Why is Norway winning the winter Olympics?

What is it with Norway? A country of barely 5 million people winning the Winter Olympics time after time? In fact, they have won the most medals of any nation since the winter Olympics started. Are they, as descendants from the Vikings genetically superior? At first glance, looking at the athletes, trim and good looking, that is certainly a possibility, but I may suggest it is more in the geography of the country and the attitude of the Norwegians. They are proud, and the whole country stand behind their athletes, not only the very elite, but also the run of the mill also-rans. And it runs in families. they start early with children skiing from the age 2

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Then the whole family skis up for an outing on “fjellet”

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When it comes to sledding they start early. And they have real hills, right in their backyards, so sledding season is every day for monthsImage result for familjeutflykt på skidor

There are even skates for toddlers.

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The Norwegians are brought up on skates and skis.

In most towns they put up a lighted ski track, so people go after work and complete a few laps, rather than go to the gym.

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Of course, children need help at first. But that is what parents are for.

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So when the Olympics come, the whole country can celebrate!

Norske flagg og folkeliv har det vært i Lysgårdsbakkene under verdenscuprenn. Men ikke nok, mener Odd-Bjørn Hjelmeset.

With five million Norwegian Flags, no less!




Isaiah 54, the Covenant of Peace.

After the gigantic chapter 53, writing about the sin-bearing, suffering servant the narrative switches back to God’s servant, Israel.

In the New Testament God’s servant Israel is expanded to include the adopted children of Abraham.

We have this hope: No weapon forged against you will prevail.

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The State always knows best. “A choice we don’t want women to make”.

Obama is calling for 6  million new free daycare and pre-K places so they can better educate of the children.

This is the world of modern feminism, stay home mothers contribute nothing to society, only women that “work” do.

And they claim to be pro-choice!

Of all things Obama, now this takes the cake:

“A choice we don’t want any mother to make”.

For the State knows what’s best

You can fill in the rest:

Your children are ours for a new world to make.

Obama using children as hostages to force immigration bill? A Limerick.

While children are flooding the Mexican borderObamaMussolini

Obama will rule by executive order.

Constitution? Who cares?

The one lawless prepares

to take over the country by civil disorder.

If House Republicans do not act on immigration in the way Barack Obama wants soon, then the president will simply “borrow” Congress’ legislative powers and unilaterally rule on the issue, bypassing Congress once again, Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said Thursday, May 26.

“I don’t know how much more time he thinks he needs, but I hope that Speaker Boehner will speak up today,” Durbin said. “And if he does not, the president will borrow the power that is needed to solve the problems of immigration.”

Democrats have issued an ultimatum to Republicans in the House, telling them that if they do not do Obama’s bidding on immigration by the end of July, the president will simply adopt the mantle of dictator and rule on his own.

“We’re at the end of the line,” Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., told reporters. “We’re not bluffing by setting a legislative deadline for them to act.”