Isaiah 10, the punisment of Syria (and Assyria), the remnant of Israel shall return.

The punishment of Syria, continued from chapter 9.


The bible translations differ on the second Lord in verse 16. Some Hebrew manuscripts writes Adonai, others Yahwe. Let us look at the Dead Sea scroll:

The Dead Sea Scroll has Yahwe.









John 4, the woman at the well, healing of the official’s son at Capernaum.

Richard Blanchard (1925-2004)

It would have been much easier to follow the Jordan River up to Galilee.There are two possible routes, both cumbersome.

Nobody draws water in the middle of the day unless they have to.

Jesus spoke in Aramaic, which makes the statement “I am” even stronger. Jesus claimed he is God.

As opposed to the previous “I am” Jesus said “I am” at many other occasions. These are normal I ams, and does not in any way imply divinity or eternity.

The last word is “cosmos”. Jesus really is the savior of the universe.