Vermont, most vaccinated state in the nation has new daily record of COVID-19 cases.

Vermont is a beautiful state with great ski mountains that turn green in the summer, that is why it is called Vermont, french for green mountain. It has also the highest vaccination rate in the nation; 81.5 % of the whole population has received at least one dose by Nov 13, and 72.0 percent are fully vaccinated. Already in May over 70% of the population had received at least one dose of vaccination; so they are now more than six months into what can be called fully vaccinated, since 11,7% of the population are not eligible, being children under 12 years of age.

How are they doing?

Vermont was doing remarkably well up to about April of 2021, when most people got their doses of vaccine, and cases fell to near zero during June and July, which “proved” the efficacy of the vaccine until August when cases began rising again and were on Nov 11 more than twice as many as the highest daily total before vaccinations began.

It turns out that the vaccine we have received is not a vaccine in the old definition of vaccine, something that grants immunity to the disease, so CDC has changed the definition of vaccine to mean something that lessens the symptoms of the disease. So all vaccinated people have now the capacity to become “typhoid Marys” keeping reinfecting each other, both vaccinated and unvaccinated.

On the other hand, people having had COVID-19 have natural immunity and do not transmit the virus to anyone anymore, unless they also get vaccinated. CDC has no record of anyone having had the disease and is not vaccinated that has infected another person.

Am I understanding this right?

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