April 14, read through the Holy Bible in a year in Power-point, with comments.

Today  we finish up the gospel of Luke with the glorious resurrection and the events that followed. The chapter in Joshua tells of the consequences of  worshiping false gods.

April 14:Luke 24Judges 10 (click on the chapter to begin reading)

Luke 24, this is it, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the most important event in the Christian calendar!  Later that day two dejected disciples met someone on the Road to Emmaus and finally realized they had met Jesus.  then Jesus appeared to the Disciples back in Jerusalem. The Gospel of Luke ends with the Ascension, but that event is better described in the Acts of the Apostles, also authored by Dr. Luke.

Judges 10 Things went from bad to worse with Tola, Jair and Jephthah as leaders, so Israel was again oppressed. They finally repented and got rid of their false gods.

April 13, read through the Holy Bible in a year in Power-point, with comments.

Today’s chapter of Luke contains the Good Friday message, read it carefully and ponder. The chapter in Judges is a lesson in how not to behave.

April 13: Luke 23Judges 9 (click on the chapter to begin reading)

Luke 23. This is it, the second most important day in the Christian calendar. Jesus was on trial before Herod and Pilate. Pilate was trying to wiggle out of sentencing Jesus by setting one condemned prisoner free on Passover. The crowd chose Barabbas over Jesus, Pilate reluctantly gave in, so Jesus was sentenced to be crucified.   On the cross Jesus said the famous “Seven Last Words”, (taken from the four gospels), then he died and was buried before sundown.

Judges 9. The Bible tells it as it is, warts and all. So it is with the story of Abimelech’s Conspiracy and the parable of the trees. All the evil led to Abimelech’s Downfall. A take home from this chapter is his last words, after his skull was cracked by a millstone, dropped by a woman. “Draw thy sword, and slay me, that men say not of me, A woman slew him.

April 12, read through the Holy Bible in a year in Power-point, with comments.

Today’s chapter of Luke tells the first half of Jesus’ last day before his death. The chapter in Judges tells the rest of the story of Gideon, the part never preached. Read it as history.

April 12: Luke 22Judges 8 (click on the chapter to begin reading)

Luke 22. Judas agreed to betray Jesus, it was Passover so Jesus commemorated   the Last Supper with his disciples, after which they went to the garden of Gethsemane where Jesus prayed. While they were there Jesus was betrayed, arrested and taken to the house of the high priest. Waiting outside, Peter disowns Jesus three times before the cock crowd. Jesus was interrogated during the night and before daybreak the Sanhedrin had heard enough, and were ready to sentence him to death, but only the Romans had the right to execute the sentence.

Judges 8.  Gideon Defeated the Midianites,  the story is getting complicated but read it anyway. After the great victory Gideon made an Ephod from the Ishmaelites’ golden earrings and this became a snare to them all. Finally Gideon died and immediately after the Israelites fell back into idolatry, worshiping Baal.

April 11, read through the Holy Bible in a year in Power-point, with comments.

April 11: Luke 21Judges 6, Judges 7 (click on the chapter to begin reading)

Luke 21, there is giving and then there is giving. Jesus watched the people give their offerings in the Temple with his disciples, and from that he taught us a lesson about the widow’s two mites.  After that he told about the signs of the times, the end of the age, the destruction of Jerusalem, the coming of the Son of Man and finally the parable of the fig tree.

Judges 6. Things were going bad for Israel, the  Midianites oppressed them, God called Gideon, Gideon was reluctant but after speaking with the Angel of the LORD Gideon destroyed the altar of Baal. God wanted Gideon to defeat the Midianites but again Gideon was reluctant, so he demanded the sign of the Fleece (twice). God provided the sign, so in

Judges 7 eighty-two thousand men gathered to fight. God said that was too many, reduce their number, and in two steps they were whittled down to  Gideon’s Valiant Three Hundred men. With that “army” and God the Midianites were defeated.

April 10, read through the Holy Bible in a year in Power-point, with comments.

Today there are four chapters to read, enjoy!

April 10: Luke 20Judges 3, Judges 4, Judges 5 (click on the chapter to begin reading)

Luke 20, continuing Holy Week, it is now Tuesday, Jesus was teaching in the Temple and his authority was questioned. Standing in Solomon’s colonnades he taught the parable of the wicked wine dressers. The religious leaders tried to entrap Jesus so they asked him: “Is it legal to pay Taxes to Caesar?” You know the answer, “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caesar’s, and unto God the things which be God’s. After that it was the Sadducee’s turn: What about the Resurrection? Jesus answered with scripture: “How can David call his descendant Lord?” Jesus finally warned the people: “Beware of the teachers of the Law.”

Judges 3. The cycle of straying from the LORD and coming back to Him  began for the nations remaining in the land. Israel does evil in the sight of the LORD and He raised up Judges: Othniel, Ehud, Shamgar, and during their time there was peace in the land for 40, then 80 years

Judges 4. Every now and then God raises up a woman to lead the people. Deborah was such a woman and judged the people of Israel.

Judges 5 is all about the Song of Deborah. Read it and enjoy!

April 9, read through the Holy Bible in a year in Power-point, with comments.

Today’s chapter in Luke starts the “Holy Week”, Joshua is finished, so we begin reading the first two chapters of Judges.

April 9: Luke 19, Judges 1, Judges 2 (click on the chapter to begin reading)

Luke 19 starts with the story of Zacchaeus ( a wee little man), then is recorded Jesus’ parable of the minas. One take home from that parable is: “Take from him the pound, and give it to him that hath ten pounds. (And they said unto him, Lord, he hath ten pounds.)” Following that started what is called “Holy Week”, beginning with the triumphal entry. Seeing Jerusalem, Jesus wept over it and after entering Jerusalem Jesus cleansed the Temple.

Judges 1 describes the continuing conquest of Canaan, and the Israelites’ incomplete conquest of the land.

In Judges 2 God decried Israel’s disobedience, the author recorded the death of Joshua, and chronicled Israel’s unfaithfulness and sin.

April 8, read through the Holy Bible in a year in Power-point, with comments.

Today’s reading in the gospel of Luke is intriguing, read it carefully and ponder, then we finish up the last two chapters of Joshua.

April 8: Luke 18Joshua 23, Joshua 24 (click on the chapter to begin reading)

Luke 18 starts by Jesus telling the parable  of the persistent widow, meaning we should always pray, then he added: “When the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?” After that he taught us humility with the parable of the pharisee and the tax collector, reinforced by Jesus blessing of little children. A rich young ruler wanted to inherit eternal life but was not willing to pay the price to follow Jesus. With men it is impossible to have eternal life , but all things are possible with God. Then Jesus predicted His death, and finally a blind beggar received his sight.

In Joshua 23 Joshua gave his farewell address.

Joshua 24. The Covenant was renewed at Shechem, at which time Joshua reto;d their history thus far, followed by the death of Joshua, and also the death of Eleazar, Aaron’s son.

April 7, read through the Holy Bible in a year in Power-point, with comments.

Today, in the chapter of the gospel of Luke we read and appreciate how honest and accurate Jesus described what really matters and in the three chapters of Joshua, the author gave a meticulous description of the division of the land and the towns, mostly still standing.

April 7: Luke 17Joshua 20, Joshua 21, Joshua 22 (click on the chapter to begin reading)

Luke 17. Jesus told of the consequences of sin, the importance of faith and the call of duty. Then is recorded the story of ten lepers healed but only one came back and thanked Jesus, and he was a Samaritan! Finally Jesus spoke of the Coming of the Kingdom of God and the end times.

Joshua 20 lists the cities of refuge, three West of Jordan and three East of Jordan.

Joshua 21 lists the 48 towns given to the Levites, they received no land, Finally God’s promise to Israel was fulfilled and the land had rest for a while.

Joshua 22. The Eastern tribes returned to their lands. On their way they built an altar by the Jordan. The Western Tribes thought by doing so they were abandoning the LORD, not so, they wee confirming  “it shall be a witness between us that the LORD is God.”

April 6, read through the Holy Bible in a year in Power-point, with comments.

Today we read one chapter of Luke and two chapters of Joshua. Read them and appreciate how honest and accurate Jesus describes what really matters and Joshua’s detailed description of the division of the land.

April 6: Luke 16 Joshua 18, Joshua 19 (click on the chapter to begin reading)

Luke 16. Jesus told the parable of the unjust steward to show it is not enough to follow the practices of the land, one must be above reproach in spiritual things, even if you are following the Law and the Prophets to the letter you will fail. He ended with the parable of the rich man and Lazarus.

Joshua 18 gives a description of how the rest of the land was to be divided, beginning with the land of Benjamin, continuing with

Joshua 19, Simeon’s inheritance with Judah, the land of Zebulon, the land of Issachar, the land of Asher, the land of Naphtali, the land of Dan and finally Joshua’s Inheritance..

April 5, read through the Holy Bible in a year in Power-point, with comments.

Today’s chapter of Luke is a must read for any believer, but there is not one New Testament comment in the three chapters of Joshua. Read them as history and Geography and enjoy!

April 5: Luke 15Joshua 15, Joshua 16, Joshua 17 (click on the chapter to begin reading)

Luke 15 is deceptively simple. Just three parables, the lost sheep, the lost coin, and finally the lost son, the most famous story of redemption of them all.

Joshua 15, more geography: the land of Judah, Caleb occupies Hebron and Debir and a listing of the cities of Judah.

Joshua 16 describes the land that belongs to the half tribe of Manasseh, west of Jordan, and also the land of Ephraim.

Joshua 17 describes in more detail what is named in previous chapter.