July 1, read through the Holy Bible in a year in Power-point, with comments.

In between the Apostle Paul’s first and second letter to the Corinthians we read one chapter of Proverbs and the last two chapters of second Chronicles.

July 1: Proverbs 8 2 Chronicles 35, 2 Chronicles 36 (click on the chapter to begin reading)

Proverbs 8 praises the excellence of Wisdom.

2 Chronicles 35. Josiah celebrated Passover lavishly but after that he foolishly engaged king Neco of Egypt, who intended to fight somebody else. The result was that Josiah died in battle. One of the mourners was the Prophet Jeremiah and he  wrote Lamentations.

2 Chronicles 36 tells a sad story,  the reign and captivity of Jehoahaz,  Jehoiakim and Jehoiachin.  Zedekiah was granted king by Nebudchadnezzar but rebelled. This led to the fall of Jerusalem and seventy years of captivity. 2 Chronicles ends with Cyrus’ Proclamation.

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