Obama Constrained by the Constitution. Thank God!! A Limerick.

Obama Constrained by the Constitution. Thank God!!

Constitution constrains: That’s his beef,
That Obama still knows, small relief.
He once taught, as adjunct.
Constitution defunct.
Now it is: “I’m Commander In Chief”.
President Obama made a few remarks yesterday in Colorado as he celebrated the fact Colorado had passed some of the strictest gun control legislation in America, severely affecting Second Amendment rights.
He was very excited about Colorado’s extreme laws, characterizing them as “good news.”
But why Obama’s speech got attention was because he complained about being constrained by the Constitution.

Thus, Obama said:

“You hear some of these quotes: “I need a gun to protect myself from the government.”
We can’t do background checks because the government’s gonna come take my guns away.
The government’s us. These officials are elected by you. They are elected by you.
I am elected by you. I am constrained, as they are constrained, by a system that our Founders put in place.
It’s a government of and by and for the people.”

Thank God for the Constitution!!
Hitler was first appointed, then elected by the people, but the Weimar Republic did not have proper safe-guards, and so he was able to reshape the way the Republic functioned and made himself Dictator.
Our Constitution Constrains.
Thank God!!

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Retired engineer, graduated from Chalmers Technical University a long time ago with a degree in Technical Physics. Career in Aerospace, Analytical Chemistry, computer chip manufacturing and finally adjunct faculty at Pennsylvania State University, taught just one course in Computer Engineering, the Capstone Course.

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