Humor in China? You must be kidding. Even Winnie the Pooh is now banned, a Limerick.

Now China banned Winnie the Pooh.

Not much that a small bear can do.

For the Pooh is a thing

Too much like Xi Jinping,

he nixed Twitter humor, boo-hoo.

Twitter is limited to very few characters, so the best use of it is to include pictures. This is what led Winnie the Pooh to be banned in China. The pictures are really pretty good. Like this:

This one is from 2013

And this:

Here the Japanese Prime minister i portrayed as Eeyore

And this is just too cute:

It is clear that banning Winnie the Pooh now after having enjoyed it for four or more years can only mean that China is tightening the screws on free speech even further. Are they ready to go even more totalitarian?


The World Economic Forum, no meeting between the Chinese President and the Trump team, a Limerick.

The Globalists gather in Davos’

Hear all of the insiders bravos.

Chinese President Xi

goes to meet Trump, say hi.

No Trump team went there, Xi can’t shove us.

With Chinese President Xi Jinping set to headline the attendees as a speaker on opening day of this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, those handling his messaging and his calendar indicated that channels of communication were open and that there was the possibility of a meeting between China’s staff members and those of President-elect Trump.

However, “Trump won’t send an official representative to the annual gathering of the world’s economic elite in Davos, taking place January 17 – 20, the days leading up to his inauguration.” The stated reason by a senior member of Trump’s transition team is that “the president-elect thought it would betray his populist-fueled movement to have a presence at the high-powered annual gathering in the Swiss Alps.

Heads of state, who’s who of multinational corporations, prominent academics, philanthropists, U.S. Senators and Congressmen, world bankers and a retinue of journalists, celebrities and hangers-on will attend the three day conference and enjoy such davos-menu_0culinary delicacies as a thirty-six dollar hot dog and a thirty-two dollar ham and cheese sandwich. One can just imagine what a hasenpfeffer  with all the trimmings and lubricants will cost. There are 2200 attendees, and with all their entourage and with all the needed service people the population of Davos will swell from 11000 to 31000.

One of the subjects coming up is their cherished Climate Change Control debate. DavosGetting to Davos is no easy task. It is nested among mountains, and nearby airports are small and with very little capacity to accommodate the 1700 private jets, so the jets have to deliver the dignitaries, then disperse over Switzerland, France, Germany and Italy. The dignitaries need limousines, maybe exceeding existing limos in Switzerland, so limousines will come from surrounding countries to serve them. All this in the name of saving the planet from the evil of Climate Change.



For the Climate Summit! Fifth Day in a row for new all time record of sea-ice in the Antarctic!

The Antarctic sea ice now covers an area that is larger than United States and Canada combined. The amount of ice over last years record is larger than the country of Finland.

One wonder if this is even going to be mentioned at the United Nations’ Summit on Climate Change September 23 in N.Y.

The Climate Summit September 23 in N.Y. is expected to gather more than 120 heads of state.

Notably absent will be Aussie PM Tony Abbott representing 1.12% of the world’s CO2 emissions, Chinese President Xi Jinping with 24.65%, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with 6%, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper with 1.48%, German Chancellor Angela Merkel with 3% and Russian President Vladimir Putin with 5.18%.

The absences represent about 43% of the world’s CO2 emissions. Of course, when it comes to real pollution, nobody beats China. A good day in Beijing would be an air alert in the U.S.

Here are the  30 highest daily values for sea-ice in millions of square Kilometers.

2014,    09,  16,   19.91462,  New absolute record

2014,    09,  15,   19.81305,  Yesterday’s record

2014,    09,  14,   19.75260,  Record 2 days ago

2014,    09,  13,   19.73444,  Record 3 days ago

2014,    09,  12,   19.62641,   Record 4 days ago

2013,    09,  30,   19.57892,        2013 final absolute record

2013,    09,  28,   19.57295,         2013 record

2013,    10,  01,   19.57088,

2013,    09,  21,   19.56010,        2013 record

2013,    09,  14,   19.55145,         2013 record

2014,    09,  11,   19.54671,

2013,    09,  20,   19.53172,

2013,    09,  27,   19.51465,

2013,    09,  13,   19.50511,         2013 record

2013,    09,  22,   19.50450,

2013,    09,  29,   19.50390,

2013,    09,  18,   19.50078,

2013,    09,  17,   19.49298,

2014,    09,  10,   19.48881,

2013,    09,  19,   19.48110,

2012,    09,  22,   19.47713,       2012 new absolute record

2012,    09,  25,   19.47159,

2013,    09,  16,   19.47074,

2013,    10,  02,   19.46862,

2012,    09,  26,   19.47649,

2013,    09,  26,   19.46622,

2012,    09,  24,   19.46327,

2012,    09,  23,   19.45940,

2014,    09,  09,   19.45600,

2013,    09,  24,   19.44938,