution to end COVID-19. Use Ivermectin.)

Why are we not approving Ivermectin and HCQ? They are ultra safe and they work. There are two reasons CDC is a vaccine approving agency and want dependent customers to purchase expensive medicines, and to approve Ivermectin and HCQ at this stage would mean that they would confess they have caused hundreds of thousand deaths by their refusal to approve them even they were far safer than say Remdesivir which was approved immediately after just one study (Hint it is expensive). We need to reorganize NIH, FDA and CDC to be patient oriented, no longer beholden to the medico-industrial behemoth.This is my opinion.

The records pile up: 1,082,549 new covid cases in a day, over 1 million adverse reactions to COVID vaccines, time to rethink herd immunity and approve Ivermectin and HCQ.

The headlines say it all. These are the results so far of adverse reactions to various medications and vaccines according to the official VAERS reporting, which give low estimates. The truth is worse. This is from Sen John Johnson:

It should be noted that for the first five medications the time frame is nearly 16 years, the result for COVID vaccine is one year.

Of all medications that actually works against COVID with a more than 75% efficiency, Ivermectin has been approved for human use against river blindness and other parasites, such as head lice since late 1980’s. The countries in Africa that routinely use it for parasite control have a COVID case and death rate of less than 1/10th of the countries in Africa that don’t. There are almost no adverse reactions.

HCQ is almost as good COVID fighter as Ivermectin when taken early in conjunction with Zinc. It’s effectiveness is at least 65% and has been used for over 50 years as an anti malaria drug, against lupus and some rheumatoid diseases. It is given to pregnant women and nursing mothers without restrictions.

Flue vaccines have very few adverse effects, but they happen.

Remdisivir was approved very fast, after all, it was expensive and showed early promising results, but it turned out that nearly 30% of the test clientele had used HCQ before entering the protocol. It turned out, that without HCQ it was not so good after all.

Alone in the history of vaccines has COVID vaccines been approved with such a staggering rate of adverse reactions and over 20,000 deaths from the vaccine in a year. Yet it helps people at risk, people over 60, obese, diabetic, anemic, vitamin C and D deficiency, immune compromised, high blood pressure and a variety of diseases, so they were important in the beginning of the disease, and will be for a while until the therapeutics are approved.

In the mean time , children and young adults without additional risk factors are at higher risk of dying if they take the vaccine than if they get COVID, older people should still go the vaccine route. With admittedly limited statistics available I have calculated the crossover point to be 45 years for people without additional risk factors.

Denmark and Germany confirm. You are more likely to get the Omicron variant if you are fully vaccinated.

First let me assure you I am not an anti-vaxxer. Both me and my wife got the booster shot of Pfizer vaccine last week, so that is not my beef. The problem is to get accurate information from CDC. All they say is Get the vaccine, and now they want to expand the age down to 5 year olds, even without conducting any meaningful tests.

I am of Swedish origin and my wife is from Denmark, so I follow what is going on in the world to get real, up to date information; CDC, FDA and NIH seem to be indebted to promote vaccines only, so they keep real time information to themselves, or so it seems.

According to a report from the Danish Ministry of Health’s Statens Serum Institut (SSI), nearly 90% of individuals infected with the Omicron coronavirus variant are “fully vaccinated,” or have also had a “booster” injection.

Out of a total reported 41,342 Omicron infections, 29,781 infected individuals had completed the primary vaccination injection schedule.

7,330 infected individuals had been injected with a “booster,” and 731 infected individuals had received one dose.

Compared to the 3,500 unvaccinated people who became infected with Omicron variant, 37,842 infected individuals had been injected with coronavirus vaccines. Denmark’s reported vaccination rate is purported to be nearly 78%. It is clear that the Omicron variant favors vaccinated people. Not only that , but the longer you have been vaccinated the worse it gets. Another statistics from Denmark confirms:

The booster shot does not even bring you back to the original efficiency of the vaccine.

The data appears to suggest a trend, as previous data from Germany showed that 96% of new Omicron coronavirus patients were “fully vaccinated,” while unvaccinated people accounted for only 4% of the infections.

A small sample of data released by the German government found that the Omicron coronavirus variant has been overwhelmingly infecting “fully vaccinated people,” including triple vaccinated people, while unvaccinated people remain largely unscathed by the newly discovered strain.

Out of 4,206 patients in the study, 4,020 had been injected with the COVID-19 vaccines, National File reported Thursday.

In the United States, data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that the Omicron variant had been overwhelmingly infecting people who had received vaccine injections for COVID-19 to the tune of 80%. The Dec 28 U.S. vaccination rate is 69.31%

An explanation as to why vaccinated individuals appear to be getting infected with the new strain at such a staggering rate, when compared to those who have not been injected, could perhaps be found in a report by the New York Times, which claimed that experts in Israel had warned the Israeli government that “too many shots might cause a sort of immune system fatigue, compromising the body’s ability to fight the coronavirus.”

This is a big red flag. Let us stop vaccinate people under the age of 45 unless there are at risk people.

This is my suggestion: Add Ivermectin to the allowed medication for COVID-19 as soon as possible. If it had been done a year ago a half million lives had been saved. How come CDC and NIH cannot notice how successful Ivermectin is combating COVID-19 worldwide?

How come CDC and NIH cannot notice how successful Ivermectin is combating COVID-19 worldwide? put up an interesting map of Ivermectin usage:

Let us take a look at the nations that have country wide use of Ivermectin and see how they fare compared to the nations that don’t.

Bangladesh have been using Ivermectin since June 2020. Population 167 million. Total deaths per million 168. COVID-19 cases are down 99% from peak, deaths down 98%

Belize has been using Ivermectin since 2020, but only for serious cases. Population 0.4 million. Total deaths per million 1,450. COVID-19 cases are down 89% from peak, deaths down 67%

Bolivia has country-wide usage. Population 12 million. Total deaths per million 1,641. COVID-19 cases are down 70% from peak, deaths down 59%. Less than half of the population are vaccinated.

Bulgaria has country-wide usage. Population 6.8 million. Total deaths per million 4,450. COVID-19 cases are down 36% from peak, deaths down 80%. Bulgaria had a late start with vaccines and has still the lowest vaccination rate in Europe of 32.4%.

Cambodia has country-wide usage. Population 17 million. Total deaths per million 176. COVID-19 cases are down 99.5% from peak, deaths down 75%

Dominican Republic – country-wide adoption – Sep 30, 2020. Population 11 million. Total deaths per million 385. COVID-19 cases are down 76% from peak, deaths down 90%

Egypt – country-wide adoption – Nov 30, 2020. Population 105 million. Total deaths per million 205. COVID-19 cases are down 38% from peak, deaths down 44%

El Salvador – country-wide adoption. Population 12 million. Total deaths per million 1,641. COVID-19 cases are down 36% from peak, deaths down 80%

Guatemala – country-wide adoption – Jan 23, 2021. Population 12 million. Total deaths per million 1,641. COVID-19 cases are down 95% from peak, deaths down 80%

Honduras – country-wide adoption – Apr 23, 2020. Population 8.5 million. Total deaths per million 875. COVID-19 cases are down 36% from peak, deaths down 92%

Lebanon – country-wide adoption – Jan 27, 2021. Population 6.8 million. Total deaths per million 1,334. COVID-19 cases are down 48% from peak, deaths down 62%

Nicaragua – country-wide adoption – Jan 25, 2021.Population 6.7 million. Total deaths per million 31. COVID-19 cases are down 92% from peak, deaths down 50%. This number is highly suspicious.

Panama – country-wide adoption. Population 4.4 million. Total deaths per million 1,680. COVID-19 cases are down 40% from peak, deaths down 80%

Venezuela – country-wide adoption.Population 28 million. Total deaths per million 188. COVID-19 cases are down 83% from peak, deaths down 80%

But the most interesting aspect of the first picture is what happens to the countries that use Ivermectin to fight parasites such as river blindness or head lice just to name a few. Look at this chart!

This chart lists Egypt as non Ivermectin because it is not used to fight parasites, but the point is clear. Ivermectin is working well as a prophylactic for COVID-19 even though its intent is to fight parasites. The death rates being around 90% lower for countries that fight parasites should be enough evidence for any thinking individual.

So here is my suggestion: Vaccines help for older people and people with special risk factors. The death rate for COVID-19 rises by about 7% par year of age after 2 years. See chart:

The statistics from the U.K. Office for National Statistics shows a 2.2x higher death rate for fully vaccinated people under 60 years of age than for unvaccinated people.

Charting these statistice I find that the crossover age is 45 years. People under this age are better off taking Ivermectin than get vaccinated unless there are special risk factors. Since between 2 and 3 billion people are already taking it for parasite protection it cannot be that dangerous. And by the way Ivermectin was offered to all Afghan refugees, as per immigration protocol, not for COVID, but for parasite control.

Summary: For people over 45 years of age and anybody with special risk factors. Take the vaccine, and continue with boosters. At the earliest sign of COVID take Ivermectin, Zinc and an antibiotic.

For the rest, most people under the age of 45, take Ivermectin and Zinc and an antibiotic during the first 5 days of symptoms, If diagnosed later there is most hopefully Regeneron available.

This would reduce the death rate by 80 t0 85%, reduce hospitalizations by a lot and make COVID-19 a mere nuisance so we can return to a normal life.

What are CDC FDA and NIH waiting for?

Europe allows use of Merckvectin and Pfizermectin, why is U.S. not?

The EU’s drug watchdog on November 19 backed Merck’s anti-COVID pill for emergency use ahead of its formal authorization and started reviewing Pfizer’s antiviral treatment as cases soar across Europe.

The two pills by the US pharma giants represent a potentially groundbreaking step in the fight against coronavirus as studies show they cut the risk of hospitalization and death in high-risk patients.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) said that while the Merck pill was not yet approved, it had “issued advice” so that individual countries in the 27-nation EU could decide whether to use it in case of a surge in infections.

The EU’s drug regulator on Dec 16 allowed member states to use Pfizer’s new COVID pill ahead of its formal approval, as an emergency measure to curb an Omicron-fuelled wave.

Pills like those by US pharma giant Pfizer and rival Merck have been hailed as groundbreaking because they do not need to be injected or taken intravenously, making them more accessible.

Pfizer said this week that its Paxlovid pill reduced hospitalisations and deaths in vulnerable people by almost 90 percent.

“The medicine, which is not yet authorised in the EU, can be used to treat adults with COVID-19 who do not require supplemental oxygen and who are at increased risk of progressing to severe disease,” the EMA said in a statement.

“EMA issued this advice to support national authorities who may decide on possible early use of the medicine… for example in emergency use settings, in the light of rising rates of infection and deaths due to COVID-19 across the EU.”

Merck’s pill decreases the ability of the coronavirus to multiply by increasing the number of mutations in its genetic material (or RNA).

The Pfizer pill uses a different method, belonging to a class of antivirals called “protease inhibitors”, which block the action of an enzyme that is critical to viral replication.

It is a combination of a new molecule, PF-07321332, and HIV antiviral ritonavir.

Europe has been searching for whatever methods it can to curb a fourth wave of COVID cases that has already prompted several countries to tighten restrictions.

Why not approve Ivermectin?

When a new epidemic breaks out, one for which there is no approved medication available that will cure the patient it has always been the aim of the medical community to see if there are any approved drugs that can be repurposed to cure the patient, because it takes too long to develop brand new drugs.

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out there was a wild scramble to see what other drugs were available, most of it in other countries. One such effort, in Marseille, France, by a Muslim doctor caught the attention of then President Trump, and he started promoting it. It involved Hydrochloroquine, Zinc and Azithromycine, and it worked remarkably well when taken early, people were cured in 5 days, but it had one fatal flaw, the main drug is generic, and therefore the medical-industrial complex could not make any money on it, so no studies in the U.S.A could be performed by it and so, it could not be approved. Plus, it had been promoted by Trump, and he was no medical expert. Many countries with limited medical budgets called on its wide use as an early treatment with good results, the death rate of these, mostly developing countries was substantially lower than the advanced countries. Here is some early evidence.

The sub-Saharan countries that are plagued by river blindness had almost no COVID cases early during the pandemic, but no- one noticed. It turns out that in those countries they are using Ivermectin to prevent river blindness. This also blocks COVID-19, and so, Ivermectin was inadvertently repurposed. How successful is it? The data is here. India and Indonesia have drastically reduced their COVID-19 cases by the use of Ivermectin, results here. Japan reducrd their COVID-cases by 99%, see here.

How well does Ivermectin fare compared to vaccination? Let’s check 3 nations, all tropical: Covid-19, Ivermectin compared to Vaccination. 3 nations: Haiti, Dominican Republic and Singapore.

. it works the same way as IverThe results speaks for themselves, that is for everybody except NIH, CDC and FDA. To protect their investment in COVID-19 disease management Pfizer is coming out with a pill, PF-07321332 which has been dubbed Pfizermectin by the social media, and for good reason, it works the same way as Ivermectin, but the molecule used is quite different. It is more specifically targeted at COVID-19, delta variant, and as such is even more efficient than Ivermectin, but Ivermectin is more broadband, and may work well against all future mutations of the virus and even against the next pandemic in the COVID family. The great advantage of the Pfizer pill is that it is expensive and as such will be approved lickety-split,, whereas the true cost in Africa for the Ivermectin pill is 6 cents.

Anyhow, here is Dr, John Campbell with the best presentation of how Ivermectin works I have seen. It has many scientific references.

The connection between Viagra and Alzheimer. Could there be something else, and what has this to do with COVID-19?

A large medical study of seniors, both Viagra users and non users (7.2 million seniors medical records were scanned for six years by the Cleveland Clinic) and they found that Viagra users were 69% less likely to develop Alzheimer disease. This was interesting. Did they find anything else? Less Cancer, less Parkinson’s disease?

Could there be something else that made a difference? Viagra itself was developed to be a blood pressure lowering drug by expanding the blood vessels. During the early trials they found that it had some unexpected side effects. For some, the side effects were desirable, so they repurposed the drug, and Pfizer racked up about 15 Billion dollars in sales until the patent expired in 2020. It is now generic under the name sildenafil. There is only one problem with this. To repurpose a drug, in this case against Alzheimer you have to have a control group that is not aware that they are given a placebo, which is not possible in this case. Plus it is now generic, so there is no interest in doing a double blind study for economic reasons, it no longer fits the medical industry’s business model.

Many years ago I saw a nicely framed plug for flossing in my dentist’s office. It said: People who floss every day live on average seven years longer. This may very well be true, but could it also be because people who floss take care of themselves in many other ways?

A long time ago there was a study that established a strong correlation between circumcision and prostate cancer. People who were not circumcised had a much higher incident of prostate cancer, case closed, get circumcised. There was only one problem with the study: It was taken mostly in Minnesota with a large Scandinavian population. Scandinavians do not get circumcised as a rule, and they are genetically much more prone to get prostate cancer than other people. When the genetic variations are taken out, there is no difference between circumcision, non circumcision and cancer.

Which brings me to COVID-19 and why more pigmented people are more likely to suffer, even die from COVID-19. The first excuse is that they get an inferior health care because we are a deeply racist society. There are a couple of other possibilities. An Indonesian study showed a strong correlation between Vitamin D levels and fatal outcome for older people with COVID-19. If the level was below 27 ng/ml the death rate was over 80%, if the level was over 31 ng/ml the death rate was less than 10%. See:

Another possibility is there are genetic differences between people of dark complexion and pale-skinned people. It is through genetic differences we determine our ancestry, it has become widely popular, so it is not in and of itself racist to look into one’s roots. It turns out that the rate of COVID-19 in equatorial Africa is much lower than in U.S. In Africa there was a debilitating illness called river blindness. The parasite killer Ivermectin, originally developed against parasites in horses and as heart worm killer in dogs proved effective against river blindness, and so it became widely distibuted in Central Africa. The countries that use Ivermectin have around one tenth of the cases than the countries of North and Southern Africa. It seems that Ivermectin had been inadvertently repurposed to fight COVID-19. See:

To test this hypothesis Indonesia, India and Japan did introduced Ivermectin as the primary early prophylactic and therapeutic COVID-19 fighter. The results are startling, Indonesia has seen new cases drop 99.5% and deahs drop 99.4% since the peak before introduction of Ivermectin. The corresponding numbers for India are 98% and 93.3%, but in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi the results are much better. In Japan the cases are down 99.5% and deaths are down 98.4%.

Can the U.S. achieve similar successes by repurpose Ivermectin to fight COVID-19? It is a strong virus killer, and it is more broadband than the mRNA vaccines. The vaccines work too as a Prophylactic Therapeutic for a season, but is what they call leaky insofar that they are more specific and make possible an occasional vaccine resistant mutation to develop, and so a vaccine booster variant has to be developed and distributed, thus satisfying the medical industry’s business model, first do not cure the patient, but maintain stable control and assure the patient of a long life of dependency.

The other buisness model advocared by the medical doctors and nurses is that they really want to cure the patient. Ivermectin will go a long way to achieve that goal. Just think, reducing COVID hospitalizations and deaths by a modest 90% in about seven weeks after Ivermectin is fully approved would change things.

What are we waiting for?