May 10, read through the Bible in a year.

Continuing with the Acts of the Apostles and two chapters in 2 Samuel.

May 10: Acts 21, 2 Samuel 17, 2 Samuel 18 (click on the chapter to begin reading)

Acts 21, on to Jerusalem, Paul told everywhere by the Spirit not to go.  Paul continues unmoved and ‘The Lord’s will be done’. Paul urged to make Peace, and purify himself with four other Jews that had taken a vow. A mob was stirred up anyway and Paul was arrested in the Temple. Because Paul was a Roman citizen he was allowed to address the Jerusalem mob.

2 Samuel 17 tells of the advice of Hushai to Absalom. Hushai also warned David to escape, which he did, and some people provided food and supplies for David and his men.

2 Samuel 18. Absalom suffered an inglorious death (read about it). David Heard of Absalom’s death and mourned for Absalom.