The need to develop Thorium based Nuclear Energy as the major electric energy supply. 5. Radioactive waste from an LFTR decays down to background radiation in 300 years compared to a million years for U-235 based reactors.

 Radioactive waste from an LFTR (Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor)  decays down to background radiation in 300 years instead of a million years for U-235 based reactors. Initially LFTRs produce as much radioactivity as an U-235 based nuclear reactor, since fission converts mass to heat, but the decay products have a much shorter half-life. See the figure below.

Democrat campaign bus dumps a load. A Limerick.


The “Forward Together” bus passing through Lawrenceville, Georgia, dumping human waste in a storm drain (Credit: Mike Robins)

They dumped all their poop down the drain

A Hazmat team called, but in vain

Team “forward together”

did reek. Not too clever.

Disgusting. Do they have a brain?

So much for the Democrats concern for the environment.

Concrete evidence China has cemented its position as world leader.

We now have concrete evidence China has cemented its position as world leader!

World cement production_2This simple pie chart shows China’s cement production is eight times larger than India’s and 30 times larger than United States’.

Stating it another way China has produced more cement in the last 3 years than United States has produced in the last 100 years!

I also realize India is building its infrastructure as fast as they can, and we are not.

Which country is fourth in cement production?
If you guessed Iran, you are right.  Iran’s cement production is about 5% less than U.S. They are building bunkers.

What is China doing with all its cement?

SouthChinaclaimFor one thing they are building artificial islands in the South China Sea. Their goal is to annex the whole South China Sea.





But that is not all. They are also building ghost towns in areas where nobody lives.






























This is the Chinese model. Growing 7 to 10% per year, financing major construction projects. This is a pre-war mentality.

Cement production is also a very energy intensive process. For those worried about CO2, cement production is responsible for about 5% of all CO2 emissions in the world, more than half of it from China.

China also burns half of the world’s coal, and do it with marginal scrubbing releasing soot in the atmosphere causing the air in Beijing to be hazardous about 150 days per year.

A woman wearing a mask walk through a street covered by dense smog in Harbin, northern China, Monday, Oct. 21, 2013. Visibility shrank to less than half a football field and small-particle pollution soared to a record 40 times higher than an international safety standard in one northern Chinese city as the region entered its high-smog season. (AP Photo/Kyodo News) JAPAN OUT, MANDATORY CREDIT

This brown cloud goes out in the Pacific Ocean, then up in the Arctic, settling on the snow and ice, causing the show and ice to have a faster spring ans summer melt.








This is at least partly why the Arctic ice is shrinking while the Antarctic ice is growing.


This chart was made in 2003. Since then Chinese cement production has tripled. Notice the southern hemisphere is by comparison pollution free.  The CO2 levels are the same for the northern and southern hemisphere, but the temperature trends over the poles go in opposite direction.




For the Climate Summit! Fifth Day in a row for new all time record of sea-ice in the Antarctic!

The Antarctic sea ice now covers an area that is larger than United States and Canada combined. The amount of ice over last years record is larger than the country of Finland.

One wonder if this is even going to be mentioned at the United Nations’ Summit on Climate Change September 23 in N.Y.

The Climate Summit September 23 in N.Y. is expected to gather more than 120 heads of state.

Notably absent will be Aussie PM Tony Abbott representing 1.12% of the world’s CO2 emissions, Chinese President Xi Jinping with 24.65%, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with 6%, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper with 1.48%, German Chancellor Angela Merkel with 3% and Russian President Vladimir Putin with 5.18%.

The absences represent about 43% of the world’s CO2 emissions. Of course, when it comes to real pollution, nobody beats China. A good day in Beijing would be an air alert in the U.S.

Here are the  30 highest daily values for sea-ice in millions of square Kilometers.

2014,    09,  16,   19.91462,  New absolute record

2014,    09,  15,   19.81305,  Yesterday’s record

2014,    09,  14,   19.75260,  Record 2 days ago

2014,    09,  13,   19.73444,  Record 3 days ago

2014,    09,  12,   19.62641,   Record 4 days ago

2013,    09,  30,   19.57892,        2013 final absolute record

2013,    09,  28,   19.57295,         2013 record

2013,    10,  01,   19.57088,

2013,    09,  21,   19.56010,        2013 record

2013,    09,  14,   19.55145,         2013 record

2014,    09,  11,   19.54671,

2013,    09,  20,   19.53172,

2013,    09,  27,   19.51465,

2013,    09,  13,   19.50511,         2013 record

2013,    09,  22,   19.50450,

2013,    09,  29,   19.50390,

2013,    09,  18,   19.50078,

2013,    09,  17,   19.49298,

2014,    09,  10,   19.48881,

2013,    09,  19,   19.48110,

2012,    09,  22,   19.47713,       2012 new absolute record

2012,    09,  25,   19.47159,

2013,    09,  16,   19.47074,

2013,    10,  02,   19.46862,

2012,    09,  26,   19.47649,

2013,    09,  26,   19.46622,

2012,    09,  24,   19.46327,

2012,    09,  23,   19.45940,

2014,    09,  09,   19.45600,

2013,    09,  24,   19.44938,