It is groundhog day, and the verdict is: Early Spring and Four more years of Donald Trump, a Limerick.

It is 7.26 the morning of February 2, palindrome day, 02022020 in Punxutawney, Pennsylvania and snowing lightly. The groundhog is out and he didn’t see his shadow, but he blinked and saw something else:

Punxutawney has forecaster Phil,

and the groundhog’s prediction said: Still

four more years of Don Trump

as he tweets on the stump,

the acquittal proclaims people’s will.









News from Punxutawney Phil 2018. Six weeks more of winter. A Limerick.

Brr, it is cold at Gobblers’ Knob. It is eleven degrees this morning in Punxatawney, but with the gusty wind it feels like minus five.

A cold day in old Punxutawney

where Phil peeks from hold scared and scrawny.

He his shadow did see.

Six weeks winter will be.

Moi? Back to bed tired and yawny.

One note of curiosity. The announcement of the prognostication came at 7.20. Sunrise was 7.23. Punxutawney Phil saw his shadow form the television lights. So I guess global warming is a thing of the past.

Duelling groundhogs 2017, a Limerick.

The duelling groundhogs’ predictions:

They come with their voters’ restrictions.

One is hot, one is cold;

all to fit in the fold.

It’s all from the hogs’ jurisdictions.

This was totally predictable. Punxutawney Phil comes from the county of Jefferson, Pennsylvania, a county that voted 78.3% for Trump, so naturally he predicted six more weeks of winter. He is a representative of the 2,623 counties that voted in favor of Trump. No Climate Change here.

The impostor, Staten Island Chuck stems from the borough of Staten Island that voted 58.6% in favor of Trump. But New York City as a whole voted 81% in favor of Clinton, and as the Mayor of  New York City,  Bill De Blasio  was master of ceremonies, he didn’t dare to predict anything but an early spring, remembering what happened to his predecessor, a very unlucky grondhog the very same mayor dropped to the ground, after which fall he (she?) got hurt so badly he (she?) died a few hours later back in the zoo. It was then discovered that Chuck was actually Charlotte, an impostor, but what can you expect from New York City politicians? It didn’t prevent PETA to give De Blasio their award of the year anyway.

Chuck will represent the 520 counties won by Hillary Clinton, nearly all inner city counties, where people live Climate Change. The Urban Heat Island effect has lead to more than one degree heating in the last 30 years, and these concrete jungles will heat up some more even when there is moderate worldwide cooling.

Groundhog day 2017. A Punxutawney Phil Limerick.

The Phil Punxutawney prediction:

Six MORE weeks of winter affliction.

In the Climate change game

it is worth ’bout the same

as IPCC claims of fiction.


Here are the Climate models used by IPCC (the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change) Models versus reality:


Groundhog Day and the State of the Union. A Limerick.

state-of-the-union_gi_topOnce upon a time Air America Radio pointed out:

Obamascrawny“It is an ironic juxtaposition of events: one involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to a creature of little intelligence for prognostication while the other involves a groundhog.”

This gem was originally aired in 2007  but is much more àpropos today. Air America is now defunct, for obvious reasons, not related to this  quote. This year the state of the union speech will be given Feb 12, but seeing his vacation picture from Hawaii I could not help but make an observation:

Obama is looking a wee bit too scrawny.

Gone are the days when he seemed to be brawny.

He can’t cope with stress

So he works less and less.

Gets scared of his shadow, like Phil Punxsutawney

Phil Punxutawney