May 14, read through the Bible in a year.

Continuing with the Acts of the Apostles, and two chapters in 1 Kings.

May 14: Acts 25, 1 Kings 2, 1 Kings 3, (click on the chapter to begin reading)

Acts 25.  Paul stood trial before Festus, and Festus found that as the charges were all religious he suggested sending Paul to Jerusalem but Paul Appealed to Caesar. To finalize the charges Paul then went before King Agrippa and client Queen Bernice (Festus  could find nothing chargeable according to Roman Law on his own).

1 Kings 2. David gave his final instructions to Solomon, to whom he should show kindness and to whom he should not, and then David died. Solomon Executed Adonijah, exiled Abathar, executed Joab and Shimel, and showed kindness to the ones that had helped David. The kingdom was then firmly Solomon’s.

1 Kings 3. Solomon Requests wisdom,and got it as well as great rices. Solomon then showed his wise judgment.