Isaiah 14, Israel’s return, the fall of Babylon, Lucifer, Assyria and Philistine.

Chapter 14 starts with a wonderful promise

Next is a prophecy against Babylon.

Notice the central position of Babylon in today’s Middle East.

Saddam Hussein had restored the ruins of Babylon to show the greatness of Iraq. The picture below shows a U.S. soldier after invasion of Iraq.

Yes,, Babylon shall come to an end.

Jesus saw Lucifer, also called Satan fall from heaven as lightning strikes.

The Prophet Ezekiel also foresaw Satan being thrown out of heaven.


Isaiah also prophesied the destruction of Babylon

Next is a prophecy against Assyria.



The destruction of Philistia is also foretold. It is interesting that the tribe of Dan could not take the land of the Northern Philistia, so they settled in the very northern part of Israel. Their failure to take their allotment of the promised land continues to this day.

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