Matthew 18, the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven, the lost sheep, church discipline, the unmerciful servant.

Matthew 18

Ten thousand talents is about equal to 33 tons of gold or 1.3 billion dollars.

One hundred denarii is about one hundred days of work at minimum pay.

Matthew 16, the demand for a sign, the sign of Jonah, Peter’s confession of Christ, Jesus predicts his death.

Peter’s confession is the rock upon which Christ will build his church. Notice the Greek ” will be having been” bound in heaven, which means that which is already done in heaven counts in building His church.

This last phrase probably refers to the Transfiguration occurring six days later. (Next chapter)

Matthew 13, Jesus’ parables on the kingdom of heaven: the sower, the wheat and the tares, the mustard seed, the mustard seed, the yeast. the hidden treasure, the pearl of great price, the net, a prophet without honor in his own town,

Matthew 10, Jesus sends out the twelve, not peace, but a sword.

The hairs on your head are all numbered. God knows which hairs you just lost in the shower this morning!

There will be many martyrs. There are now more Christians martyred every year than there ever was in history.

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