On President Obama’s visit to Alaska. Check the tree-stumps in the retreating glaciers. A Limerick.

5087-alaska-glacier-thawsPresident Obama is on a mission to Alaska to promote draconian measures to combat Climate Change. What he doesn’t know is that Alaskans see evidence of the Ice Age everywhere, and that warm and cold periods has been with Alaska since time began. He can begin studying the tree-stumps that pop up out of melting glaciers and ask himself – why?

Well, he won’t. A quote from Obama’s speech in Alaska: “If we do nothing, Alaskan temperatures are projected to rise between six and twelve degrees by the end of the century ”

On the other hand, if we do implement his draconian measures, we might lessen the temperature rise by about 0.05 degrees. *

Old tree-stumps in glaciers that shrink.

It once was much warmer – you think.

We can learn from the past

warm and cold will not last.

This doesn’t make sense?  – Seek a shrink.TreestumpsMendenhall

Background:An ancient forest which is thought to have been hidden for at least 1,000 years has been discovered beneath a melting glacier. The trees are between 1000 and 2800 years old.

Logs and stumps can be seen underneath the thawing 37 square mile Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska, with some of the trees still bearing roots and bark.

Remnants of the forest have been protruding from the river of ice, which flows into a lake near the city of Juneau for around five decades.

(Thanks to Janice Moore, Limerick Updated.)

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