More terror worse than ISIS. First HFC’s, then Methane. Obama, Kerry, Sanders, Clinton full of delusion. A Limerick.

The air in the air Londonderry

is terror, says charlatan Kerry.

HFC’s must depart,

next we go for the fart:

Desist! No more dairy in Derry!

From European Commission Global Methane Reduction Actions
Methane emissions vary considerably by sector with the agriculture sector accounting for 50% of the total emissions. The development of the top six sources of anthropogenic methane emissions between 1990 and 2010 in the EU are shown below and demonstrate the success of the EU and national efforts.
While agriculture and waste are accounting for 81 % of total EU methane emissions fugitive emissions from the energy sector are below
the global figures and account for 19 %. Oil &Gas and coal exploration are a minor source and are expected to decline over the next decades.
Meanwhile back in North America: The time is right for a continental approach to methane reductions. June 2016, President Peña Nieto, President Obama and Prime Minister Trudeau met in Ottawa for the North American Leaders’ Summit (NALS), and energy and environment issues were ripe topic for trilateral cooperation.

After all, it was North American action at NALS that catalyzed global action on hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), another dangerous greenhouse gas, when the three countries proposed a joint amendment to the Montreal protocol in 2009. Similarly, cooperative action on methane at the next NALS would further solidify the countries’ climate leadership and could catalyze global action. Without question, Mexico joining the United States and Canada methane reduction goal of 40-45% is the largest climate commitment NALS can deliver.


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