Trouble in Sweden. A knife wielding, masked man kills 2, wounds 2 in a school in Trollhättan, then is killed by Police.

3769552030Sweden is in serious trouble. Once a peaceful country of Swedes with a smattering of Finns and refugees from the Baltic countries it has now swelled by about 2 million new arrivals, immigrants and  asylum seekers, mostly from Muslim countries. This year alone they are set to receive about 190,000 asylum seekers, nearly all from the Middle East and Muslim parts of Africa. In a country of less than 10 million inhabitants this causes great stress on the resources, so much so that the Government is saying: “If any more come, we will have to let them winter in tents”.  Yet they keep coming, by the thousands a day.

Sweden has made an effort to assimilate the immigrants. People with jihadist tendencies have been given preferential treatment in job placement in the hope that given a job they will change their behavior, leaving an increasingly jobless Swedish youth resentful.

The immigrants live mostly in segregated enclaves in the city suburbs. Such is the case with Kronogården, Trollhättan, and teaching in the schools there can be challenging. This afternoon, Swedish time, a man donning a star wars mask and an object that has been described as a sword, a machete, a Crocodile Dundee knife or a knife-like object depending on the eyewitness came to the school. The students gathered around him and wanted to hold the sword thinking it was a Halloween prank. A teacher got worried, called the Police and went up to the knife-wielding man to talk to him, but was promptly killed by the sword. In all two were killed and two students seriously wounded. The Police came and shot the perpetrator, a 20 year old man. He has been identified, and the knifemanPolice is now raiding his apartment. When I find out more I will update the post.

Update: Early reports say the perpetrator was a Nazi sympathizer and critical of Islam.

He had a clean record, was not known by the Police.

He had a job as an apprentice at a local firm.

his high school classmates are flabbergasted he could have done it. All considered him kind but withdrawn, living in his own world, spending his free time playing video and internet games.

Update: His name was Anton Lundin Pettersson. This is a very Swedish name. In searching his internet files he had no connection with any right wing organizations. He had downloaded one Nazi propaganda film and the music piece “När ondskan talar” (when evil speaks) on his computer. That was pretty much it.

Update: About the school where the murders took place.

Sweden believes strongly in culture centers. Such was the case with this school. It doubles as a public library and a culture center, complete with a Café. This café is located in the middle of the culture center, and is open to the public. It became Cafeknown as a “Gubbcafé” ( a place where older men congregate, spending hours looking at all the children passing by between classes and going to the school cafeteria.) In addition it is frequented by the immigrant community, mostly military age men making their observations and comments. The teachers and students have made numerous complaints that they felt unsafe and threatened, but nothing had been done before yesterday.

Sweden has now become the country with the second highest incidents of rape in the world, second only to South Africa. With the influx of another 180000 refugees, mostly military age men coming from a culture where any unescorted girl is free game, it can only get worse.

It has gotten so bad that Norway is considering closing the border with Sweden, something almost unfathomable until this latest invasion of refugees.

By comparison 180000 refugees coming to Sweden, a country of 9.4 million corresponds to a refugee flow of over 5 million into the U.S. in a year!

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