Isaiah 1, a rebellious nation, a sinful nation, the LORD’s judgment and restoration.

No other book of the Old Testament contain as many prophecies as the Scroll of Isaiah. In fact there are so many that it was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Isaiah most probably was written in its final form around 400 A.D.

Then in 1947 A.D. a complete scroll of Isaiah was found in the cave of Qumran, and it gives the timeline of its writing as around 700 B.C.

The scroll they found was a copy, copied no later than 140 B.C. and possibly much earlier, and with that discovery a hundred years of critical biblical analysis was rendered obsolete. They found fragments of most of the Old Testament books, but also much material about day-to-day life around Jesus time, which helped in understanding many terms in the Hebrew language, the meaning of which had been lost.

Here is a list of the prophecies in Isaiah

and their fulfillment in the New Testament.

The NIV translation of the Bible uses “the LORD Almighty” instead of “the LORD of Hosts”. The LORD of Hosts is more true to the Hebrew text.

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