The temperature pause is back! Nineteen year, nine months and counting! A Limerick. (Updated)

La Niña came in with the cold.

Alarmists predictions on hold.

So the eighteen year pause

is now nineteen, because

no sunspots, a sight to behold.

Last month’s drop in global temperatures is the largest on record,

steepest-drop-global-temperature” The pause” is back! No global warming in the last nineteen years! The last El rss_8_month2016-temp-decline-land-rss-copyNiño has come to an end and is replaced by a La Niña. The temperature drop from September to October is 0. 6 degrees larger than normal.

Note that the results are from land area only. The worldwide data that include oceans will, like ocean temperatures show a lag. That is why land temperatures only is a leading indicator of climate change.


The sun has been unusually quiet. Much like during the beginning of the little ice age.

How is the winter shaping up so far? Look at the snow cover.

ims2016332Russia has been snow covered since the beginning of November.

Alaska and most of Canada are now snow covered.

And it is colder than ever in Siberia for this time of the year.





cxujniquuaexqfWe can see the polar vortex set up over Siberia and Greenland this year. This bodes for a very cold winter globally.  But it is interesting that the area over te Arctic ice is up to 20 degree C warmer than normal. It can only mean one thing: It snows more than normal. Thanks to this snow, the ice accumulation over Greenland is at record levels since the September minimum. accumulatedsmb

Figure: Greenland snow assumulation

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