Leg 2 of the Transcontinental Aqueduct: From the Robert S. Kerr Lock and dam to the Eufaula Dam on the Canadian River.

The length of Leg 2 is 20 miles on the Robert S Kerr reservoir and 22 miles on the Canadian river.

Elevation 458′

The Robert S Kerr reservoir has an area of 43,000 acres and its elevation is regulated by the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System. This means that the water can be pumped up or released as long as it is coordinated for the whole canal system. This also means that the water flow can be stopped and the power normally used to pump up water can be used as peak power, which can come in handy on a hot humid day with no sun and no wind and every air conditioner in the area is going full blast to take out the oppressive humidity.

The part of the aqueduct going up the Canadian river will have 3 20 ft dams with concrete spillways, each with a 20,000 cfs reversible flow pumping station. The map:

The dam will have a 20,000 cfs pumping station added lifting water 87 ft.

The Eufaula Dam.
The Eufaula dam
Riverbed at 498′ conservation pool at 585′

The total power consumption in this stage will be up to 265 MW. The preferred power plant will be 3 100 MW LFTR SMRs.

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