Daniel 9, Daniel’s Prayer, the seventy sevens.


Many are they who have tried to calculate the day of the return of Jesus Christ. The decree to rebuild Jerusalem was recorded four times in the Bible.

First in modern times to head for the hills and watch the return of Christ.

When that didn’t happen they modified the date, also at no avail.

Next came Russell, founder of Jehova’s Witnesses. He proclaimed a spiritual return (since nobody can possibly physically rise from the dead)

And there are many other, one of which was

The end of the Mayan Calendar came and went, but still no return of Christ. Last to make this ridiculous list is physicist Randall Smith, claiming the end of the world thanks to Earth colliding with a hitherto unknown planet.

Another question pops up, when did the age of Grace start?


At the birth of Christ the angels sang: Luke 2:14 “Glory to God in the highest heaven,
    and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.”

At the start of Jesus Ministry Jesus opened the scroll of Isaiah and said: Luke 4:18 The Spirit of the Lord is on me,
    because he has anointed me
    to proclaim good news to the poor.
He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners
    and recovery of sight for the blind,
to set the oppressed free,
19     to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”

20 Then he rolled up the scroll, gave it back to the attendant and sat down. The eyes of everyone in the synagogue were fastened on him. 21 He began by saying to them, “Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.”

At the Cross Jesus proclaimed : “It is finished”

At Pentecost the Holy Spirit was poured out and power was given to the Disciples.

Any clue?

At this point, I realized I had fallen into the same trap as all the previous people trying to figure out the date of Christ’s coming: The time of grace is “Today”.

This is it: We live in “Today”. Today is the day of salvation.

And then comes the tribulation.

There is one more thing: What is the meaning of “seven”? In the original text it can mean three things.

And the center of action will return to Jerusalem.







The national day of prayer in Boalsburg. Power and prayer restored.

Today is national day of prayer. All over the country, and in places overseas people, in small groups, usually around a flagpole, but here in Boalsburg at the Military Museum, gather to pray.

Normally we are joined by our Congressman, Glenn Thompson, but he was otherwise occupied by trying to pass a new and better healthcare bill, so he sent his assurances some members of Congress met today early to pray, as they did daily when the nation was founded.

On Monday, at 6:35 P.M. a squall line came by our quaint little village. The down-burst did, as so often happens in historical villages with old trees, take down a few trees, which luckily did not do much harm to the buildings. The trees had been for the most part been well pruned, except a few maple trees that had just done this year’s growth and were at their most vulnerable, so a few secondary power lines went down. The major problem was four poles in a row along the major road snapped, even though no falling trees were involved. How can that happen? These were wooden poles, showing their age, badly overloaded with one high voltage line on top, one intermediate voltage in the middle, telephone and cable lines galore below, placed too far apart so the power lines resonated and swayed harder and harder until the lines snapped. We lost power for one day, most lost power for two days, and power is not yet restored to all customers.

This is when it hit me during the morning hour of prayer for the nation:

We are like the four power poles, overloaded, showing signs of age, getting brittle and lacking maintenance and stabilizing supports. When a down-burst comes, we too can snap if we are not anchored properly with multiple supports.

Our nation’s power grid is vulnerable not only from an EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse from either the sun or a nuclear blast) but also from hurricanes, tornadoes, down-bursts, terror attacks, overloading and lack of maintenance.

Likewise, spiritually we are like the overloaded power grid. We are vulnerable to attack from all sides, and without proper maintenance of daily prayer we too are in danger of losing power.

Thought for the day: Pray for persecuted Christians!

We have been commanded to pray continually, and especially for each other. We usually pray for those nearest us, people we know and are familiar with, including their problems and heart aches. When it comes to people in faraway countries with their different cultures and customs it is not so easy. But it is true that persecution of Christians is increasing, and there are now more Christian Martyrs than at any time in history, and is increasing.

The 2016 World watch list on Christian Persecution is out: https://www.opendoorsusa.org/christian-persecution/world-watch-list/ and it lists the 50 countries with the strongest persecution of Christians. There are 57 countries participating in the Organization of Islamic Corporation (OIC), and makes for interesting reading, since a few of the countries have Christian majorities

What follows is a list of 70 countries to pray for: It consists of the 50 countries on the persecution watch list, and the 57 countries in OIC.

The list contains the name of the country, total population in millions (2014 estimate), Christian population in millions (estimate from Operation World with updates when known), GDP per capita (CIA 2014) and persecution index (from opendoorsusa.org).

First the 37 countries in OIC in order of persecution:

Republic of IRAQ                                 37    0.3      15,300    92      ISIS Sharia

Islamic Republic of AFGHANISTAN 33    0.001   1,900     88     ISIS Taliban Sharia

SYRIAN Arab Republic                       18    0.5        5,100     87     ISIS

Islamic Republic of PAKISTAN        192     4          4,700      87   ISIS Taliban

Republic of SOMALIA                        11     0.005      500       87    Failed state

Republic of The SUDAN                    41     3           4,300      84    Sharia

Libya                                                       6.3   0.15    15,900      79    ISIS

Republic of YEMEN                           27     0.01      3,800      78    ISIS   Sharia

Federal Republic of NIGERIA         186    90          6,100      78   ISIS   Sharia(north)

Republic of MALDIVES                       0.37  0.0003 13,300    76  Sharia

Kingdom of SAUDI ARABIA             32     1          52,300     76    ISIS  Sharia

Republic of UZBEKISTAN                 30    0.4         5,600     70

Turkmenistan                                       5     0.1       14,200      65

State of QATAR                                   2.3   0.2     137,200      65     Sharia

Arab Republic of EGYPT                   93     10       10,900      64     ISIS

(State of ) PALESTINE (authority)      5     0.07      4,900      62     HAMAS

BRUNEI-DARUSSALAM                     0.5   0.05    79,900      61

Hashemite Kingdom of JORDAN      9      0.2       12,000      59

Republic of DJIBOUTI                     0.9     0.04      3,100       58

MALAYSIA                                       30       2.2       25,100       58

Republic of TAJIKISTAN                 9       0.08        2,700       58

Republic of TUNISIA                     11       0.02       11,300      58

 Republic of AZERBAIJAN             10       0.4         17,800     57

People’s Rep. of BANGLADESH 163      1              3,400      57

People’s Dem. Rep. of ALGERIA  40      0.1         13,900      56   ISIS

Union of The COMOROS                0.8    0.005      1,500       56

State of KUWAIT                                4      0.2         70,700      56

Republic of KAZAKHSTAN           18      3.8         24,100      55

Republic of INDONESIA              260      40          10,700       55    ISIS  Sharia

Republic of MALI                           18       0.25        1,700        55     ISIS

Republic of TURKEY                     80      0.25      19,700        55

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES             9      0.5        66,300        55    Sharia

Kingdom of BAHRAIN                    1.4   0.08      49,000        54

Republic of NIGER                        21      0.05       1,100         53

Sultanate of OMAN                       4.7      0.08      43,800        53

Then the 20 Islamic Countries not in the top 50 on the persecution index

Republic of ALBANIA                    3        1.3          11,400

Republic of BENIN                      11         2.5         1,900

BURKINA-FASO (Upper Volta)   19         2.9         1,700

Republic of CAMEROON           24         13          3,000

Republic of CHAD                        14        3.2        2,600

Republic of COTE D’IVOIRE     23        7.5         3,100

Republic of GABON                    1.8       1.1        20,800

The Islamic Rep. of The Gambia 2         0.06       1,600

Republic of GUINEA                   13         0.5         1,300

Republic of GUINEA-BISSAU      1.9      0.2         1,500

Republic of GUYANA                  0.8      0.35        6,900

KYRGYZ Republic                        6        0.3          3,300

Republic of LEBANON                 6        1.3         18,100    ISIS Hezbollah

Kingdom of MOROCCO             34        0.03        7,800     ISIS

Islamic Rep. of MAURITANIA      4        0.004     4,300    Sharia

Republic of MOZAMBIQUE        28      12           1,200

Republic of SENEGAL              15        0.5        2,400

Republic of SIERRA LEONE     6.5      0.6        2,100

Republic of SURINAME              0.5     0.25      16,300

Republic of TOGO                     7.5       3             1,500

Republic of UGANDA                40      35           1,900

And finally 13 Non Islamic Countries on the Christian persecution index

North Korea                                          25        0.5        1,800       92

Eritrea                                                     5         2            1,200       89

Kenya                                                    48       36           3,100       68

India                                                   1326      30           5,800        68

Ethiopia                                               102       63          1,600        67

Myanmar                                              54          5           4,800       62

Central African Republic                     5          3.5            600       59

Laos                                                       7         0.14         5,000      58

China                                                1382        105        13,300       57

Tanzania                                               50          27          2,700       57

Bhutan                                                   3          0.01        7,700       56

Mexico                                                 129        120         18,000     55

Colombia                                              49           50         13,500    55

A prayer for the Pope on his visit to the U.S.

Dear God. We come to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with praise and thanksgiving.

We thank you for a bountiful harvest, that thanks to the increase in CO2 levels since the industrial revolution provides food for an additional 2 billion people without starving. (1)

We thank you that the earth is getting greener, so that a wider variety of plants and animals can find habitat. (2)

We praise you for the clouds You put in the sky on the second day of creation that act as the thermostat of the earth so there is a cap on how warm it will get, especially in the tropics that has found its stable temperature. (3)

We thank you for the warming in the temperate regions since the little Ice Age, making wheat farming possible way up in Canada. (4)

We thank you that this warming causes less hurricanes,(5) less tornadoes,(6) less winter storms,(7) gives more rain(8) and less droughts.(9)

And we thank you for the increase in CO2 that is delaying the onset of the coming Ice Age.(10)

And we thank you there is a inexhaustible supply of Thorium, suitable for sustainable and distributed nuclear power so that the energy needs of the future is not dependent on fossil fuel.(11)

And now, we ask you, God to protect the Pope’s soul from the evil forces waiting him in Washington and the United Nations.

They will talk a lot about Carbon Pollution, with which they mean CO2. CO2 is not a pollutant, but real pollution is a great threat to our well being and deeds to be combated at all levels. This takes large amount of energy to clean up the environment, and is made more difficult by making energy more expensive, so please, God, make the Pope see through all their lies.

And please Lord, make the Pope realize their predictions of doom come from failed climate models (12)

He has a meeting with godless and anti-Christian people who advocate Global Governance and the merging of all religions under this secular government.(13)

Jesus never said: Do as the Romans do, but this Pope is in danger of allying himself with these forces and agenda 2030, The New World Order.(14)

Lord, may all Christians heed Your calling in 2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

And Lord, may there be a revival among all who trust in the finished work on the Cross, and follow the Lord, Jesus Christ, and may there be an awakening that the battle is spiritual, and Global Governance leads to even more tyranny,

And God, we thank you as in Lamentations 3:22-23 Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.

And we pray this in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


And now for the explanations: (in progress)

(1) CO2 concentration has increased from about 280 ppm in pre-industrial times to 400 ppm today, and is increasing at a rate of 2 ppm per year. We are way past the point of no return, 350 ppm which would lead to a temperature catastrophe. (15) But instead, something rather interesting is occurring. The earth is getting greener! (2) This 40 % increase in CO2 the last 250 years has led to a more than 30 % increase in agricultural production all by itself without adding fertilizer or using higher yielding seeds. (16) Thanks to this we can now feed an additional two billion people on earth without starvation. The news are so good, that the per capita food production is increasing, even as the population is increasing. (17)

Look at it this way. The value of basic agricultural products is more than 1.5 trillion dollars worldwide. 30% of that is due to increased CO2. That means that the CO2 emitted is worth 450 billion dollars, spread out over all farmers and ranchers worldwide. This wealth transfer is occurring right now, and knows no national boundary. It is a gift from the developed countries to the rest of the world. Who could be against that?

It turns out that this wealth transfer occurs without global governance. The leaders of the world will not have their say in who gets the wealth transfer, the U.N. bureaucrats will not get their cut, and politicians cannot get a campaign issue since it  occurs without their involvement.

(2) The earth is getting greener!  https://lenbilen.com/2013/03/19/co2-the-solution-to-climate-change/


As we can see, since satellite measurements began, most of the earth has gotten greener, especially in the semi-dry savanna areas. A few, small areas in near desert areas are getting more parched, especially in the Socialist Government induced environmental disaster around Lake Aral, and in the Arctic, where some areas are getting colder.



What we see here is  cloudiness versus latitude for a number of climate models compared to reality. It shows a total failure to model clouds properly. Modeling of clouds is exceedingly difficult. A better approach is to see what happens when clouds form, and when they do it. We all know that clouds warm by night and cool by day, but they also warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Observing the clouds, when they occur and what types of clouds form plays a major role in the climate balance, far more then increasing CO2.

(4) The saying now is: We had the warmest August ever, and 2015 is on track to be the warmest year ever. In fact, we are not even back to the medieval warming period, when there was at least one farm on Greenland (Gården under sanden) that produced and exported cheese, and there was a forest in what is now the Mendenhall Glacier, north of Juneau, Alaska, now melting and exposing 1000 year old tree stumps well preserved, some even with its bark. Another way of putting it: 2015 is still on track to be among the 1000 coldest in the last 10000 years. See chart at (10)

(5) On September 24  (Hurricane Wilma) it was 10 years since the last major hurricane hit the U.S mainland, by far the longest stretch of time since colonization began.

hurricane_frequency-march2015As we can see, there is a downward trend in hurricanes (+ taifuns, + cyclones) worldwide



In this picture number of strong tornados (EF>=3) are plotted versus CO2 level, not time, but the trend is clear; the higher the CO2 concentration, the lower the number of tornadoes.

(7) Ship logs from the little ice age shows winter storms were more severe. On the other hand the Vikings went to America in open longboats during the medieval warm period.

Winter storm Sandy was said to be unprecedented. However there has been 2 stronger storm surges in Rhode Island, both during the little Ice age:

Storm Surges RI

(8) While I still am looking for the chart signifying more rain, here is a chart that show an increase in maximum snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere. It must have gotten colder, at least as to freezing temperatures. Notice, when it snows, the temperature is often close to freezing, then it gets really cold. So in a winter with much snow the average temperature can be higher than in a winter with little snow.


(9)  Worldwide droughts has lessened slightly in the last 30 years, despite the latest California drought.



GISP2 Ice CoreFrom the Minoan to the Roman to the Medieval Warming  period we are now well into the bog generating phase of an interglacial period. Added CO2 will slow down our decent into the next Ice Age.

(11) Some reasons why a rapid development of Thorium based nuclear power makes sense.



(12) Here is a chart of 73 climate models with a calculated average temperature rise with time. It is to be noted that it is only for the tropical regions (20 Degrees N to 20 Degrees S) and the satellite and balloon data show  a very small increase since 1979 0f 0.1C and none at all since 1997. In contrast the models predicted it should be at least 1C warmer by now, or ten times the observed increase.CMIP5-73-models-vs-obs-20N-20S-MT-5-yr-means1

(13)  https://lenbilen.com/2014/12/22/on-the-sin-of-the-world-and-the-lie-what-does-that-mean/ https://lenbilen.com/2012/01/31/chrislam-crusade-or-jihad-or-maybe-marx/

(14)  http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=51973#.VgbTofSP97c

(15)  https://lenbilen.com/2014/02/22/a-religious-message-from-1010global-org-and-a-limerick/


Prayer at the cross at Mt Nittany. A Limerick.


Some friends from of old came to pray

how this land, full of sin lost its way.

So we went to the cross

to bemoan the great loss.

GOD answered: “I’m with you alway.”


Sunset over Mt Nittany, State College Pa. Aug 14 2013


Sunset over State College.

A Limerick on freedom, Tea Party, enterprise, prayer and our Constitution.

It seems that this country is coming to pieces

On Tea Party Movement the left hate releases.

We’re going to pot!

Our economy shot.

Obama loves enterprise less than dogs’ feces.

That was the Limerick that came to me when I read the blogs on the financial side. In the evening my Wife and  I went to a prayer meeting where we prayed for our country and its leaders, even down to Obama’s children that they could go to Bible School and familiarize themselves with the old spirituals. In that day they understood that their real home was not USA, and not Africa. No, their real home was in heaven. We also prayed that our constitution would survive the assaults. Again I realized  the battle is not economical  and not political, but intensely spiritual.

Here is the modified limerick:

It seems that our country is going to pieces

On our Constitution the left hate releases.

 Our freedom gets lost,

 We must pray at all cost!

Obama loves liberty less than dogs’ feces.