A new little ice age is looming! Ten days in new all time record for ice in the Antartics! A Limerick.

NSIDC.org is back in business after the partial government shutdown and published its daily satellite data for ice in the southern hemisphere.

Ten days record ice set down under.

The IPCC torn asunder.

For the Ice does not lie.

Kiss the warming good-bye.

It’s worse than a crime, it’s a blunder.


In 2012 NOAA’s South Hemisphere Sea Ice Extent set a new all time record with 11 of the 12 highest levels ever recorded.

These are the top 12 highest Antarctic Sea Ice Extent’s of all time (in the satellite record)!

11 of the top 12 extents are now in 2013!

This must be an inconvenient truth since NOAA isn’t mentioning it.

Day        year       ice extent (million sq. km)

273         2013       19.57088  (Oct 1)

264         2013       19.51394

257         2013       19.51234

270         2013       19.50797

258         2013       19.48591

263         2013       19.48309

269         2013       19.47161

274         2013       19.46862

265         2013       19.46830

260         2013       19.45470

266         2012       19.45418

262         2013       19.45109antarctic_sea_ice_extent_zoomed_2013_day_291_1981-20101

Finally, the ice is melting, three weeks after spring has started in Antarctica, but the icepack is 1.1 million square kilometers (around 6 %) above the 30 year average

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