American Medical Association Rescinds Previous Statement Against Prescription of Hydroxychloroquine to COVID-19 Patients. (Updated)

CHICAGO, IL – The American Medical Association (AMA), in a surprising move, has officially rescinded a previous statement against the use of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in the treatment of COVID-19 patients, giving physicians the okay to return to utilizing the medication at their discretion.

Previously, the AMA had issued a statement in March that was highly critical of HCQ in regards to its use as a proposed treatment by some physicians in the early stages of COVID-19. In addition to discouraging doctors from ordering the medication in bulk for “off-label” use – HCQ is typically used to treat diseases such as malaria – they also claimed that there was no proof that it was effective in treating COVID, and that its use could be harmful in some instances.

However, on page 18 of a recent AMA memo, issued on October 30, (resolution 509, page 3) the organization officially reversed their stance on HCQ, stating that its potential for good currently may supersede the threat of any potential harmful side effects.

So, there we have it. HCQ could not be approved before the election, because President Trump had recommended it. Meanwhile, with an 8o +% reduced risk of having to be admitted to the hospital if administered with Azithromycin and Zinc as soon as testing positive or symptoms occurred, many (70000+) lives could have been saved.

It has come to my attention that the resolution, while adopted got stopped before a new and valid recommendation was issued. There are powerful interests in the AMA that want to keep things as they are rather than advance real medical science based on real results, and never admit a mistake. Meanwhile, people are dying because of lack of solid, but inexpensive medical solutions.

The recommendation is still up on their website, but should it disappear, here it is , the important part part.


Resolution: 509 (November 2020)

Introduced by: Georgia

Subject:Hydroxychloroquine and Combination Therapies – Off-Label Use

Referred to:Reference Committee E

Whereas, SARS-CoV-2 is the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19; and

2 Whereas, Three distinct stages of COVID-19 infection have been observed in some people who test positive for the disease and have variable degrees of symptoms as noted (1); and


Whereas, During the early infection phase (Stage 1), the virus multiplies inside the body and is likely to cause mild symptoms that may be confused with a common cold or flu; and

Whereas, The second phase is the pulmonary phase (Stage 2), when the Immune System becomes strongly affected by infection and leads to primarily respiratory symptoms such as persistent cough, shortness of breath and low oxygen levels. Problems with blood clotting–especially with the formation of blood clots–may be predominant in Stage 2; and

Whereas, The third hyperinflammatory phase (Stage 3), occurs when a hyperactivated immune system may cause injury to the heart, kidneys, and other organs. A “cytokine storm”–where the body attacks its own tissues–may occur in this phase; and

Whereas, There is no current Federal Drug Administration (FDA) indication for the treatment of Early Coronavirus infection, but early emergency use authorization (EUA) originally approved the use of hydroxychloroquine and then rescinded it (2); and

Whereas, The FDA limited use of convalescence plasma but now has rescinded that limitation (3); and

Whereas, Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine are FDA approved medications for over 50 years, and these medications are safely prescribed long-term for other indications (2); and

Whereas, AMA President, Patrice A. Harris, MD, issued the following statement: “The AMA is calling for a stop to any inappropriate prescribing and ordering of medications, including chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine, and appealing to physicians and all health care professionals to follow the highest standards of professionalism and ethics” (4); and

Whereas, The AMA, American Pharmacists Association, and American Society of Health System Pharmacists issued a joint statement on March 25, 2020 on inappropriate ordering, prescribing, or dispensing of medications to treat COVID-19 (4); and

Whereas, Some states, pharmacy boards and institutions have forbidden the use of these medications for COVID-19 infection (4, 5); and

Whereas, A proposed regimen to treat COVID-19 for Stage 1, includes 10 days of hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, zinc, and on occasion Vitamin D (6); and

Whereas, This regimen is not being advocated for Stage 2 and Stage 3 COVID therapy; and

Whereas, The original studies published in The Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine(NEJM) initially citing harm due to hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine use were retracted by said journals due to dubious research methodology and incorrect conclusions (7, 8, 9); and

Whereas, AMA policy H-120.988, “Patient Access to Treatments Prescribed by Their Physicians,” supports a physician’s autonomy to prescribe medications the physician believes to be in the patient’s best interest, where the benefits outweigh risk and the patient consents; and

Whereas, Physicians have used off label medications for years and this use is supported by existing policy; and

Whereas, Data regarding harm have been limited due to poorly designed studies or studies usually in Stage 2 or later, or stopped without harm but no effect in phase 2 and hypothesis (7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12); and

Whereas, There are many studies that indicate that the use of Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin is effective and front-line physicians are using the therapy where permissible (13, 14, 15); and

Whereas, The COVID-19 pandemic is a serious medical issue, people are dying, and physicians must be able to perform as sagacious prescribers; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That our American Medical Association rescind its statement calling for physicians to stop prescribing hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine until sufficient evidence becomes available to conclusively illustrate that the harm associated with use outweighs benefit early in the disease course. Implying that such treatment is inappropriate contradicts AMA Policy H-120.988, “Patient Access to Treatments Prescribed by Their Physicians,” that addresses off label prescriptions as appropriate in the judgement of the prescribing physician (Directive to Take Action); and be it further

RESOLVED, That our AMA rescind its joint statement with the American Pharmacists Association and American Society of Health System Pharmacists, and update it with a joint statement notifying patients that further studies are ongoing to clarify any potential benefit of hydroxychloroquine and combination therapies for the treatment of COVID-19 (Directive to Take Action); and be it further

RESOLVED, That our AMA reassure the patients whose physicians are prescribing 18 hydroxychloroquine and combination therapies for their early-stage COVID-19 diagnosis by issuing an updated statement clarifying our support for a physician’s ability to prescribe an FDA-approved medication for off label use, if it is in her/his best clinical judgement, with specific reference to the use of hydroxychloroquine and combination therapies for the treatment of the earliest stage of COVID-19 (Directive to Take Action); and be it further

RESOLVED, That our AMA take the actions necessary to require local pharmacies to fill valid prescriptions that are issued by physicians and consistent with AMA principles articulated in AMA Policy H-120.988, “Patient Access to Treatments Prescribed by Their Physicians,” including working with the American Pharmacists Association and American Society of Health System Pharmacists.

(Directive to Take Action) Fiscal Note: Modest – between $1,000 – $5,000

Received: 10/23/20


1. Stages of COVID-19.

2. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: FDA Revokes Emergency Use Authorization for Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine.

3. Recommendations for Investigational COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma.

4. “The A.M.A. is calling for a stop to any inappropriate prescribing and ordering of medications, including chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine, and appealing to physicians and all health care professionals to follow the highest standards of professionalism and ethics,” said AMA President Patrice A. Harris, MD. The American Medical Association, American Pharmacists Association, and American Society of Health System Pharmacists issued a joint statement on March 25, 2020 on inappropriate ordering, prescribing or dispensing of medications to treat COVID-19.

5. Pharmacy Practice New. Rosenthal M. Hydroxychloroquine: Where Pharmacy, Medicine and Politics Intersect, Pharmacy Practice News August 8, 2020

6. Risch H. Opinion: Early Outpatient Treatment of Symptomatic, High-Risk Covid-19 Patients that Should be Ramped-Up Immediately as Key to the Pandemic Crisis Am J Epidemiol. 2020 May 27;kwaa093. doi: 10.1093/aje/kwaa093. Online ahead of print.

7. Piller C, Servick k. Two elite medical journals retract coronavirus papers over data integrity questions. 4, 2020

8. Lancet retraction website

9. NEJM Retraction: Cardiovascular Disease, Drug Therapy, and Mortality in Covid-19. N Engl J Med. DOI:


11. NIH halts clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine 509 (November 2020) Page 4 of 6

12. Filippo Albani F, Fusina F , Giovannini A et al. Impact of Azithromycin and/or Hydroxychloroquine on Hospital Mortality in COVID-19. J. Clin. Med. 2020, 9, 2800; doi:10.3390/jcm9092800

13. Schwartz RA, Suskind RH DTH-9999-e13785 Azithromycin and COVID‐19Prompt Early Use at First Signs of this Infection in Adults and Children an Approach Worthy of Consideration. DTH-999-e13785 doi 10.1111/dth.13785

14. Meo SA, Klonoff DC, Akram J. Efficacy of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of COVID-19 European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences 2020; 24: 4539-4547

15. US ‘frontline’ doctors’ website exposes ‘criminal’ campaign by tech giants, govt agencies to block COVID med file:///C:/Users/JGoldman/Documents/Corona%20Virus/critique%20of%20HCQ/US%20%E2%80%98frontline%E2%80%99%20doctors%E2%80%99%20website%20exposes%20%E2%80%98criminal%E2%80%99%20campaign%20by%20tech%20giants,%20govt%20agencies%20to%20block%20COVID%20med%20_%20Blogs%20_%20Lifesitenews.html

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Retired engineer, graduated from Chalmers Technical University a long time ago with a degree in Technical Physics. Career in Aerospace, Analytical Chemistry, computer chip manufacturing and finally adjunct faculty at Pennsylvania State University, taught just one course in Computer Engineering, the Capstone Course.

120 thoughts on “American Medical Association Rescinds Previous Statement Against Prescription of Hydroxychloroquine to COVID-19 Patients. (Updated)”

    1. We ALL knew this from the beginning. Everything we are told is lies. I am literally sick to my stomach with what they have done to my President, with all the disrespect from the filthy media, this stolen election, and now the press admitting everything we knew was true – Hunter & Joe are criminal traitors, the vaccine was delivered before Christmas 2020, and HQC is now good to use for “Rona”.

      1. It is unbelievable. I too am physically sick. The Rockefellers started the AMA. What better way to make money than by keeping us sick. They also destroyed psychiatry (ask ANY soldier). Disgusting. When money becomes God people become slaves. Unreal.

        1. They only make you sick, if you let them – I don’t. I try to stay as far away from Doctors as I can.

      2. You are not alone. The anger among real Trump supporters is palpable. The medical establishment (Faucci, the AMA, CDC, ETC.) decided to fund a vaccine to the tune of billions of dollars instead of ending the pandemic by April through the use of the early use of Hydroxy, z-pack-zinc on ambulatory patients. They are responsible for the deaths of 100,000 or more Americans who died needlessly.

        1. They, meaning”little Anthony” and his imperialists at the AMA, knew exactly what they were doing in their own evil way. They murdered untold thousands by withholding this safe drug. Of course they would be financially distressed by not being able to promote the second evil: a questionable and untested vaccine. Untested is proven by their own rules and Fauci statements.

        2. Covid hasn’t killed even near 100,000 people! Why hasn’t anyone been talking about how all other forms of death just suddenly stopped happening when covid came out? When they paid doctors good money to call every death a covid death that should have told the world that it’s garbage! I never ever thought that they would actually pay doctors to lie to the world and what’s truly disgusting is most of them did! So much for their oath. Everyone of them who called a death covid when it wasn’t should lose their license forever and have to serve major time!

      3. Its all about population control and power, not the people . We have demons all around us that are power hunger people that doesn’t care who they destroy . If you think they have your or hour best interest at heart , you’re a blind fool . So many people depend on our government for everything and are they blind .people have really lost all common sense they don’t even know what sex they are, God only made two .

      4. Yes, we did know it. We’ve always known this has been BS. The thing that is not adding up, is why are we the people still sitting here taking it like its not a big deal. It’s time to rise up. Stand up. Fight for our rights and real freedom.

    2. Yes but that is what makes it more shocking. They are always on the side of liberals and Dems. Sorry Len but you are misspelling the names of drugs. Makes it harder for me to share with my doctor.

    3. Correction: PAC for Liberal Physicians. Only about 15% of physicians belong to this leftist propaganda machine. The rest of us think for ourselves.

      1. You said it people are so brain washed from the time they leave kindergarten, they can’t figure anything out on their on . Most parents don’t have a clue either. We have become like sheep just follow and do everything out government says raise our children like they want. Just like sheep being lead to slaughter. I love this country but I’m not proud of what we have let happen to us .

    4. POLICY H-120.988 REAFFIRMED … (Withdrawl EUA) the AMA did NOT Rescind it’s Policy of NOT allowing use of HCQ…
      Unfortunately House of Delegates of the AMA did NOT APPROVE, based on Committee “E” voted to “RECOMMENDED FOR NOT ADOPTION” on Resolution 509

      1. Exactly. So where is the correction to this HOAX?

        Disclaimer: I support Resolution 509, but I don’t support sites likes this this not manning up and issuing a correction to fake news.

    5. True, but where is the link to where the AMA actually ADOPTED Resolution 509? The only link shows that it was sent to committee. If the AMA didn’t adopt it, then this “AMA rescinds” article spreads a HOAX.

      1. Tragic. So, so sad . Money power above human life is the choice many have made.

        I’m trying figure out a way to get Hydroxy in California insured by behemoth Kaiser. Kaiser has forbidden Hydroxy.

        We are nothing but disposables who are a commodity for those who rule the world…billionaires, Party of Davos

  1. I take zinc and wear a copper wristband which creates an electrical field to kill viruses in my bloodstream 24/7. Remember the electricity from a potato experiment? We are electrical beings. It does work well and its only amplifying what our bodies do.

    1. @j stoddard
      copper wristbands don’t kill viruses with an electric field.
      Copper has some anti-bacterial action but only when something is in contact with it. For example brass or copper door knobs tend to have less bacteria on them than other knobs. A copper wristband is worthless for diseases in your blood

  2. These are the type of people I want to see put on trial and there medical license permanently revoked.

    They are guilty until they prove their decision was not politically driven.

    Guilty until proven innocent just like the proven drug they named guilty until it was proven innocent over and over and over.

  3. Criminals – just like all the other Dems. Wouldn’t let Doctors prescribe it because President Trump backed it.
    Amazing isn’t it, how crooked they all are.

    1. Nah, it has nothing to do with that. It’s strictly because if there’s an available drug to treat a particular ailment the FDA can’t issue EUAs for the vaccine.

  4. The AMA forgot their oath to the patient. I, as a health care professional, am ashamed of how the doctors failed to treat the patients with this old, well researched medication. You sent people away with chicken soup and Tylenol when there was a therapeutic. You failed to protect all those elderly in the nursing homes. You failed to recommend this drug for prophylaxis. You made fun and mocked Dr Zelenko, Dr Immanuel and the other Front Line Doctors who recommended this therapeutic. You never fought for the precious lives of the people.You had better rethink your lack of devotion to your profession. Stop treating medicine as a job/political statement and not as a ministry. There is no greater privilege than the care of the sick! I wish that you felt that way.

  5. Are human beings REALLY cruel enough to kill many thousands of people by suppressing the use of hydroxychloroquine?

    Yes, human beings are terrible creatures having aborted upwards of 55-million unborn CHILDREN in 2020.

    God says “His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood from His workmanship, so that men are without excuse.” And “They show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts, their consciences also bearing witness, and their thoughts sometimes accusing them and at other times even defending them.”

    The Bible reflects the self-evident existence of God and the moral fabric of his Universe.

    It remains to us to answer “…what think ye of Christ?”

  6. Despite overwhelming evidence that HCQ was highly effective and w/o side effects the med establishment, MSM, Demturds and Dr. Doom let people die just to fight Trump and his relection.
    How many have died unnecessarily?

    1. You are Correct… This was Proposal 509, for Committee “E” Review… the Committee Recommended to the House of Delegates for NOT APPROVAL… Unfortunately…
      POLICY H-120.988 REAFFIRMED … (Withdraw EUA)

    2. I had high hopes for a moment. Thank u for your research. It appears the oligarchy, which is now our govt. not a democracy any more, is more deadly than any ChineseCommieParty bio-weapon virus

  7. Your story was difficult to find on google, but popped right up when i used duckduckgo. I’m sure it’s only a coincidence.

  8. Either you’re intentionally being deceptive, or you’re ignorant. This was a resolution proposed by Georgia before the November meeting of the AMA that was sent to committee (even though it was received AFTER the deadline) and rejected. It was problematic, misleading, and referenced a freaking conspiracy theory site as scientific evidence. I’m amazed they gave it full consideration, frankly.
    You can see that it wasn’t adopted here:

  9. The information I am finding online says that the AMA did NOT approve Resolution 509. Hence, they have not changed their policy regarding hydroxychloroquine.

    “15. Resolution 509 – Hydroxychloroquine and Combination Therapies – Off-Label Use

    OMSS Action:OMSS Delegate instructed to support the intent of Resolution 509.HOD

    Action:Resolution 509 not adopted and Policy H-120.988 reaffirmed.”

    (Policy H-120.988 involves the right of physicians to do what they think best for their patients)

    Gordon J. Fulks, PhD
    Corbett, Oregon USA

  10. This is not accurate. A resolution, 509, was brought which was not adopted. The quotes are from that resolution, but it was not adopted. Instead, the AMA reaffirmed their existing policy H-120.988 about doctor-patient independence and access, but only with FDA approved medications, of which HCQ is not. Just need to be a little careful in the information being posted esp with newcomers and increased scrutiny.

    In the wrong hands, this could be touted as a conspiracy theory. p 15

  11. Pingback: Globeinfolive
  12. My best friend anywhere, soon to be ex President Trump, told everyone before the election that it will be stolen, and once again he has been screwed over by the press and those wanting to fill their own pockets with your dollar’s. I have the email from Pres Trump saying he will not tell the American people that an antidote vaccine is available but will announce this once the voting was over, if he had broken that promise I feel he would have been re-elected. These are my feelings as a ex British serviceman.

  13. 2010
    • Deaths: 2,468,435
    • Population: 309,346,863

    • Deaths: 2,515,458
    • Population: 311,718,857

    • Deaths: 2,543,279
    • Population: 314,102,623

    • Deaths: 2,596,993
    • Population: 316,427,395

    • Deaths: 2,626,418
    • Population: 318,907,401

    • Deaths: 2,712,630
    • Population: 321,418,820

    • Deaths: 2,744,248
    • Population: 323,071,342

    • Deaths: 2,813,503
    • Population: 325,147,121

    • Deaths: 2,839,205
    • Population: 327,167,439

    • Deaths: 2,855,000
    • Population: 329,110,439

    • As of September 24th there are 2,033,736 total deaths in the US.
    That’s a daily average of 7,588 deaths.
    7,588 X 365 days= 2,769,620 is the total deaths we could expect in 2020 based on the numbers so far.
    So the question is this: How can we have Fewer Deaths in the US if there is a pandemic going on?
    For the last 100 years there has never been a decrease in total deaths per year in the US.
    If this were a normal year, with no pandemic, we should have around 2,875,000 deaths.
    But this isn’t a normal year so we should end up with around 3,200,000 deaths when you add in the Covid-19 deaths.
    Someone isn’t telling us the truth.

    [Are we being Gaslighted in the extreme?]

    1. Yes absolutely gaslighted!
      In their decision not to rescind it, their main reason was to save face for having issued it in March.
      It wouldn’t look good for the AMA! Not based on science or the 53 studies world wide saying it was very effective in stage one infection. So sad and in my opinion criminal against the citizens of the USA.

  14. The article is correct. While the resolution doesn’t seem to be approved, the following was [1]:

    20 RESOLVED, that our American Medical Association rescind its statement calling for
    21 physicians to stop prescribing hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine until sufficient evidence
    22 becomes available to conclusively illustrate that the harm associated with use outweighs
    23 benefit early in the disease course. Implying that such treatment is inappropriate contradicts
    24 AMA Policy H-120.988 that addresses off label prescriptions as appropriate in the judgement
    25 of the prescribing physician;


  15. Speaking of falsehoods, the AMA did NOT rescind its March 25, 2020, statement about hydroxychloroquine. Please feel free to fact check.

  16. I think you are wrong about this. The document looks to be a proposal, not a decision. Not all proposals are adopted, obviously.

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