Verse 87 of the Obama Impeachment song: Radical Islam does not exist, ban guns instead.

Two days after the terrible massacre in Orlando Florida, where the assassin pledged allegiance to ISIS during the murder spree, President Obama held a press conference. He called the use of phrases like “radical Islamism” a “political distraction” and “a political talking point.”

“There’s no magic to the phrase ‘radical Islam’,” he said, addressing the Orlando massacre. “…What exactly would using this language accomplish? What exactly would it change?”

It was surreal to watch a commander-in-chief stand in front of the American people, just two days after the most deadly terror attack on U.S. soil since 9/11, and explain why he did not think it was important to tell the truth about the individuals and the ideology responsible. It is difficult to imagine how the President could more clearly have demonstrated his wilful dishonesty about the threats we face.

And he was not just dishonest—but flippantly so. None of the President’s advisers, he remarked, have ever told him, “‘Man, if you use that phrase we can really turn this thing around.’ Not once.”

After this the President began to show emotion and seemed really angry – at Republicans and their reluctance to ban guns. He devoted the rest of the speech venting his venom against anybody standing in his way, rather than consoling and supporting the  anxious and grieving.

Which leads to verse 87 of the Obama Impeachment song (sung to the tune of  “Please release me, let me go”)

Radical Islam can’t be

Islam is peaceful, can’t you see.

Terrorists don’t bother me,

Ban all legal guns, that’s my decree.

And here is the whole impeachment song:

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