Kente cloth, a royal symbol of power, slave ownership and slave trade. A Limerick

This explains a lot.

The kente cloth stemming from Ghana

A symbol of black africana

Worn by kings who sold slaves

We got guns, even trades,

Pelosi, her slave trade persona.

This helps to explain the strange scene that Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and 33 other Democrats performed on Monday to commemorate the death of George Floyd

Mandatory Credit: Photo by MICHAEL REYNOLDS/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock (10673442i)
US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (C) and Democratic lawmakers kneel while observing a moment of silence to honor George Floyd and victims of racial injustice, on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, USA, 08 June 2020. The death of George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis has sparked global protests demanding policing reform.
US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Democratic lawmakers observe a moment of silence for George Floyd, Washington, USA – 08 Jun 2020



How to make misleading headlines while presenting facts, an example from PEW Research. A Limerick

A misleading headline from PEW

will fool you, and yet it is true.

If it’s stated as fact

it will make you react

if said without hullabaloo

The chart explains beautifully how the death rates have come down in Democratic districts and been more stable in Republican district.

Another, more descriptive headline would be: The death rate from COCID-19 in Democratic districts is improving. In mid April it used to be 3.7 times worse  than the death rate in Republican districts. It is now only 2.4 times worse.

Both statements are true, and both are partisan.

The PEW Research Center prides itself of being non-partisan. Here is their mission statement: We generate a foundation of facts that enriches the public dialogue and supports sound decision-making. We are nonprofit, nonpartisan and nonadvocacy. We value independence, objectivity, accuracy, rigor, humility, transparency and innovation.

A stunning result for HCQ +Az treatment for COVID-19 patients in Qatar! A Limerick.

The HCQ test made in Qatar

is stunning, that is all I can utter

For the death rate is low

A great fearmonger blow

Ignore it! The media mutter.

Qatar is an interesting country. It hosts America’s biggest Air base in the Middle East. With a population of only 2,8 million people it has 45,465 people that tested positive for the coronavirus, or 1.58% of the population, the highest in the world reported so far, bur only 26 deaths so far, only 0.009%, and there are nearly 400 recoveries for every death, the highest in the world.

How can that be? Does Qatar have a very unusual population profile? Yes, indeed

but it is not because of many children, no, over half of the population is working age males, nearly all guest workers. This explains a lot, but even that is not the main cause.

No, they have done a nearly universal medical protocol for all that test positive for the COVID-19 virus. All will get Hydroxychloroquine + Azithromycin , but a random sample will be selected for a small, double blind study. It started April 14 and ended May 14. The results will be published May 30 of so, but we don’t have to wait for the results of that test to verify the effectiveness of this medical treatment if begun as soon as symptoms materialize. To have the highest infection rate and the lowest death rate in the world is sufficient reason for me to advocate HCQ + AC for all eligible testing positive. Maybe if you include Zinc in the protocol the results would be even better, but we cannot wait for all the results to come in. Let us save lives now!

Appendix: Some were not be eligible for this study. The exclusion criteria were:

Ages Eligible for Study: 18 Years and older   (Adult, Older Adult)
Sexes Eligible for Study: All
Accepts Healthy Volunteers: No

Inclusion Criteria:

  • Patient is in HMC facility for low-acuity, Covid-positive patients being quarantined.
  • Positive Covid test on qualitative assay used during routine care (i.e. not as part of Q-PROTECT (that is: victims given the placebo to make it a true random test)
  • Age at least 18

Exclusion Criteria:

  • Treating physician judges patient not appropriate for study participation for any reason
  • Age <18
  • Breastfeeding or pregnancy (patient-reported pregnancy status is sufficient)
  • Hypersensitivity to chloroquine or HC or AZ
  • History of or known QT prolongation
    • EKG required before study entry and on each visit during the subject’s first seven days on pro-tocol, during the time period HC is being taken
    • Baseline QTc >480 if QRS width normal; QTc >510 if QRS >120
  • Known G6PD deficiency, porphyria, or retinopathy (eye exam prior to study entry)
  • Known hepatic or renal disease (or abnormality on liver or renal function testing at study day 1)
  • Low magnesium or low potassium (by testing on day 1)
  • Current (pre-study) therapy with antimalarial or dapsone
  • Current (pre-study) therapy with antiviral agents (e.g. oseltamivir)
  • Tisdale36 score exceeding 6 as tallied below (based on ACC recommendations)*
    • 1 point each: age>67, female sex, or being on loop diuretic
    • 2 points each: serum potassium <3.6, QTc>449, acute myocardial infarction
    • 3 points each: sepsis, heart failure, QT-prolonging drugs

Earth day 2020, the 150 year birthday of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, a.k.a. Lenin. A Limerick.

We celebrate Lenin’s old birth day

in what is now renamed the Earth Day.

It’s a globalist plot;

it’s the climate change: Not!

It’s capitalism besmirch day.

When I came to the U.S. as a green card immigrant  from a beautiful, clean Sweden in the spring of 1968 I was horrified at what I found. In Sweden they were worried about the fact that some lakes were fertilized four times more than the agricultural fields, acid rain killed the trouts in the already acid lakes and  seeds laced with Mercury as a preservative killed off most of the eagles and owls. None of this seemed to bother the Americans. Coming in to Rochester in N.Y the stench from the dead fish washing up on the shore of lake Ontario was strong, I read of a river catching on fire in Ohio and the smell of coal burning power plants without scrubbers was bad, almost as bad as in the coal and steel region of Germany. It was also the height of the Vietnam wars, and people were protesting. Many of the protestors were communists at hart, and they also turned to pollution. The aerosol pollution led to a decrease in global temperatures, so the mantra was: The ice age is coming! The worst prediction I read was that the global temperatures would be then degrees Fahrenheit lower by the year 2000! Most predictions were not that wild, but they all pointed down, ice age, here we come! The urge to clean up the pollution grew stronger and the Earth Day movement was formed, but they had to find just the right day to have the first. Since this was to become a global movement they decided on the birthday of Lenin, his 100th, very fitting for a globalist movement.  That was 1970 in Philadelphia, featured Ira Einhorn (The Unicorn Killer) as master of Ceremonies.

Now fifty years later the mantra has changed to climate change, specifically carbon pollution and carbon footprint. As the scientists were wrong then, the ice age is coming soon, so they are wrong now. The rise in CO2 causes climate change all right, and it would be really bad unless something else also changes as the CO2 concentration changes. Water vapor is a strong greenhouse gas, much stronger than CO2, and they both add to the greenhouse effect, but only at temperatures below freezing. In the tropics there is 50 times as much water vapor as there is CO2, so the tropics is not affected at all by rising CO2 levels. In the Arctic the situation is quite different. Water vapor is also a condensing gas, and forms clouds in the atmosphere. Clouds cool by day and warm by night, but the effect of cooling by day is much larger than the cooling by night, so clouds act as the major temperature regulator on earth. That is why the temperature was about the same as now when the CO2 level was over 10000 ppm, 25 times as large as now hundreds of millions of years ago. There is zero risk of overheating, there is no “tipping point” on the warm side, the clouds tale care of that. On the other hand we know that because we have too little CO2 in the air we will have a new ice age. When will it come? Not in the next thousand years, in fact, by increasing the CO2 levels we will delay the onset of the next ice age. What will happen at the Poles? There will be less cold in the winters, it will snow more but the summers will be about the same, melting more snow.

As to the corona virus the scientists predictions have so far been way off the mark, which just goes to show that making models before all facts are known produces faulty predictions every time. As Yogi Berra once said: “’It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future’” “… never make predictions – especially about the future”.


Why did the Michigan Governor prohibit promising treatment for COVID-19. A Limerick.

The Governor’s Trump hate in Lansing,

from science advancement distancing.

She would let people die,

valid treatment deny

to stop Donald Trump’s reelecting.

The Detroit News’ Kathy Hoekstra reports that Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) has sent a letter to all physicians and pharmacists in the state warning of “professional consequences” if they prescribe or dispense hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine to treat coronavirus patients. Hoekstra writes that “beyond the rational recommendation against hoarding as production of this medication needs to be ramped up, the letter deviates into open threats of “administrative action” against the licenses of doctors that prescribe hydroxychloroquine.” It also orders pharmacists to “ignore physician orders for this medication.”

There must have been a reason why Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued this threatening letter. She could have heard President Trump being excited about a promising study that offered a remedy, or, which is scary, she believed it was dangerous because a husband and wife ate spoonfuls of aquarium tank cleaner which contained chloroquine phosphate, and one of them died. What made this unbelievable story the news of the day in the mainstream media was the dying man’s words:  “Look, this is what Trump recommended, why don’t we try it?” Little did they know that 2 grams is a deadly dose, but it is perfectly safe to take an appropriate dose under a physician’s supervision. It has been taken safely for over 50 years to combat malaria.

So why was President Trump so excited about the french study he was shown? Here are the results:

This was a non random test of 80 people, and one person died, a 70+ year old woman with underlying conditions. They took a chance on her because she was within hours of probable death anyhow, but she was too far gone. The other 79 recovered.

This is no time for double blind large clinical trials. They sometimes take years to verify, and the enemy, the COVID-19 virus works on a time-frame of 3 days, so the only choice is to work with incomplete and uncertified data.

To make matters a little more complicated, China has stopped export of one of the ingredients in making this medicine, and they are the only source, until we have started up production of our own. We have to do it in days, not weeks.

Why did China stop this medical export? There are at least two possibilities, either they are lying through their teeth about the COVID-19 cases and they need it for their own consumption but didn’t tell us, or, which is even worse, they do want to maximize the damage in the rest of the world.



Nevada governor Sisolak, in a snit of Trump-hate forbids the use of two promising treatments for covid-19, later recanted. A Limerick.

An intrigue in old Carson City

Gov. Sisolak showing no pity

For his Trump-hate is great

but the virus won’t wait

no time to delay and be snitty.

Nevada’s governor has signed an emergency regulation limiting the use of two anti-malaria drugs to treat coronavirus patients, the same medication that President Donald Trump has touted as possible treatments.

Trump has said that using chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine as treatments for coronavirus could be “one of the biggest game changers in the history of medicine,” and said the drugs had been approved for a long time in the treatment of malaria.
Here is a result from a French non-randomized test. This is no time for randomized tests. They may be scientifically perfect, but they take a long time to complete and are very inefficient. Better save lives now!
U.K. and now India is blocking export of these substances, so we must make our own, and fast. FEMA has appropriated all available stockpiles of  Hydroxychloroquin and is distributing to medical doctors as needed to prevent hoarding.
To be fair, Governor Sisolak in a later tweet indicated  that he will not forbid a licensed medical doctor to administer whatever he/she deems necessary for treatment of a patient, in other words, render his executive order moot. But it  captured the headlines.


Yes, there really is a patron Saint for pandemics! And her name is Saint Corona! From Northern Italy, no less. A Limerick.

Her body is buried in Anzu;

Corona, a Saint who has fans who

really prays for her aid;

in pandemics afraid.

Fear not! But it is a bad Kung Flu!

This is really true! The Roman Catholic Church seemingly has a patron saint for everything. They even have a patron Saint for pandemics! And her name is Saint Corona! And her body is buried in the little town of Anzu, in Northern Italy, the new epicenter for the Corona virus!

Saint Corona is thought to have lived in 2nd century Syria under Roman occupation. She was only 15-years-old when she professed her Christian Faith during the persecution of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius.

According to legend, Saint Corona was arrested and tied by her feet to the tops of two palm trees which were bent to the ground. When the palms were let loose she was torn apart.

It is reported that Saint Corona is especially venerated in Austria and Bavaria as the patron saint against epidemics. Her mortal remains are now housed in the city of Anzu in northern Italy, the epicenter of the recent outbreak of Coronavirus in Europe. Her feast day is May 14.

Do airplane contrails cool or heat the earth? A Limerick.

The contrails we see in the sky

are bad they all say. I ask: Why?

For the contrails reflect

the sun’s rays. That effect

cools more, kiss the greenhouse goodbye.

Are airplane contrails contributing to the warming the earth?

Contrails are the condensation clouds that are formed under certain conditions,

and at certain altitudes, from jet engines.

It is true that the contrails act as another cloud, trapping the greenhouse gases under it. But that is not all there is. It matters at what time of day or night the contrails are formed. Pilots, as a rule prefer to fly by night, but people prefer to be flown by day, so most flights occur during daytime.

This is a fantastic 24 hour visualization of all flights. Most notable is that the vast majority of airplane flights occur during daytime, and occur over continental United States and Western Europe.

Contrails formed during daytime reflect incoming solar radiation back into space, and this reflection cools the surface of the earth much more than the trapping of greenhouse heat, which occurs both during day and night.

So, contrary to popular belief, contrails cool the earth.