Matthew 18, the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven, the lost sheep, church discipline, the unmerciful servant.

Matthew 18

Ten thousand talents is about equal to 33 tons of gold or more than a billion dollars.

One hundred denarii is about one hundred days of work at minimum pay.

Matthew 4, the Temptation of Jesus, calling of the first disciples, early ministry.

The tempter appeals to Jesus to show His power over the elements, Jesus answers back with scripture.


The tempter is wising up. Now he is using scripture to tempt Jesus.

Jesus answers back with scripture.

Finally the tempter appeals to Jesus vanity. This always works, except this time. Jesus answers back with scripture.

The prophecy in Isaiah 9 begins in doom and gloom, but promises the great light.

And Isaiah 9:6-7 is two of the most wonderful verses in all of scripture.

Matthew calls it “the Kingdom of Heaven, the other Gospels “the Kingdom of God”. It means the same.  “My Kingdom is not of this world”