Islam and death and the spread of Ebola.

Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said: “We love death like our enemies love life!”

Thanks to Ebola they are about to get their wishes granted.

The key is in Sharia law and how a traditional Muslim funeral is conducted.

When a Muslim dies it is the duty of the whole family – immediate or extended to participate in and conduct the funeral. First the body must be ceremonially cleansed (ghushi) by the immediate family (of the same sex of course), then the body is clothed in a plain cloth (the kafan), followed by the Janazah prayer, consisting of among other words four Allahu Akbar. The prayer is conducted standing up, not prostrate as in the five daily prayers, and anybody in the community may show respect by reciting the prayers.

The grave is shallow and dug perpendicular to Mecca. The body is then laid bare and sideways with the head facing Mecca, packed down by first the immediate family then by an extended group.

So we now have the whole family, and then potentially the whole community exposed to Ebola. This spreads from village to village until all are infected.

Into this Obama is sending 4000 battle trained troops to combat Ebola, but he is not issuing a travel ban.

This information is common knowledge  (I took it from Wikipedia), but other sources corroborate this and are far more detailed. (And scary, knowing how contagious Ebola is).

Why is there no outcry from the world medical authorities about this? Are they so afraid to be called islamophobic that they cannot speak out?wEbola_graphic2

And where is the press?

Here is a map of the most infected countries.

It started in southern Guinea, a Muslim country, then spread to North West Liberia, also Muslim province.


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6 thoughts on “Islam and death and the spread of Ebola.”

  1. Articles like this make me sad, particularly as they reflect attitudes to victims that are almost the opposite of the main thrust of Jesus’ message. What happened to love for one’s neighbour?
    It is somewhat shortsighted to see the spread of Ebola through the poorest African countries as a consequence of the Islamic practices when in fact the lack of interest in helping such situations allowed the disease to start spreading in the first place. There is also some irony in the attitude which states that it is better to object to any efforts to address the situation when even a rudimentary understanding of the spread of disease means that an unchecked outbreak means that the disease would then spread to the so called rich nations.

    1. My friend, you have totally misunderstood my cry for a proper response to the Ebola crisis. The root cause is to be found in Islamic practices and Sharia law. As long as these practices continue it is futile to save an Islamic village once the outbreak has started. The key to prevent further spread is in quarantining villages, educate about how the disease spreads and abolish the funeral rituals. There is nothing unchristian about that. My heart aches for all the Muslims, enslaved as they are in a death cult. They need to be set free.
      A travel ban is a logical first step. Even Saudi Arabia understands that. They have issued a ban on pilgrimage to Mecca from the affected countries.
      Using combat troops in West Africa is a bad idea. They are experts in combat and treating combat casualties. Biological warfare is yet untested territory, even though they are trained in chemical warfare.

  2. And here was me thinking that the root cause was the evolution of a virus haboured by a fruit bat, first detected in the 1970s and largely ignored by those with the means to do something about it because Westerners were not affected. This is the reason why there is no real progress in developing a vaccine. The Wright Brothers ( not Muslims) developed aeroplanes which can now shift the victims around the world, and because the world’s population is now very large, isolated populations are a thing of the past. Details about the direction in which bodies are buried are hardly likely to affect viruses and the range of funeral arrangements, while related is hardly unique to Muslims. Many native peoples have inappropriate funeral customs when viruses are involved – and many Christian funerals I have attended involve open coffins, having the body available to relatives for a period of mourning before burial/
    . Since Muslims are supposed bury their dead within 24 hours this is surely not as dangerous and having the body laid out in a home as is done with many Christian groups.Of course travel should be restricted – but surely supplying the resources to help deal with the victims is also essential. The Muslims in this country (New Zealand) are not enslaved in a death cult (that is an outrageous charge) – although who knows what the US population is imposing on their immigrants.

    1. There are actually five strains of the Ebola virus, and the U.S. government has the patent on one of them. It has been known for a long time that Ebola is a potent biological weapon of mass destruction, and therefore there is a concerted effort to develop a vaccine against it not only by the U.S. but also Canada among other nations. As to the West African countries, medical missionaries are generally welcome in the Christian and animistic parts. Not so in the Muslim parts, and that is where the spread is the greatest. In countries where Sharia law is not practiced, such as in your N.Z. this is not a problem. In the U.S. all the Muslims I know, and there are quite a few of them, are all peace-loving and friendly. However ISIS, Hamas and Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, Boko-Haram and numerous other cults are gaining ground, and they are all death cults.

  3. Well lets take one of the three countries where Ebola is a serious proble. Liberia. Liberia has 85.5 Christians (mainly descended from freed slaves – a good number of whom came from the US!) and 12.2% Muslim…. and you seriously claim that their Ebola problem has basic Muslim cause???

    1. O.k. My sources seems to indicate Christian 67%, animists 19%, Muslim 14%. Be that as it may, this Ebola outbreak started in southern Guinea, a Muslim territory, and spread to northwest Liberia, also Muslim.
      Lately it has spread to the slums of Monrovia. Doctors without borders and Samaritan’s purse operate mostly in the Christian areas where they are welcomed by the population.

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