Go green like Spain? Obama’s dream. A Limerick.

Obama said: “Let’s follow Spain:
Go green, increase debt, show disdain.”
Flat Earhters are clueless,
as people go jobless.
Blame “carbon pollution” again.

Obama is bent on duplicating the success of Spain that went from 9% unemployment to 22% unemployment in one year when they went all out green. (It is now at 26%)
In testimony to the U.S. Congress, before the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, Prof. Calzada presented highlights from a major study on the Spanish experience with “green jobs,”
including these sobering facts:
• For every 1 green job financed by Spanish taxpayers, 2.2 jobs were lost as an opportunity cost.
• Only 1 out of 10 green job contracts were in maintenance and operation of already installed plants, and most of the rest of the working positions are only sustainable in an expansive environment related to high subsidies.
• Since 2000, Spain has committed €571,138 ($753,778) per each “green job,”
• Those programs resulted in the destruction of nearly 110,500 jobs.
• Each “green” megawatt installed on average destroyed 5.39 jobs elsewhere in the economy, and in the case of solar photovoltaics, the number reaches 8.99 jobs per megawatt hour installed.
“Spain has already attempted to lead the world in a clean energy transformation,” Dr. Calzada told the congressmen. “But our research shows that Spain’s policies were economically destructive. When the president of a country with a relatively low unemployment rate like the US decides to learn how to create jobs from a country like Spain with the highest unemployment rate among developed countries, it should be in a field where that country has a demonstrable
Sarah Palin understands energy. She wants us to no longer be dependent on the powder keg of the middle east and their oil “let Allah sort it out”
We have the resources.
CO2 is what makes life possible and is NOT a pollutant.
Thanks to the 14% increase in CO2 since 1970 we can now feed another billion people on earth. The planet is getting greener. (Click on the picture ) 20% are getting greener, only 3% drier.

This is especially true in areas where water is scarce. Photosynthesis works more efficiently with higher concentration of CO2 and uses less water to complete the chemical action.
Thunderstorms are regulating temperature in the tropics so it always has nearly the same average temperature, be it ice age or Roman warming period. The bulk of climate change is located around the poles and in areas of land use change.
Warmer temperatures are good “Minnesotans for global warming”. The polar bears love it. They are now five times as many polar bears as 70 years ago. The exception is in the dry belts around the 15 to 30 degree latitude, but this is also the area where the greening is the most pronounced.

James Lovelock, considered by many to be one of the “founding father” scientists of the environmentalist movement in the U.K. with his GAIA theory, has been unsparing in his criticism of wind power and his former global-warming alarmism, which he now says grossly exaggerated the non-crisis of climate change. Professor Fritz Vahrenholt, one of Germany’s most famous “greens” and a longtime AGW alarmist and champion of renewable energies, has likewise admitted to having been very, very wrong on these matters. Like Lovelock and many other leading scientists, Vahrenholt is calling for an end to the climate change hysteria and an end to the “green” lobby attacks on conventional fossil fuels.

The conclusion? Obama is living in the wrong universe. His policies will make things worse, not better. Now, if he means soot with his “Carbon pollution “, like they are spewing out of China.That is a matter for another discussion.
China is now burning 45% of all the coal burned in the world, most of it low grade coal, forming a soot cloud stretching far out in the Pacific, even reaching the arctic region, causing rapid ice melt during the summer, which non- scientists like Obama attribute to global warming.
More on this subject in the next BlogSpot.

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Retired engineer, graduated from Chalmers Technical University a long time ago with a degree in Technical Physics. Career in Aerospace, Analytical Chemistry, computer chip manufacturing and finally adjunct faculty at Pennsylvania State University, taught just one course in Computer Engineering, the Capstone Course.

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