It’s the Jihad, stupid, the motive behind the Boston Marathon massacre.

Coexist-Stcikerboston_bombers_c4pIt’s the Jihad, stupid, the motive behind the Boston Marathon massacre.
When the Boston Marathon bombing occurred the media descended into a frenzy of speculation. Who could it be? Axelrod suggested it was tax day, the pundits speculated must be a white, American Right wing Radical, maybe tea-party admirer. This went on for four days, and thanks to much help from the public they identified the killers. They were Caucasian brothers, educated in some of Boston’s finest Colleges. Unfortunately the pundits had no clue about the motives since they were also Muslims. It’s the Jihad, stupid!
The two brothers grew up in the Chechen region of Russia, and had been radicalized by Muslim Clerics.
The older brother had been investigated by the FBI, which is prohibited to do profiling, so many questions are off limits to them. He had a website that clearly indicated he was a twelver; that is one that wants to speed the coming of the twelfth Imam by invoking Holy war, the Islam version of Armageddon.
After their portraits were released there was an ironic twist to their story. They carjacked a getaway vehicle with a “Co-exist” bumper sticker. Oh, you must have seen themthe C is the symbol for Islam
the O is the symbol for peace
the E is the symbol for males/females
the X is the symbol for Judaism
the I is dotted with a Wiccan Pentangle
the S is the symbol for the yin-yang or Confucianism
the T is the symbol for Christianity.
The irony is that for a radical Jihadist coexistence with other religions is prohibited. The Caliphate must be ushered in by obliterating all other religions.
We must recognize evil when we see it. coexist islamicsword

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4 thoughts on “It’s the Jihad, stupid, the motive behind the Boston Marathon massacre.”

  1. Bostonians want to coexist here in the USA………..go to the Middle east, Africa, Indonesia, the Baltic area, parts of Russia or even Dearborn (other than Israel) and see how that coexisting is working out. When Islam takes hold all other religions must not be tolerated.

  2. Disgraceful cowards in Boston. 7 million Bostonians hid under their beds while inept police hunt for 2 terrorists.

    1. The people of Boston did admirably. They were under curfew. The Police did what they always do. The Federal government paid for their overtime, so you could not pry them loose from their assignment. They came by the thousands, and in their defense they had no idea if this was the extent of the terror attack.

      1. They ALL gave up their freedom under perceived danger……………I would have expected a certain percentage to have complied- not all. That was scary to me. Look at all those that ran toward the real danger to aid the victims.

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