Why is Norway winning the winter Olympics?

What is it with Norway? A country of barely 5 million people winning the Winter Olympics time after time? In fact, they have won the most medals of any nation since the winter Olympics started. Are they, as descendants from the Vikings genetically superior? At first glance, looking at the athletes, trim and good looking, that is certainly a possibility, but I may suggest it is more in the geography of the country and the attitude of the Norwegians. They are proud, and the whole country stand behind their athletes, not only the very elite, but also the run of the mill also-rans. And it runs in families. they start early with children skiing from the age 2

Image result for barnskridskor

Image result for familjeutflykt på skidor

Then the whole family skis up for an outing on “fjellet”

Image result for familjeutflykt på skidor

When it comes to sledding they start early. And they have real hills, right in their backyards, so sledding season is every day for monthsImage result for familjeutflykt på skidor

There are even skates for toddlers.

Image result for barnskridskor

The Norwegians are brought up on skates and skis.

In most towns they put up a lighted ski track, so people go after work and complete a few laps, rather than go to the gym.

Image result for belysta skidspår

Of course, children need help at first. But that is what parents are for.

Related image

So when the Olympics come, the whole country can celebrate!

Norske flagg og folkeliv har det vært i Lysgårdsbakkene under verdenscuprenn. Men ikke nok, mener Odd-Bjørn Hjelmeset.

With five million Norwegian Flags, no less!




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