Add Japan to the success stories of countries treating COVID-19 patients with Ivermectin.

On August 13, Tokyo Medical Association recommended Ivermectin to treat COVID.

In Japan, doctors can prescribe it without restrictions, and people can buy it legally from India.

Japan is a country, where 72.5% of the people are fully vaccinated.

How has the cases and deaths progressed since vaccination started?

As we can see, Japan did all the right thing before vaccines, quarantine, contact tracing, masking, social distance, but finally got the pandemic in earnest anyway. they started aggressive vaccination in May 2021, and the results looked good initially, but in mid July they started rising again and on Aug 6 cases hit a new all time high and continued to rise So on Aug 13 they approved Ivermectin. After 2 weeks the cases starting to come down, and they are now down 99% from its peak. The vaccinations had some effect, in the most recent spike the death rate fell from 1.7% before the vaccine to less than 1% before Ivermectin and about half vaccinated; to 0.05% death rate with 75% vaccinated and using Ivermectin after it was introduced. The death rate now is standing at 4% or about 10 a day for all of Japan, but it can be argued that most are probably cases where people die with COVID rather than from COVID.

A corresponding success story is found in:

Like the success stories from Indonesia and India, countries with low vaccination rates, Japan with high vaccination rates show a drastic improvement if proper Ivermactin regimen is administered country-wide. It is my opinion, if CDC and NIH and FDA would institute a Ivermectin protocol today, we would cut the number of Covid-19 deaths per day in U.S.A. from 1,000 per day to less than 100 per day, or we would save about 330,000 people/year. Vaccines help, but please, approve Ivermectin!

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12 thoughts on “Add Japan to the success stories of countries treating COVID-19 patients with Ivermectin.”

  1. We will hear this on mainstream news in OZ, because our Gov does not want us to know about it.
    People say we will believe it when our health ministers tell us about it. Any one mentioning it on radio talk back is cut off and labeled a nutter, the chance of getting on TV is non existent. A very few Gov politicians speak out but are called misdirected or deranged and quickly silenced.

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