Why is U.S.A. doing so poorly in fighting the pandemic? Is it beecause they refuse HCQ and Ivermectin?

I looked at the statistics from https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/

It shows that the world has recorded 325,125,927 cases of the coronavirus and 5,550,676 deaths as of January 14 2022. U.S.A has recorded 66,250,206 cases and 872,332 deaths, or 20.4% of the world total cases but only 15.1% of the world’s deaths from the same virus. Great, we have more cases because we are doing more testing.

Not so, we have done 856 million tests, but the world has done over 4.8 billion tests, so our share of the testing is 17.8% or nearly the same as our part of the cases and deaths. But we are only 4.2% of the world population! This means we are doing three and a half times worse than the world as a total!

How can that be? We have the world’s best health care system with fantastic hospitals, full of state of the art equipment to monitor and do things that was unthinkable a decade ago. We are spending in excess of 10,000 dollars yearly per person on healthcare, while the global arithmetic average is less than 1200 dollars yearly per person, This means that most countries spend less than 1000 dollars yearly per person. In fact they are so poor that they cannot even think of spending for expensive patented medicines, so they are limited to the simplest generic prophylactic and therapeutic medicines. And you guessed it, they are mostly HydroxyChloroQuine and Ivermectin.

Let us take HCQ first: An Indian study found HCQ up to 74% effective as a prophylactic. See (There may be a cure for COVID-19 after all. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) works, both as a prophylactic and as cure if taken early.) It also works as a therapeutic. There were a number of countries that adopted HCQ as an early treatment. they had less than a third deaths per capita compared to the countries that didnt. This evaluation is from Sep. 2020. (If HCQ+Zinc+Zithromax had been approved for outpatient use as soon as symptoms of COVID-19 occurred we could have saved about 90000 lives by now!)

Ivermectin is even better than HCQ, both as a prophylactic and therapeutic against COVID. It is also more broadband than existing vaccines, so it will probably work against future variants as well, not just Delta and Omicron. Here are reports from a number of countries that are using Ivermectin because they are so poor they can not do much else: (How come CDC and NIH cannot notice how successful Ivermectin is combating COVID-19 worldwide?) (Add Japan to the success stories of countries treating COVID-19 patients with Ivermectin.) (Indonesia and India has shown the solution to end COVID-19. Use Ivermectin.)

Why are we not approving Ivermectin and HCQ? They are ultra safe and they work. There are two reasons CDC is a vaccine approving agency and want dependent customers to purchase expensive medicines, and to approve Ivermectin and HCQ at this stage would mean that they would confess they have caused hundreds of thousand deaths by their refusal to approve them even they were far safer than say Remdesivir which was approved immediately after just one study (Hint it is expensive). We need to reorganize NIH, FDA and CDC to be patient oriented, no longer beholden to the medico-industrial behemoth.This is my opinion.

Add Japan to the success stories of countries treating COVID-19 patients with Ivermectin.

On August 13, Tokyo Medical Association recommended Ivermectin to treat COVID.

In Japan, doctors can prescribe it without restrictions, and people can buy it legally from India.

Japan is a country, where 72.5% of the people are fully vaccinated.

How has the cases and deaths progressed since vaccination started?

As we can see, Japan did all the right thing before vaccines, quarantine, contact tracing, masking, social distance, but finally got the pandemic in earnest anyway. they started aggressive vaccination in May 2021, and the results looked good initially, but in mid July they started rising again and on Aug 6 cases hit a new all time high and continued to rise So on Aug 13 they approved Ivermectin. After 2 weeks the cases starting to come down, and they are now down 99% from its peak. The vaccinations had some effect, in the most recent spike the death rate fell from 1.7% before the vaccine to less than 1% before Ivermectin and about half vaccinated; to 0.05% death rate with 75% vaccinated and using Ivermectin after it was introduced. The death rate now is standing at 4% or about 10 a day for all of Japan, but it can be argued that most are probably cases where people die with COVID rather than from COVID.

A corresponding success story is found in: https://lenbilen.com/2021/10/10/indonesia-and-india-has-shown-the-solution-to-end-covid-19-use-ivermectin/

Like the success stories from Indonesia and India, countries with low vaccination rates, Japan with high vaccination rates show a drastic improvement if proper Ivermactin regimen is administered country-wide. It is my opinion, if CDC and NIH and FDA would institute a Ivermectin protocol today, we would cut the number of Covid-19 deaths per day in U.S.A. from 1,000 per day to less than 100 per day, or we would save about 330,000 people/year. Vaccines help, but please, approve Ivermectin!

The need to develop Thorium based Nuclear Energy as the major electric energy supply. 23. With Molten Salt Reactors, a catastrophe like Fukushima cannot happen..

With Molten Salt Reactors, a catastrophe like Fukushima cannot happen.  It began with a magnitude 9.0 earthquake not far from the Fukushima 6 Nuclear reactor complex. The impact was a magnitude 6.8 earthquake and the operators immediately scrammed the safety rods to stop all the reactors. This succeeded! The reactors were designed with earthquakes in mind, and they passed the test. The backup power started up successfully so the cooling pumps could operate. There was one major problem though. The earthquake was so bad that the water in the spent fuel holding tanks splashed out and exposed the spent fuel rods to air.

Image result for fukushima reactor design

The water pumps worked for a while, but then came the tsunami. All the reactors were inside a tsunami wall, so far, so good. But the fuel storage tanks for the backup power generators were outside the tsunami wall and were washed away. The batteries were only supposed to last until backup power was established, and with water circulation ended the meltdown started. This disaster was even bigger than Chernobyl and contamination is still spreading.