Obama the fraud. A Limerick.

The long form certificate, edited rough

With layers and characters not up to snuff

They are from an old fraud

 That showed he was born abroad.

Like Barry himself, it’s all made up stuff

So, Obama released his long form certificate. It bears a striking resemblance to an old fraud that showed him born in Kenya, signed by his grandmother. This old fraud has the grandmother’s signature misspelled. Some of the pencil markings are seemingly identical. Some characters are from a typewriter, some are electronically derived. They seem to come from the same source. This makes the Obama administration complicit in both frauds.  From this we can conclude we have no proof where he was born. Both documents list Barack Obama Sr as the father, a British subject from the protectorate of East Africa (Kenya). This alone would make him ineligible to be a natural born citizen. But it gets worse. At age 6 he moves to Indonesia with his stepfather and mother, and Barry’s mother requests to have his name dropped from her passport. At age 8 he goes to visit Australia. This time he must have traveled on an Indonesian Passport since his U.S. passport was no more. He must therefore have been adopted as Barry Soetoro,  an Indonesian Citizen.

He goes back to Hawaii, completes high school, goes to Occidental College, flunks out of Occidental and gets accepted at Columbia and then Harvard.  During this time he uses one or more false Social Security numbers.

At some time he decided to use the name Barack H Obama again, applied this name to his Illinois Bar application and swore he had no aliases. At some time he withdrew his accreditation rather than being confronted with this obvious lie.

At this time the question is not: Where was he born? The question should be: Is he even a U.S. citizen? Where are the papers that made him regain his U.S. citizenship?

Like this:

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