Verse 27 of the Obama impeachment song. Let the Government run the Internet!

If you love Government run Healthcare, remember the good old days when MaBell had a virtual monopoly on telephones, appreciate the simplicity of the tax code and the IRS, you must be for “Net Neutrality”.

“In my adult life I have never seen a situation that paralleled what I read in Ayn Rands books until now with Net Neutrality,” tweeted Billionaire Mark Cuban in November. “If Ayn Rand were an up and coming author today, she wouldn’t write about steel or railroads, it would be net neutrality.”

Which brings us to verse 27 of the Obama Impeachment song. The regulation proposed far exceeds Presidential authority.

Internet must be controlled,

to keep the sheeple in their fold.

Otherwise free speech takes hold,

my treason will be forever told.

The whole Obama Impeachment song:

And this was Verizon’s response: (Their original response was in Morse Code, but few still remember Morse Code so they had to find an old typewriter to type the message)

Verizon public policy