The Fiscal condition of all 50 States.

The Mercatus Center of George Mason University has come out with a study of which states are most fiscally solvent. These are their rankings of all 50 states. The best fiscal status in enjoyed by states ruled by a Republican governor, Republican legislature. There are 24 of these with an average score of 1.02

1. Alaska                               8.80mercatus

2. South Dakota                2.79

3. North Dakota                2.75

4. Nebraska                        2.53

5. Wyoming                        2.23

6. Florida                              1.99

7. Ohio                                  1.71

8. Tennessee                     1.71

10. Alabama                        1.25

11. Utah                               1.03

12. Oklahoma                    0.93

13. Idaho                             0.70

15. Indiana                          0.53

17. Wisconsin                     0.12

19. Mississippi                   −0.14

20. Texas                             −0.18

21. South Carolina            −0.19

27. Kansas                           −0.40

28. Georgia                         −0.45

30. Michigan                       −0.51

31. Arizona                          −0.51

33. North Carolina            −0.57

34. Louisiana                      −0.60

42. Pennsylvania              −1.31

Next in line for fiscal responsibility is to have a Democrat Governor, Republican Legislature (4) Avg 0.38

9. Montana                         1.66

14. Missouri                        0.60

25. Virginia                          −0.28

29. Arkansas                       −0.47

Then comes a Republican Governor, Split Legislature. There is only one of those:

18. Iowa                               0.09

Now we are getting into negative territory for fiscal solvency. That is to have a Republican Governor, Democrat Legislature. There are four of those with an average of -0.92

16. Nevada                         0.49

26. New Mexico               −0.34

36. Maine                            −1.00

50. New Jersey                 −2.81

Only slightly worse is to have a Democrat Governor, split Legislature. There are three of them with an average 0f  -0.98

22. New Hampshire        −0.21

40. Kentucky                      −1.26

43. Hawaii                            −1.46

And finally, worst of all is to have a Democrat Governor, Democrat Legislature. The fourteen of them have an average score of -1.31

23. Washington                 −0.23

24. Colorado                       −0.24

32. Oregon                          −0.57

35. Minnesota                   −0.87

37. Delaware                      −1.14

38. Vermont                       −1.17

39. Rhode Island               −1.18

41. West Virginia              −1.30

44. Maryland                      −1.59

45. New York                     −1.78

46. California                      −2.01

47. Massachusetts           −2.23

48. Illinois                            −2.42

49. Connecticut                 −2.48

This helps to explain why Democrats want the Federal Government to handle everything for them since their states are hopelessly irresponsible with their states affairs, while Republicans as a rule tend to want to have every state handle their own affairs as they see best fit.

One further startling observation is that New Jersey under Governor Chris Christie came in dead last. This helps to explain the reluctance of the more conservative (or fiscally responsible states) to endorse him for President.

On the other hand, Alaska came in first, not in small part due to the heroic efforts of Sarah Palin during her 31.7 month reign as Governor, where she managed to get the Credit Rating for her state to go from AA to AA+ and then raised again to AAA shortly after her resignation. She accomplished more in this short time than most governors do in two terms.

This also helps in part to explain the irrational hatred for Sarah Palin. She did clean up the graft and corruption in Alaska, and they are afraid she would do the same on a national level should she become President.

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