Obama honored Sarah Palin renaming Mount McKinley to Denali.

Obama the clueless renamed mount McKinley.

To honor the “High One” its name is Denali.

Good old Secret Service with humor sublime

used that as her code name when she ran last time.

NOTE: “Denali” was the name assigned to Gov. Sarah Palin by the United States Secret Service during the 2008 campaign. Her husband’s code name, per Secret Service, was “Driller.” 

Barack Hussein Obama on the other hand was given the code name “Renegade”.

Full definition of renegade:

1:  a deserter from one faith, cause, or allegiance to another
2:  an individual who rejects lawful or conventional behavior
Soo – in full accordance with his cluelessness Obama renamed the mountain after his successor!
Some fantastic pictures from Alaska in Sarah Palin’s op-ed:

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