Isaiah 21, prophecies against Babylon, Edom, Arabia.


Elam is another word for ancient Persia, the fall of Babylon is described in


Tema:  The name of a son of Ishmael (Gen 25:15; 1 Ch 1:30) , also an oasis half-way between Edom and Medina in what is now the Levant part of Saudi Arabia.

Kedar, meaning dark-skinned was the second son of Ishmael (Genesis 25:13) . It was also the name for the nomadic tribes of Arabs, the Bedouins generally (Isa. 21:16; 42:11; 60:7; Jer. 2:10; Ezek. 27:21), who dwelt in the northwest of Arabia. They lived in black hair-tents (Song of Songs 1:5). To “dwell in the tents of Kedar” was to be cut off from the worship of the true God (Psalms 120:5). The Kedarites suffered at the hands of Nebuchadnezzar (Jer. 49:28-29).


Isaiah 19, the Burden of Egypt, the future blessin of Assyria, Egypt and Istael.

The Pyramids of Giza pre-dates Abraham by more than 1000 years. The ancient civilization was quite advanced for its time. As we can see from this mural in the lower right corner they used computers even in that day. Wait! It must be a hoax. Nobody uses Cathode Ray Tubes anymore, and they certainly didn’t then.

A picture from the “Arab spring”.

In best socialist tradition the High Aswan Dam was completed in 1970, regulating the flow of the Nile River,  creating Lake Nasser and producing electricity. It looked good on paper and wa a worthwhile project unless you count for the unintended consequences.

A large number of ancient monument had to be removed from the future lake-bed or they would be destroyed. Egypt was not going to save the relics of the old civilization, so the rest of the world had to pay for their move. Only the most famous were saved, the rest are in the process of being destroyed.

The evaporation in lake Nasser, being in the desert, water evaporates at a rate of between 0.15 and 0.4 inches per day, so 25% of the water of the Nile is not flowing downstream, reducing the electricity production. In addition, the silt that used to fertilize the lower Nile and the Nile Delta gets stuck in the lake.

This has caused the Mediterranean Sea fishermen to lose 90% of a previously lucrative shrimp harvest. On the plus side the fish catch in Lake Nasser is increased. The silt that used to fertilize the Delta has been replaced by fertilizer,  which is very expensive. On the plus side water is regulated, and the Delta never floods, so they can grow more harvests, even during the low water season. On the negative side, since the canals are always filled and never drying out, the canals stink and are filled with leeches and disease causing bacteria, viruses, amoebas and all kinds of pollution.,


Isaiah is full of play on words that cannot be translated. Check the similarity of the two names differing by only one different stroke of the pen.

Isaiah 18, a prophecy against Cush.

The land of ancient Cush is what is now Sudan and the most southern part of Egypt. Sudan is now one of the most militant Muslim countries in the world. A few years ago a British kindergarten teacher in a private school had a teddy bear in class and asked  the students to name it. They chose the name Muhammad. This came to the attention of the local militia, so she had to immediately flee the country.

Isaiah 17, the Burden against Damascus,

Damascus was famous since Roman times for their swords. They were forged from an iron ore imported from India containing Tungsten and Vanadium and carbonized using leaves rather than charcoal. Around 1750 the ore was exhausted and many have tried to reproduce the sword forging, none able  to duplicate it. It seems that the ore also contained carbon nanotubes making it exceedingly flexible and forge-able making them the sharp enough to split a hair.

Damascus is the oldest city that has never been destroyed. For this reason Isaiah has been questioned as a Prophet, since it has not happened yet. Yet today Damascus is in the news again.

Some years ago, then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi visited Damascus to make diplomacy with Syria against the will of the State Department. What was she really doing?

She, an American infidel (Roman Catholic) woman was doing the sign of the cross inside the Ummayid Mosque. To her credit, she wore a proper hijab. Diplomacy at its best.

The destruction has begun, but the total destruction overnight is yet to happen.

This siege did not finish off Damascus.

Isaiah 15, a prophecy against Moab.

When the Jews settled the promised land, Reuben, Gad and half of the half-tribe of Manasseh decided to settle east of the Jordan river. Reuben settled in southern Ammon and northern Moab.

The city of Dibon changed hands many times, destroyed and rebuilt.

The fort of Macherus is no more. It was here, according to Josephus that John the Baptist was beheaded.