At 99, after affecting millions on earth Billy Graham is finally gone home to meet his savior and also his wife.

The Rev. Billy Graham passed away this morning, the 21 of February at the age of 99. What a life this man had! And God even gave him the grace to give a “final” message on God’s grace, ending with the sinner’s prayer. I watched the moving messages, but with his passing it hit me;  In the form of a Limerick:


He spoke to the millions on earth.

How much is a life like that worth?

In God’s eyes it’s the same

As that bum that just came

to the cross. Of God’s grace there’s no dearth.

Picture above: Sarah Palin congratulates Billy graham on his 95th birthday. Franklin Graham and Todd Palin are the other two. At the 95 year celebration Sarah Palin gave the tribute:

Settlers, real prayers welcomed at the Donald Trump inauguration. A Limerick.

Who’ll come to the inauguration?

The settlers from Israel Nation.

Franklin Graham will pray

to CAIR’s utter dismay.

The Trump-haters vent their frustration.

President-Elect Donald Trump is sending a clear signal to the international community and to the Israeli government, that the incoming administration will be adopting a far different posture than the current occupant of the Oval Office by inviting leaders of Israeli West Bank settlements to his inauguration.
The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Muslim-rights group designated by the Justice Department as a terrorist co-conspirator, is calling on Donald Trump to drop Rev. Franklin Graham as one of six clergy who will offer prayers at the Jan. 20 inauguration ceremony.This is not the first time CAIR has attempted to have Graham banned from official Washington functions. In 2010 the group celebrated its success at having Graham dropped from The National Day of Prayer at the Pentagon.


There will be a new Sheriff in town
The Snowflakes will eventually evaporate.