The Brits voted to exit EU. Obama made the difference. A Limerick.

President Obama visited Britain recently and advocated strongly for Britain to stay in the EU, warning that if they left they would be at “the back of the queue” for a U.S. trade deal. According to polls taken just before and just after Obama’s visit, that recommendation alone lead to a 3 to 5 point uptick in favor of Brexit.

The Brits did bid EU adieu,

and went “to the back of the queue.”

As Obama chimed in

to “help” Cameron win.

all polls did go widely askew.

The results are in: After a long night of vote counting, the final results have been issued: 51.9% of voters chose to leave the EU, while 48.1% wanted to remain.

The exit margin is equal to the Obama visit surge in Brexit polls.


Funeral selfie. Obama, Cameron and Helle Thorning-Schmidt are having a good time during the sermon part of the memorial service. A Limerick.

Obama, the pre-adolescent

shows spite for the cross, not the crescent.

But a ‘selfie’ is fine

“I look good, it is mine.”

His most nascent descent is indecent.

For some reason President Obama was seated next to the Danish Social Democratic Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and British Prime Minister David Cameron. They seem to enjoy themselves immensely during the ceremony. It was probably taken during the sermon part of the eulogy, after the world leaders Obama and Raoul Castro had made their remarks. It took the U.S. news services over two hours to figure out who the lady in the middle was. Anyhow, she took a selfie of herself with Obama and Cameron. Is this any way for leaders of the free world to behave during a solemn ceremony?


Look, the rest of the people and Michelle Obama look bored listening to the sermon.


This looks interesting. You look pretty good too.


This is hilarious. Where were we?


It is getting funnier all the time. Prince Charming himself succeeds again.


Look there! A fellow socialist!


Forget Michelle. You are my type of girl.


We better behave. She is catching on to us.


Oh, hi there. We are having a good time.

(Foto: Roberto Schmidt © Scanpix)