May 2, read through the Holy Bible in a year in Power-point, with comments.

Today we read one chapter in the Acts of the Apostles and the last three chapters of 1 Samuel.

May 2: Acts 13, 1 Samuel 29, 1 Samuel 30, 1 Samuel 31 (click on the chapter to begin reading)

Acts 13, Barnabas and Saul began their first missionary journey with preaching at Cyprus where Saul’s name was changed to Paul. From there they went to the Pisidian Antioch. A lot happened there, and the Jews expelled them from the region and they continued on their journey to Iconium.

1 Samuel 29, the Philistines rejected David.

1 Samuel 30, David defeated the Amalekites but his two wives were taken hostage and had to be rescued.

1 Samuel 31 tells of the death of  Saul’s sons, and how Saul himself fell on his own sword.