Esther 8, Esther saves the Jews.

Esther 8, Esther saves the Jews.

After a very successful tour to India, (“She came, she spoke, she conquered, Hindustan Times) former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin went to Israel to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu, Security was tight,

And Sarah Palin, with her husband Todd were invited to a private Purim dinner at the Prime Minister’s home.

Then, in May 2011 the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke: Here is a small excerpt

And President Obama became custodian of a handwritten scroll of Esther.

Esther 3, Haman’s plot for genocide against the Jews.

According to 1 Samuel, God told Samuel to utterly destroy the Agagites, but Saul did not do so, so Saul lost his kingdom to David. Since then there was great animosity between the Agagites and the Jews.