The Gospel according to Matthew.

The Gospel according to Matthew.

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Matthew 27, Judas hangs himself, Jesus trial, the mocking, the Crucifixion, Jesus death, burial and securing the tomb.

Matthew 27


Verse 63 was the verse that finally convinced me that Jesus is risen. The honesty in recording  what the chief priests and Pharisees said suddenly convinced me that the resurrection is true. They too wanted to make sure Jesus was dead for good, and by sealing the grave they wanted to be absolutely sure Jesus would cause no more trouble for them. God works in wonderful ways.

Matthew 26, the plot against Jesus, Jesus anointed at Bethany, Judas betrayal, the Lord’s supper, Gethsemane, Jesus arrested, Peter’s denial.

Matthew 26.


Matthew 23, Seven Woes.

Matthew 23

In spite of this command of Jesus the Roman Catholic Priests are referred to as “Father”, and the Pope himself is referred to as “Papa”, and there are many  that call themselves  “teacher”, including me, being one.

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