HZQ-AZ-Z 5 day cheap cure to early COVID-19 onset is over 90% effective. Why not approve it now?

Remdesivir Just Became The First Drug to Show a ‘Clear-Cut’ Effect in Treating COVID-19

30 APRIL 2020

COVID-19 patients on the antiviral remdesivir recovered about 30 percent faster than those on a placebo, the results of a major clinical trial showed Wednesday, as a top US scientist hailed the drug’s “clear-cut” benefit.

This was touted as a major breakthrough by Dr Fauci in a Presidential briefing yesterday, and indeed, it seems to show efficacy. Patients on the drug, made by Gilead Sciences, had a 31 percent faster time to recovery than those on a placebo. “Specifically, the median time to recovery was 11 days for patients treated with remdesivir compared with 15 days for those who received placebo,” it said. The results also suggested that people who were on the drug were less likely to die, although the difference was quite small. The mortality rate was 8.0 percent for the group receiving remdesivir versus 11.6 percent for the placebo group.

On the other hand the FDA issued a warning for using the drug-combination HydroxyChloroQuine + AZithromycin + Zinc. AZ was approved in 1988, HCQ has been approved for malaria in over 50 years, and for Lupus and Rheumatism for decades, and all that requires for prolonged use is that an EKG is taken periodically to check for possible heart arrhythmia. It is an easy 5 day application and it shows good outcome in 91.7%  of 1061 patients. Poor outcome was observed by 4,7% and in 0,47% the patient died. The age of those who died was 74 – 95 years old. If they had not taken this medication the death rate for people of that age is 5 – 8%. This is taken from the famous Marseille study.

Sequential CQ / HCQ Research Papers and Reports

January to April 20, 2020

Executive Summary Interpretation of the Data In This Report

The HCQ-AZ combination, when started immediately after diagnosis, appears to be a safe and efficient treatment for COVID-19, with a mortality rate of 0.5%, in elderly patients. It avoids worsening and clears virus persistence and contagious infectivity in most cases.

A cohort of 1061 COVID-19 patients, treated for at least 3 days with the HCQ-AZ combination and a follow-up of at least 9 days was investigated. Endpoints were death, worsening and viral shedding persistence. From March 3rd to April 9th, 2020, 59,655 specimens from 38,617 patients were tested for COVID-19 by PCR. Of the 3,165 positive patients placed in the care of our institute, 1061 previously unpublished patients met the inclusion criteria for a Hydroxychloroquine –Azithromycin trial.

Mean age was 43.6 years old and 492 were male (46.4%), As in other studies, no cardiac toxicity was observed in this study.


  • A good clinical outcome and virological cure was obtained in 973 patients out of a total pf 1061 patients within 10 days (91.7%).


  • Mortality was significantly lower in patients who had received > 3 days of HCQ-AZ than in patients treated with other regimens both at IHU and in all Marseille public hospitals

A poor outcome was observed for 46 patients (4.3%); –10 were transferred to intensive care units, 5 patients died (0.47%) (74-95 years old), 31 required 10 days of hospitalization or more.

Among this group, 25 patients are now cured and 16 are still hospitalized (98% of patients cured so far). 

Why the different approaches to these two medications?

Most of the rest of the world are jumping on the HCQ-AZ-Z opportunity. Why not US?


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